Never Forget You

In exactly one week from now my debut book will be releasing and I decided to put a sneak peak below. Please make sure you pre-order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July!

A hand trailing up and down my back woke me up. Burying my face into the warmth of my pillow, I let out a moan of refusal to open my eyes.

“It’s getting late Kate and we have brunch at my parent’s house in an hour,” Nathan’s raspy voice said as he placed small kisses along my naked shoulders. “If you don’t get up in the next five minutes we are going to be late for an entirely different reason than waking up late and it will be all your fault,” he said as he pulled me into his already hardened length. 

My eyes flew open as his arms snaked under my hips. I rolled over and pushed his hands away. We were late for the last few brunches at his parents’ house and I could not remove the blush that crept up on my face when we rang the door bell late each time.“Not going to happen again, Nathan,” I said. He looked at me with a smirk across his face and I didn’t like that look. That look always got us late. 

“No,no,no,no. Not today, Nathan,” I protested as I got up and headed to the bathroom. Talking to him over my shoulder I yelled, “We are not going to be late today, so take five minutes to cool yourself down.” I headed straight into the shower and began washing my hair. Just as I stepped under the cascading hot water to wash off the shampoo, I heard the bathroom door open and the shower curtain pulled. Turning around, I saw Nathan stepping into the shower with me. 

“I took five minutes like you said then decided to save time by showering together,” he smirked again. Shaking my head, I gave up. He closed the distance between us and placed his hands under my legs, hiking it around his waist. He pushed us under the water and braced me against the wall. Running my hands through his hair, I pulled his head towards mine for a kiss. A kiss that lasted till the hot water turned cold. 


Captain by Lauren Rowe Captain by Lauren Rowe 

I must say am a little disappointed in this book. I had it in my Goodreads to read list for about a month now and I was expecting more from the book by just by reading the blurb. I was let down however, when I finally get my hand on a copy.

This book was one misunderstanding after another and it irritated me to see two grown ass people like the hero and the heroine who couldn’t just point out asked each other things rather than jumping to conclusions. This is the 21st century and I would like to think we as humans had come a long way in socialization.

The hero and the heroine met in a bar and right off the bat they had an instant connection. They were talks about going on a date later on to see what the outcome of their connection would be. And just as they were about to experience their first kiss, the hero’s girlfriend walks into the bar.

The heroine does what any girl in their righted sense would do when faced in that dilemma, run away crying. Now what the heroine didnt know was that earlier that night the hero had broken up with his “girl friend” Realise that I put the word girlfriend in uplifted commas? Well thats because technically she wasnt his girlfriend; more like his flavor for now.

The hero felt like the heroine was the one for him and he didnt want her to slip through his fingers without explaining so he had a hacker friend try tracking her down with what little he learnt about her that night. What he didnt know was that night the heroine’s friend had her pretend to be an air hostess and she used a fake name.

So after weeks of him looking for her and she seeing every guy looking like him, they met up back unexpectingly at a mutual wedding. And from there we proceed from one misunderstanding to another that had me growling and ready to knock their heads against each other. And also I hated the fact that all of his family members are either trying to play matchmaker or pulling them apart. Talk about tragedy!

Because of the constant back and forth between the two characters I’m forced to rate this less than I want to. 

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5 Years Later: A second Chance Romance Novel 

5 Years Later: A second Chance Romance Novel by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman5 Years Later: A second Chance Romance Novel by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman

I don’t know whether to like this book or to hate this book. It had so much going on that it left me with mixed feelings. I can’t really explain this book without giving away spoilers so this blog would be just my opinion of the book along with what little explanation I can fork out.

At the age of 13 the heroine meets the hero who was 15 at the time. They form this instant connection that would forever bide them together for the rest of their life. Or at the least the rest of the book.

After the age of 13, the hero would show up on the heroine’s birthday every 5 years apart. So the next time he shows up was her 18th then her 23rd then her 28th and finally her 33rd birthday. And everytime he do shows up he would drag her down with him.

Like a fool hung up on her first and only love, she would drop everything good in her life and run behind him. She would practically give everything up to spend a few days with him knowning but hoping that this time he would stay with her. But it always ends the same, him leaving her. And when he do leaves, he leaves her shattered and broken.

The book had a lot of flash backs going on so that readers would get the whole picture of how they met and what happened to make them they way they are. And there was some parts of the book I found disturbing and didnt know how the heroine could stand to handle it (especially the part with the hero’s brother’s wife) Thats a big no no for me. The only good part about this book is that you get to witness the struggles they both faced and how strong they came out of it a the end. It might have taken them years to realise what they had and how to fix it but all that really matters at the end is that they had each other at every turn in life.

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Mr. Fiancé

Mr. Fiancé by Lauren Landish  Mr. Fiancé by Lauren Landish

When reading this book, parts of it made me felt like I was watching the movie, “The Proposal” with movie actress Sandra Bullock. Though the plot differs, the underlying storyline is the same. The author did a great job but this book have one of my greatest pet peeves and that is instant love at first sight. But put that aside the book was a great read.

The heroine had been lying to her family that she had a fiancé for quite sometime now and the time had come for her to bring him home. And by bring him home I meant that she was invited to bring him to her mother’s wedding which would last a duration of a week. 

And like any daughter who did not want to disappoint their mother she agreed. So like a magician pulling bunnies out of his hat she needed to pull a man out of the thin air who would agree to be her pretend fiancé. And that alone was a big task since she didnt have a line of men waiting to fall at her feet.

In comes the hero who I must say is quite impressive. I love his attitude and the way he sees life. Not forgetting how much he loves his mama. Talk about ovaries over load. He is the friend of the heroine’s best friend husband and at first he was skeptical about what kind of woman needs to lie about a fiancé to her family.  But when he glance at the picture of heroine he was all onboard. 

Their first meeting was in my eyes like horny teenagers. And I hated the fact that all the hero could think about was getting into the heroine’s pants. And the heroine gave me wip lash when she told him that she wouldn’t be sleeping with him but she still dangled herself infront of him.

The book became a comedic read after they meet her family. There’s a part involving her mother’s dog that had me cracking up and sipping tears from my eyes. But then reality started to set in and feelings began to grow along with the atmosphere of love with the wedding. Then next you know the heroine is agreeing with her family to marry her fake fiancé for real.

You just have to read to know what happens next. 

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Children Of Vice (Children Of Vice #1)

Children Of Vice (Children Of Vice #1) By J. J. McAvoyChildren Of Vice (Children Of Vice #1) By J. J. McAvoy

If you’re a big fan of J. J. McAvoy like I am then you would know what a big deal this book is. I was sitting patiently in a corner bitting my nails off, bidding time, waiting for this book to come out. And to my disappointment this book did not live up to it’s full potential. And I totally blamed that on myself. 

This book is a branch off from the Ruthless People Series which is basically four books put together giving us an insight on the parents. The ending of last year the final book for that series came out called Bloody Melody and I’ll have you know it was bloody good. You can read my review for that series by clicking on the links. Readers don’t have to read the first four books before reading this but I would advise to. 

I guess because of how much I enjoyed the parents story I was expecting more from their kids but honestly, it just showed how much their parents failed them. They were not as heartless nor ruthless like their parents and I can’t see where Melody and Liam went wrong with them.

The hero is the first son of the maifa and he is the head. I love how I can see glimpses of Liam, his father in him. The heroine is one of his small day crush who is wrongfully in jail and thinks that the hero’s family is to blame for her family’s death. With the help of the hero, the heroine is let out of jail after she was showed the truth of her family’s death and have to marry to hero (getting flash back on a little melody and liam here) The hero promises her revenge on the people who wronged her and that was exactly what he did; eventhough he went about with it through some unorthodox way.

I hated how throughout this book, the sister showed how spoil and winy she was. I felt like she wanted what was not hers to begin with and that everyone had to fall to her feet whenever she says to do so. I also hated how this book ended but that is the only reason why I’m anxiously awaiting the next book.

My favorite quote in this book was when they were explaining the hero’s parents to the heroine;

“..It’s a long story. If I started, I’d need at least four novels to finish…”

  There was also one or two scenarios that happened in this book that didn’t really settle well with me and had me cringing. I’m not too sure this series will be as great as the Ruthless People series was.

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The Design (A Heart Novel)

The Design (A Heart Novel) By R. S. GreyThe Design (A Heart Novel) By R. S. Grey

I loved, loved,  loved every inch of this book! I think this was the first book from this author that I’ve read and I’m totally looking forward to reading more of her work. 

Okay, so the heroine had a hard upbringing. Her parents died when she was really young leaving her and her bigger sister to fend for themselves. She went throught this rebellious stage that got her sister worried and her sister relied all her worries to her best friend who happens to be the hero in this book. 

One day the hero was over by her house and telling her sister about how great it is to be an architect and unkownly inspired the heroine to also become an architecture. Fast forward years later, the heroine is late for an interview for a job and it seemed like everything was against her getting to this job interview. And as it turns out, the boss is also the hero and she obviously got the job.

What was weird about this part of the book and had me cringing was the fact that right off the beginning of her interview the hero tells her how he was attracted to her but will not act ont it. And I was like, then why the hell did you have to tell her you’re attracted to her in the first place if you are not going to act on it? Like what purpose does that solve? And also cringe worthy is the fact that he parades his boothy call in the office and that everyone can tell what they are doing behind the closed door but that made the heroine want him more.

That just showed me how desperate she was for him. Aside form that part of the book I enjoyed the rest. The heroine began working for him and their attraction was off the walls for each other. Which led them to having an affair since they didnt want anyone to know that she was technicall sleeping with the boss. That cat was let out of the bag when the heroine’s creepy roommate, who had a crush on the hero made sure eveyone knew about their secret affair. 

Nobody really cared about that but then heroine did something that lead her to get fired and the hero obviously couldn’t show her any favoritism and had to fire her although he didnt want to. The heroine understood his delima and they continue their realtionship.

Both of them however, was keeping secrets form each other and we all know what happens to secrets when they get let out. They destroy everything in it’s wake. The heroine on a rash decision packs her bag and moves to Paris leaving behind a devastated hero.

Does the hero leaves his company and runs off to Paris to find her? Does she realizes her mistake and goes back to him? Do they forgive each other? If you want to know what happens next you’ll just have to read it.

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King of Wall Street

King of Wall Street by Louise BayKing of Wall Street by Louise Bay

This book has characters from a book I previously reviewed by the same author called Park Avenue Prince and to be honest it was as a good read if not better. I love the work of this author and I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

Unlike most books, where the hero and the heroine doesn’t meet or know each other at the beginning of the book, this book starts where the heroine works for the hero. And lets be honest here, the hero was a total jerk towards the heroine. And why you ask? Because he was attracted to her and didn’t want to act on his feelings so he decided to treat her like the dirt beneath his feet. Such a typical man way of thinking.

Anyways, the heroine tries her hardest to keep up with him despite his behavior. She recently move into an apartment and one night her upstairs neighbor was blasting music and she decided to tell him piece of his mind. So she knocks on his door and was faced with her douche of a boss. The next thing you know, clothes were disappearing.

Now, I was expecting that to happen since the book was told in dual point of view and readers could tell that they both were attracted to each other. But boy talk about moving fast! 

After that night, the heroine chalked it up to a one and done kind of thing but then there was a series of events that lead them to having no choice but to spend time with each other. It was almost like if faith or dare I say destiny had other plans in mind for the two of them.

The hero showed how much of a good guy he is and won my heart over in the way he treats his daughter. The heroine had her own opinion about single parents because of her own experience growing up. Her father walked out on her and her mom and started a family with someone else and since then, she had turned her heart to stone when it comes to scenarios with single parents. But watching the hero and his daughter together showed her how different it could be. And that broke my heart for the little girl who would wish for nothing each birthday but her father.

Eventually, the hero and the heroine began developing strong feelings for each other but then the heroine’s father appearance causes a disturbance that the heroine could not over look. Want to know what that was? You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out.

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Never Forget You (My Debut Book!)

Never Forget You by Farzanna PashaNever Forget You by Farzanna Pasha

This is one of my most dreamt of accomplishment to ever come true. From a very tender age, I would sit by my mother’s typewriter and make up stories that didn’t make sense at that time and I swore, when I get older I would write my own book. And here it is!

Words cannot describe how excited I am to introduce my first book ever to be written and published. Exactly one month from today it will be release and I am bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.

I will be giving away arc in about a week from now and that has me anxious. I’m not sure I’m ready to be criticized by my work since I how how much effort I put into it but isn’t that how authors learn? 

The book is also available on Amazon for pre-ording for $2.99 if you are interested!

Below is the blurb! Please let me know in the comment based off on it’s description if you think I’ll be a good read.


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wake up without any memory of who you are or even what you look like? Well I did, and it was not pretty. What’s even worse, I woke up in a hospital in Italy with no one around who knew me. Luckily for me, I had help from a kind stranger named Sam Maddox. He gave me purpose and was the guiding light in my dark days.

Tragedy struck and I was left alone once again. Haunted by a man in my dreams who made my heart ache for him and palpitated in my chest, I headed to the Golden State of California for answers. In the very first week, without any effort, I found my answers and who I truly was.


Have you ever loved someone with a love that would prevail anything; and you thought to yourself that nothing can tear you apart and then one day something does? Well I did, you see my wife Katherine, she was my world. We were happy and we were crazy for each other. She called me from work and told me she had good news and that I should wait for her at home. I waited and waited but she never did make it home. No one knew what truly happened, Katherine had just vanished.

Imagine my surprise, three years later, when I saw her across my sister’s dinner table calling herself Jane. What was more heartbreaking was that she didn’t even know who I was.

I have to make my wife fall in love with me again and to make my job harder, someone is after her. Someone is stalking her and threatening her life and all that we know is, it has something to do with why she disappeared and how she lost her memories.

Will finding out the truth pull us together or tear us apart?

Park Avenue Prince

Park Avenue Prince by Louise BayPark Avenue Prince by Louise Bay
This book is a perfect example of rags to riches but unlike books like Fifty Shades of Grey, where the hero lavaishes himself with his profound richness, the hero in this book doesn’t really care for the material things and for that I must praise him.

The hero had the perfect family and at a tender age he lost his parents in an accident and ever since was thrown in the foster care system where he learnt the harshness of life. From that moment on, he turned his back on having feelings for anyone and happiness. He believes that happiness is a figment of the imagination and is very selective on who he cares for and who he lets in his life. 

Wanting to invest in something, he buys an apartment in Park Avenue but doesn’t furnish it. He relies on an old broken couch he had for years and a mattress on his bedroom floor. His best friend, who is a girl he met in the foster system demands he atleast hang something on the wall. Maybe some paintings he can invest in since all he buys are things to invest in.

In comes the heroine who owns her own art studio where she displays the beauty of various paintings for artists. She is a Park Avenue princess but hates depending on her parents for money and does what she wants. She was the total opposite of the hero and have no plan on marrying or dating someone who is rich. She blames this on her dysfunctional family where her mother would go out and sleep with different men and her father would do nothing but stay faithful to her.

When the two characters meet the sparks are undeniable and you can feel their chemistry but they both are what the other swore they don’t want from life. However as they began spending time with each other their feelings began to develop and there was no way they could not admit that they made each other happy. Readers get to experience the hero opening up to heroine and two broken souls becoming one.

However, after an accident happens where the heroine ends up in the hospital, the hero’s insecurities began to over take him. He cursed himself for falling prey to his own desire and forgetting that happiness doesnt last long. So he leaves the heroine without giving her any explanation.

Do they end up back together? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Unload (Black Cossacks MC)

Unload (Black Cossacks MC) By Kathryn Thomas Unload (Black Cossacks MC) By Kathryn Thomas 

I’m mixed about how I feel after reading this book. I’m not sure I would call this book a bad boy MC book because to me it was neither. It was more of a good boy being trapped in a bad boy’s body just begging to let go. The heroine on the other hand, acted like a total biker babe although she was not. Talk about role reversible. 

The heroine whose personality I adored, was rudely awaken by the sound of rowdy bikers outside her apartment duplex. Being apart of the apartment’s association, it was her job to make the complex a peaceful place and the past couple nights were interrupt with the bikers commotion outside. Having a head strong personality and completely fed up, the heroine pushed her head out her window and yelled some words of profanity hoping atleast someone would take her seriously but they just pass her off as just some girl.

Annoyed, she packs a bag to head over her friend’s house to sleep the rest of the night but was confronted with the biker gang on her way out. Not the type to be taken for granted because she was petite, she heads over to the hero, who was the president of his MC and expressed how she felt.

The hero who was in the middle of a drug exchange with another MC wasn’t in the mood to handle the heroine’s fiery spirit but her fierceness attracts her to him. However, their meeting was short cut by the cops showing up. Having no where to hide the drugs on him he quickly stashed it in the heroine’s over night bag knowing that the cops would never search someone who looks as innocent as her, especially since she was still in her pjs.

The next day he shows up back at her apartment for the drugs which the heroine was mad that he stashed it on her without her knowing. The hero promises her he can make it up to her and I’m sure you can guess how. After however long it took them to get their rocks off, the heroine went her way and he went his but for some reason the hero as still hung up on her. Days later and he was still looking at his phone hoping she would text him and wondering when did the roles became reversed with him and the ladies. After an encounter with her boss which the hero saves her from, they became inseparable. And that ladies and gentlemen was the start of their relationship. As we all know being apart of a MC comes with the rivalry and having a significant other was a big vulnerability.

Want to know what happens? You’ll just her to read it yourself 😉

My Thoughts;

  • Like I said before, the author failed to portray they hero was a bad boy. He was such as sweetheart towards the heroine and I loved that he was willing to sacrifice his freedom for the safety of the heroine.
  • The heroine was bad ass with her words. I love a female role who is not a doormat and rolls over like a dog whenever the hero says so.
  • This book was also marked off as a good read beacuse of the fact that althoug the hero didnt hear back from the heroin after their first night together, he didn’t bury himself in some other woman.
  • The only thing I didn’t like was the chemistry. I didn’t feel much between the hero and the heroine. I thought they were just with each other for a booty call. 
Full star Full star Full star No star No star