Unload (Black Cossacks MC)

Unload (Black Cossacks MC) By Kathryn Thomas Unload (Black Cossacks MC) By Kathryn Thomas 

I’m mixed about how I feel after reading this book. I’m not sure I would call this book a bad boy MC book because to me it was neither. It was more of a good boy being trapped in a bad boy’s body just begging to let go. The heroine on the other hand, acted like a total biker babe although she was not. Talk about role reversible. 

The heroine whose personality I adored, was rudely awaken by the sound of rowdy bikers outside her apartment duplex. Being apart of the apartment’s association, it was her job to make the complex a peaceful place and the past couple nights were interrupt with the bikers commotion outside. Having a head strong personality and completely fed up, the heroine pushed her head out her window and yelled some words of profanity hoping atleast someone would take her seriously but they just pass her off as just some girl.

Annoyed, she packs a bag to head over her friend’s house to sleep the rest of the night but was confronted with the biker gang on her way out. Not the type to be taken for granted because she was petite, she heads over to the hero, who was the president of his MC and expressed how she felt.

The hero who was in the middle of a drug exchange with another MC wasn’t in the mood to handle the heroine’s fiery spirit but her fierceness attracts her to him. However, their meeting was short cut by the cops showing up. Having no where to hide the drugs on him he quickly stashed it in the heroine’s over night bag knowing that the cops would never search someone who looks as innocent as her, especially since she was still in her pjs.

The next day he shows up back at her apartment for the drugs which the heroine was mad that he stashed it on her without her knowing. The hero promises her he can make it up to her and I’m sure you can guess how. After however long it took them to get their rocks off, the heroine went her way and he went his but for some reason the hero as still hung up on her. Days later and he was still looking at his phone hoping she would text him and wondering when did the roles became reversed with him and the ladies. After an encounter with her boss which the hero saves her from, they became inseparable. And that ladies and gentlemen was the start of their relationship. As we all know being apart of a MC comes with the rivalry and having a significant other was a big vulnerability.

Want to know what happens? You’ll just her to read it yourself 😉

My Thoughts;

  • Like I said before, the author failed to portray they hero was a bad boy. He was such as sweetheart towards the heroine and I loved that he was willing to sacrifice his freedom for the safety of the heroine.
  • The heroine was bad ass with her words. I love a female role who is not a doormat and rolls over like a dog whenever the hero says so.
  • This book was also marked off as a good read beacuse of the fact that althoug the hero didnt hear back from the heroin after their first night together, he didn’t bury himself in some other woman.
  • The only thing I didn’t like was the chemistry. I didn’t feel much between the hero and the heroine. I thought they were just with each other for a booty call. 
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Heavy Turbulence

Heavy Turbulence By Kimberly FoxHeavy Turbulence By Kimberly Fox

This is the first book from this author that I could recall reading and honestly I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I must confess that when I read the blurb from Goodreads, I could tell that it wouldn’t be a fun read as I thought it would be. Being one for not judging a book by its cover, I thought to give it a try and as you can tell it wasn’t a good read.

Don’t get me wrong the storyline was okay but the characters in the book especially the hero was too egostically for my taste. You know the saying “one bad egg spoil the whole bunch?” Then thats exactly what the hero’s personality did for this book.

And lets not get started with the heroine’s character!


So the heroine is a stewardess and the book start out with her first day on the job and her biggest dream is to become a pilot. She knows everything there is about planes and probably could fly the plane by hereself. At the beginning, I really like the heroine for standing her ground but at the sight and dirty talks from the heroine her brain began to melt along with her sense.

The hero didn’t really care for his job and didn’t really take it seriously. I understood that he was a pilot in the army and was let go in a honorable discharge for acting against his commanding officer’s order. His decision to not follow his orders is the only thing I like about him in the entire book. The only thing throughout this book on his mind is to sleep with anything with a skirt on although the heroine was always on his mind.

Unexpectingly, their boss, who is a millionaire task them with pretending to be a married couple so he can make a sales pitch. The back and forth banter between the two of them was funny and at parts I was cracking up. But it wasn’t funny enough to make me like the book.

They somehow began feeling something for each other which to me was only lust. Not something I would’ve taken seriously. But the hero had made a deal with their boss that could ruin their relationship before it start. Read if you must!

Full star Full star No star No star No star

Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) 

Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) Karla Sorensen Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) By Karla Sorensen

I saw this book in the “other books by the author” section after reading Cole. You know there’s a saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well I totally did with this book, but not in a bad way. I compared this book cover with book 1 cover and decided to read this book first. And why the hell not? Each book can be read as a standalone and there was some explanation of things that happened in book 1 that will be consider a spoiler if I/you do decide to read book 1 after.

So this book starter off badly for the heroine. She is a event planner and the client for the event she was planning was a totally bi**h but the event was a big thing and she had to suck it up or risk her job. But as the night progress, she couldn’t hold her tongue and had a word vomit. Unfortunately, her boss was standing behind her and heard everything so she fired on the spot. It also didn’t help that the guy she had a crush on when she was younger was at the event.

The hero was accompanying his mother to the same event after his father couldn’t make it and saw the heroine. He and the heroine technically grew up together since the heroine was his sister’s best friend. After learning about her unemployment he follows her to the bar nearby where they proceed to drink more than they can and shamlessly flirt. 

They both wake up the next morning in the same bed, naked!

The heroine immediately write it off as a drunken mistake but it was one mistake that didn’t want to be left in the dark. She finds out that she is pregnant! And from there the book proceed where the hero was nothing but understanding and patient and the heroine was an a** towards him.

My Thoughts;

  • I hated the heroine with every fiber in my body. She was such an ungrateful bi**h and she did not deserve the hero at all.
  • The hero was a darling and I praise him for being so patient with the heroine.
  • I didnt feel like here was much chemistry between the hero and the heroine. The were constantly at war with each other and they nearly agree with the other.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3)

Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3) Karla Sorensen Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3) By Karla Sorensen 

This book was an intense read. Readers get to experience the hardship both the characters faced and how much love can trully prevail over time and struggles once it’s right. This book is told in dual point of view and there are snippets of flashback which gives insight to the relationship of the hero and the heroine’s past together. 

The hero and the heroine had both met in a very funny circumstance when they were really young and from the moment the hero laid eyes on the heroine he knew she was it for him. A year later they were married and you’d think they live happily ever after like so many romance book out there but they didn’t.

Like most marriages, they had their ups and downs but most of their downs were over the fact that they were trying to start a family and for some reason the heroine can’t get pregnant. They both are fertile but were unfortunate to become pregnant. 

The hero, who was the most understating man in the world, didn’t care for having children on their own and would try to convince the heroine that they can always adopt. The heroine felt less of a woman over not being able to give the hero a child and their constant argument over it made her one day decided that she cannot take no more and leave the hero. The hero thought that she just needed time but was suprised when he was served with divorce papers and not a stitch of explanation from the heroine. 

Now fast forward seven years later, the heroine is moving back to their hometown because her little sister is pregnant and the father wants nothing to do with it. What’s even worst is that not only is her sister pregnant but she’s also having twins! Moving back to seeing her sister’s stomach round with children and seeing the hero at a supermarket bring back all the emotions she tried running away from.

With her sister playing match making, the hero and the heroine meet again but will this time be a beautiful disaster like the last one? You’ll have to read to find out.

My Thoughts;

  • First off, I have to praise the author for doing a fabulous job with this book.
  • I have to address the heroine’s parents! What kind of parents treat their children like that? I thought most parents will be happy knowing that their chirldren are happy but I felt like her parents were the devil. They were the root to all the hero’s and heroine’s marital arguments and the heroine was blinded to see it.
  • I have to find me a guy just like the hero. Many time, throughout this book, I wanted to flush the heroine’s head in the toilet and thief the hero from her. She was such an annoying character and I couldn’t see what the hero saw in her.
  • Fingers crossed that there is a book about her sister. She was such a fun character and I wish she too have a happy ever after.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Cuffed: A First Time Romance

Cuffed: A First Time Romance By Joanna BlakeCuffed: A First Time Romance By Joanna Blake

As I sit here typing this review, I’m not too sure how I feel about this book. I came across it in Kindle unlimited and thought to give it a try. Now that I had finished reading it, I can’t say whether I liked it or not. Yet another fast read!

In the prologue, we’re introduced to a 15 year old heroine who run away from yet another failure of the Forster care system. She was taken in by a stranger who turns out to be a life saver and a father figure. He fed, clothe and gave her shelter for the next three years where she began working for him in his bar which serves bikers from all over until. That is until one unfortunate night she witnessed something she should not have.

The hero is working for the FBI and is hell bent on finding the person or persons responsible for killing his partner. He is pretty sure that the bikers had something to do with it but with no evidence he couldn’t do a thing.

When he was called in for a murder at the popular biker bar, he thought he struck gold. Somebody had to see something! But he was left mesmerize by the beauty of the heroine. After spending years without a female companion, he knew he was screwed by his reaction for her. Not only was she everything he was against, she was also very young.

After someone left a threatened gift at her doorstep, the hero is sure she knows something about the murder that went down at the bar. For her “safety” the hero carries her to his home (cabin away from civilization) and after her attemp to escape, he confides her to his home by chaining her.

The two of them alone in a cabin with no one around and the hero’s undeniable attraction leads to them coming together.

My Thoughts;

  • For an FBI agent, the hero had no control whatsoever and was too egar to break the rules for some girl he just met. 
  • The heroine was too much of a submissive type of person for my liking. And who the hell sleeps with some man who not only did she just met but also kidnap her? And don’t tell me of no Stockhome syndrome s**t. So much for a virgin.
  • They ending was so anticlimactic! It needed more action. 
  • The author could have done better job. It fet like she was in rushed to finish the book that she just put stuf in to wrap up the book.
  • And whatever happened to the hero’s partner killer?
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Big Bad Neighbor

Big Bad Neighbor By Tia Siren Big Bad Neighbor By Tia Siren 

For me, this book was a light, fast paced book. It took me about an hour or less to complete it in one sitting.

The heroine is young and is on the run from her abusive boyfriend. After an indcident that landed her in the hospital, she was advised to stay low and away from her abusive boyfriend until the court hearing. Her concerned mother buys her a house for her to stay until things settles down. When the heroine moves into her house the last thing on her mind was starting another relationship with anyone. However, when she sees her hot neighbor all bets were off.

The hero is a single father who was burned by his ex-wife and swore off women after their divorce. The last thing he wanted was to become attracted to his sexy young neighbor whose bedroom aligns with his and provides some insteresting view. The hero works night at the local PD and is a former seal. He can tell that the heroine is running from something and he doesn’t want anyone bringing danger around his son.

However, after in serious need of a babysitter and some match making with another nosy neighbor he had no one to turn to but the heroine. Eventually, there was no way they can deny their attraction and sexual tension for each other and they began stealing kisses and spending time with each other when the hero’s son is away from school.

The hero unexpectedly began feeling protective of the heroine and swore he would keep her safe no matter what the cost especially when her abusive past comes catching up with her.

My Thoughts;

  • Although the hero was a tough cookie to crack, I understand his need to put his son first although he may be going around the wrong way of doing it.
  • I am shocked at how fast the heroin (being in an abusive relationship not too long go) had easily jumped into another one with the hero. Don’t get me wrong, but don’t people with abusive past become a bit skittish in going forward with trusting another person again? Come on she still had bruises on her arm when she met the hero!
  •  Althoug this book was a okay read, I didnt feel like the hero and the heroin actually got to know each other. They never really step foot out of the bedroom.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Bound By Temptataion (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #4)

Bound By Temptataion (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #4) By Cora ReillyBound By Temptataion (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #4) By Cora Reilly

I must confess that I am slowly becoming addicted to Cora Rielly’s work. Like a druggie looking for their next hit, I had to read book 4 of this series. When I began reading book 1, I swore to myself that I would only read book 3 after that since the heroines are sisters. I decided to give book 2 a try; although it was not connected in anyway whatsoever and loved it. Then I just had to get my hands on book 4 and suprise! It’s the other sister!

I noticed when reading the series, in each book, the heroines had their own personality and no two heroine was alike. Which I must gave an applause to the author for that. She didn’t made me feel like I was reading about the same heroine but in different scenarios. Some authors have a hard time creating a different persona for different heroines in a book series.

Okay, lets gets back to the review for this book. The heroine and the hero in this book knew each other for quiet some time since the hero is a soldier for the heroine’s big sister’s husband. So she met him around the same time her sisters met their husbands.

The heroine was always flirting with him and made sure her attraction to him was known by everyone. The hero didn’t pay her much time since one, she was a minor and two, he was a soldier and she was out of his league and three, she was just a child in his eyes. Not to mention that it would have cause a war to start something with her without her father’s consent. And her father would  never consent to her marrying a mere foot solider. 

As time progress, the heroine began blossoming from a child to a beautiful woman and the hero couldn’t take his eyes off of her but he still couldn’t act on the attraction. When tragedy struck her family, her father sends her away to spend the summer with her sisters. The hero, being the “bodyguard” for her sister will be around her the entire summer. 

The chemistry and attraction between them was undeniable and eventually they find themselves sneaking into each other rooms at night and stealing kisses when no one was around. When the summer was almost over the heroine was called back home and it broke her heart to know that she may never see the hero back again. Upon her arrival home, her father informed her of her prenuptial arrangements to one of her father’s captain. Whats even more gross is the fact that her future husband is old as her father, if not even older.

Not seeing a way out of an impending war if she denies marrying the guy, she completely shuts the hero out and began planning her wedding.

Does the hero risks war to be with her? You’ll have to read it!

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Bound By Duty (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #2)

Bound By Duty By Core Reilly Bound By Duty (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #2) By Core Reilly 

I did the review for book 3 of this book and within that review I mentioned that I was not that invested with part 2 because part 1 and 3 correlates since both heroines in the book are sisters. I decided to give Book 2 a chance and boy was I happy I did.

Like the other two books, the hero and the heroine are arranged to get marry. The only difference is that both the hero and the heroine were married before and their significant other had died. So this arranged marriage was both their second marriage.

The heroine was happy and nervous to be married again although she lost her husband not even a year ago. Why? Because she was harbouring a secret from her first marriage and when her husband died she thought for sure no other would want her since her virtue was taken away by her previous husband. So she was suprised when the Boss had picked her to be his wife when there were more other females who was “pure”

The hero’s father had died leaving him in charge. Being in charge meant that he had to take a wife and produce an heir. He lost the love of his life to cancer four years ago and thought that taking the heroine as his wife would fit into his plan. His plan of never falling in love. Since she too had lost her husband he thought that neither of them would be looking for anything more.  

And boy was he wrong! The heroine’s first marriage was a loveless one since her first husband was gay and being gay in the mafia was a big NO NO. But since he was her friend she married him with the hope to make him straight but her plan backfires on her. Refusing to enter into another loveless marriage, the heroine plans to do whatever it took for the hero fall in love with her. 

She was devastated when the night of their wedding, the hero gave her the cold shoulder and the couple nights to follow. Frustrated and disappointed that yet another marriage will be going down the drain, she marches into the hero’s home office and demands him their maritial rights.

The hero was shocked to learn that she was still “pure” and which man is going to say no to that?

And we can all guess that eventually they both developed feelings for each other although the hero did not want to admit to himself that he was since in his eyes he’s cheating on dead wife.

My Thoughts;

  • I loved that the heroine stood up for what she wanted and wasnt afraid of the hero beacuse he was Boss.
  • Parts of the book, because of his actions, I wanted to slap the carp out of the hero. Yes, I understood that he really loved his first wife but thats no excuse to treat the heroine like an average whore.
  • The hero needed a reality check when the heroine tells him of her news. I would’ve dropped his ass faster that hot potatoes.

You can view Book 3 review Here

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Satan’s Son MC Boxset (Book 3)

Reapers's Redemption (Satan's Son MC#3) Simone EliseReapers’s Redemption (Satan’s Son MC#3) By Simone Elise

I did the review for book 1 and 2 for this boxset and like I said in the previous review, I would advise to read the first two before reading this review. All the books are connected and each book cannot be read as a standalone.

After some contemplation on my previous reviews, I think I may have made some mix up somewhere along the line. Since I read the entire boxset in one sitting it seemed as one very long storyline to me and I cannot remember 100% what happened in each book. I must say however, that the last two books in this series was very long and had more than one storyline.

But I definitely remembered that book 3 had some triggers for readers who are sensitive to certain dark themed books. 

The heroine had not too long give birth to her and the hero’s baby when she was kidnapped by one of the hero’s rival who he accidentally killed his wife (wrong place at the wrong time). The hero was furious and he tried everything to get her back but throughout this book he struggles with finding her, his position with the MC and being a father.

In her time being kidnapped, the heroine faces with some events that is not easy on anyone. Her kidnapper plays a game of Russian Roulette with her and by the time the hero saves her, she feels she’s damaged beyond repair with all the things she had to go through.

My Thoughts

  • This book shows you how the hero and the heroine’s relationship changed. It’s no longer a dysfunctional one but it became more stable. I guess thats what marriage and kids do to you. It makes you more mature.
  • I loved that the heroine’s twin sister stepped up into mother role despite what happened to her when she was 18. I’m also pleased that eventhough he heroine was not there she still looked out for her husband.
  • I felt that the author began getting very tedious in the last two books. 
  • This book really messed me up. I hated that I wasnt told from the beginning that there was triggers involved. I honestly thought it was a normal MC biker book. Boy was I in for a surprise.
  • The author did a terrible way of showing the hero’s and the heroine’s relationship. I don’t think they even had a relationship to begin with. They were off more than on.

Because of the events that happened to the heroine I’m force not rate this badly.

Full star Full star No star No star No star

Satan’s Son MC Boxset (Book 2)

Reaper's Rival (Satan's Son MC #2) By Simone EliseReaper’s Rival (Satan’s Son MC #2) By Simone Elise
I did the review for book 1 last Wednesday, so if you are interested in reading it I’ll put the link Here. I would also advise anyone curious, to read that review first since the Boxset storyline is all connected and the books cannot be read as a standalone.

I must say the first half of this book left me with mixed emotions and the other half annoyed me to death. Hence, the decline in the rating for this book compared to book 1.

This book does not pick up directly after where Book 1 ends rather a couple months later. At the ending of book 1, the heroine wakes up disappointedly alone in bed after what she thought would be the start of something great with the hero. Annoyed that he treated her like another notch on his bed post she leaves devastated and something fundamentally inside for her changed after that.

The hero however did not leave her alone, like she thought but started planning for their future together. He made alot of sacrifices in order for them to be together but due to some unfortunate events, the heroine gave him the cold shoulder and completely shut him out.

The heroine and her twin sister did a complete swap in this book where the heroine became the one out partying all hours of the night and her sister stays home and surprisingly have a steady boyfriend. The heroine moves on with a guy who she doesn’t really develop any feeling for but they have a “friends with benefit” thing going on. Surprisingly, one day when she emerges from the bedroom she sees the hero in her new boo thing’s house and was more than shocked to find out that they are brothers.

One thing led to another and they were able to sort out the unfortunate event that led to be spilt and they became a “couple”. Notice I put couple in uplifted commas? Well that’s because they have to hide their relationship from her father, who is the president of the MC and for some stupid reason he does not want to commit to the heroine. If that’s not a red flag than I don’t know what is.

The rest of the book involves a bunch of “I don’t want to be with you”…”lets be together”…”We’re breaking up”….”We’re together” and that shit annoyed to crap out of me. 

My Thoughts

  • The heroine is an idot for letting a guy change who is she. She had to ability to have a better life than a biker princess and one stupid night with the hero changed her.
  • At the beginning of this book, I had a soft heart for the hero because of all the sacrifices he made for the heroine. If she wasnt a self centered bitch than they could have lived happily ever after.
  • And again, I hated the heroin’s father for always breaking them apart. I totally understand that he wanted better for his daughter but he should be happy that atleast she’s with someone who is more than capable of looking after her and that she is happy with him.
  • I loved that you get to see the heroine and her sister finally being sisters and begin to bond.
  • The hero did something within this book that left me disappointed with and to me the heroine forgave him too easily. Her action showed me that she was such a pushover and a doormat to ther actions the hero.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star