Ruin By Clarissa Wild 

I read this book lastnight before heading off to bed, it took me about 2-3 hours to read. I usually don’t like to read books that are based on a true story but the cover attracted my attention.
I fell in love with the story from the prologue and it was a page turner for me. I was put off at some off the reviews I read on Amazon but decided to try it for myself and boy was I happy that I did.
In this book both the hero and the heroine are bullied throughout high school and they both suffered from a low self esteem. The hero also battles with depression.

The hero was always attracted to the heroine, that at some point he becomes a stalker towards her, but not a bad stalker (if any of those exist out there) But he never expresses his feelings towards her. He ends up dropping out of high school (for reasons you have to read the book to find out) and does not see the heroine till an unfortunate accident.

The heroine suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which makes it hard for her to socialize and have any friend. She enjoys dancing and does it professionally but is more passionate about writing her own book. The storyline begins with her dancing for some dance company whom does not accept her. She leaves and ends up in an accident which causes the end of her dancing career.

I love that the book was told in dual persona and readers get to feel and experience what both the hero and the heroine are going through. The hero was perfect and I hope if I ever find myself in the heroine’s situation, I have someone like the hero to look after me.  

I absolutely hated the heroine’s parents and I am happy that I can say my parents would put whatever is happening in their life on the back burner to come to look after me in the hospital. 

The chemistry between the hero and he heroine was off the hook. I love that they understand each other and gave each other time to heal themselves at the ending.

I also love the author’s note at the ending “The Truth” She explains where in the book was real for her. And I was happy to find out that guys like the hero really exist and it gives me hope.

I trully love this book to recommend it to any readers to read.

The author also educated me on Asperger’s Syndrome and had this link in her book for people like myself to find out more about. I would also like to put it out there that the author also suffers from this condition herself.

To find out more on Asperger’s Syndrome Click Here

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star


Kingdom By Rachel E. Wollaston

I finished this book about two days ago and I had a busy schedule that put my blog behind time. Today however, I made it a priority to sit down and post my blog since I received this book forms the author for a review.

This book is a debut for a young author whose blog you can follow by clicking Here.

I have to honestly say, if this book came across my eyes about 3-4 years ago I would have rated it 5 stars since at that age this was my ideal fantasy book to read. But from then to now however, I’ve read so many well written fantasy books that when compare to this book I’ll have to rate Kingdom 4 stars.

Hats off to the author for such a creative imagination at such a young age. These are traits I scarcely find nowadays.

So the book involves a 19 year old heroine who decided to take a year off before heading to university and  got a job as a live in nanny at a gothic mansion. The heroine loves children and at one point in her life she wanted to be in the service of childcare but her passion for writing kept her going. I can’t say much more about this book for the fear of releasing spoilers.

I can say that the storyline takes you on an adventure of a life time. An adventure that I wish could happen in real life. It’s a story within story that keeps you at the edge of your seat, always wondering what is going to happen next. Magic, fairies no sorry I meant sylph, bunnies, ogres, mermaids, powers and many more are some things to look forward for.

The main hero is a sweetheart and I wish he was more than a character( when you read this book you’ll know the double meaning behind this) I love that eventhough he felt he wasn’t brave enough he tried his best for the heroine.

Let me not forget to ask the author “What was that ending?”

I don’t know how I feel about it. Too many questions to ask about that ending.

Like did you write it like that beacuse there is a book 2? Does the heroine ends up with Max? Does she mets the hero after the ending? Does she goes to University after the year is up?

Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend anyone to read it.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Stolen: Hell’s Overlords MC

Stolen: Hell’s Overlords MC By Zoey Parker

 Recently, I can’t seem to find a perfect MC book to read. I am a sucker for a bad boy hero but I don’t think the hero in this book can be considered a bad boy.

The book starts off with the heroine stealing drugs from the hero’s MC. She is a professional thief and was never caught, that is till the day the hero set a trap to capture the thief. The hero is the MC’s president and the last person he expected to be stealing from him is a woman.

Both the hero and the heroine, decided to play each other to get information but feelings got mixed up, lies and betrayal were exposed and the story goes on.

I like a strong heroine but this heroine was not for me. She is quick to use sex to get what she want and that doesn’t sit well with me. Also she’s very stupid and after she do something, then she thinks about the consequences.

The hero was a sissy. Never have I ever read a MC book where the hero was afraid to shoot or could not find himself pulling the trigger. Also members of a MC do not rely on the words of one woman. Obviously the woman who was stealing for you couple hours ago will also lie to you. 

And since when do MC president leave the MC behind of a couple of days just to sleep with some woman who would just betray him? I don’t know but this book did not feel like what an MC book should read like.

Full star Full star No star No star No star

Bad Boy (Valetti Crime Family #5)

Bad Boy

Bad Boy (Valetti Crime Family #5) By Williow Winters

I can remember reading book three and four of this series but I cannot remember as to why I did not review the books. Maybe I would sometime in the future.

This book was well written and I enjoyed every page of it. I think I enjoyed this book more than the others. It was well balanced and the chemistry was off the hooks with the heroine and the hero.

The hero is a hitman for the mafia and on his list to people to kill, the heroine name was amongst them. He did a little digging into her life and decided that he wanted to keep her for himself. 

The heroine is in the Whitness Prtection Program since she snitched from her abusive boyfriend who was also apart of another mafia. All she wanted was for someone to love her  and when her mother died she thought she would find that in a bad boy like the girls in the romance books do. But it didn’t work out that way for her.

The hero then kidnapped her and planned to keep her for himself but the other crime family wanted her dead.

The only think I hated was that the heroine gave up control to the hero way to fast than expected. I would like to think that if you are in her shoes any normal person would fight against the hero longer. I love that the hero was understanding and did not push the heroine to do anything she did not wanted to do.

Very good read and would recommend it to anyone to read.

Falling For My Boss (One Night Stand #3)

Falling For My Boss ( One Night Stand #3) By J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

This book was a very fast read and not really my style.

The heroine is an aspiring actress and in the mean time she’s working at a place called Candy Grams where you can hire people to do whatever you want them to do. She was hired to pretend to be a receptionist and seduce her boss. Then at the company’s party she has to give him a lap dance, where at the ending his friends will come in and say “suprise” as a prank.

Sounds cheesy? Yeah even I would say no to this. The heroine however, needed the money and agreed to do it.

I hated that the heroine was very indecisive when it came to her relationship with the hero and I would totally agree with the hero if he leave her. The hero was perfect but to me all he wanted her for was for sex. There was no sort of chemistry between the hero and the heroine and the ending was very abrupt.

In this book you’re left with a cliffhanger which to me was very predictable of the outcome. It was brought to my attention that there is also a novella called That Night With My Boss. But I don’t think I’ll find myself reading it or book 2 which is called Seducing My Assistant.



Jocked Up

Jockey Up By Summer Cooper

The story line of this book was very short and simple. I probably read this book in an hour and a half last night before heading to bed.

The hero lost his father and the heroine lost her mother, their remaining parent decided to get marry and make one big family. The heroine saw the hero on the day he moved into her house and instantly fell for him. Though he treated her badly when in the company of his friends, she still liked him. 

On the night of the heroine’s graduation she sleeps with the hero and when she woke the next morning he left without a word. He never called or came into contact with her for the next 6 years. But the heroine had her own secret, she was pregnant for him and lied to everyone about the baby’s father. 

Their parents decided to call off the wedding and everyone went their separate ways, except for the hero’s sister who is best friends with the hero. 

The hero becomes this big NFL player and decided to go home and he and the heroine my up back. To avoid spoilers you would have to read the book to know what happens after.

I hated that the heroine was such a b**ch at the beginning and I know she had her reasons but she could atleast kill the hero with kindness at the beginning. I also hated that she never actually talk to the hero about event that happen throughout the book. She just believed the worst in him.

The hero was an okay guy but I hated hoe ways it was for him to forget about the heroine. I would like to think that any guy who sleeps with a girl he was serious about  he ould fight for her when she doesn’t answers his calls. He even knows where she lives, he could have atleast showed up t her door and demanded answers.

I hated that this book time line was so spaced out. One minute something is happening now then the next chapter 6 months had gone by. To me the book was too short to have this happening. But aside from this the book was a good read.


Burn, Rewrite or Reread

I was nominated by A Book Nerd to do the Burn, Rewrite or Reread Booktag where you pick three books at random and title them whether you would prefer to”Burn, Rewrite or Reread” them for four rounds. So here goes nothing…

Round 1

Burn: Dark Light Series By S.L. Jennings This book had so much wrongness going on. I hated hated it. Their was other women and other men involved that was just eww ( if you ever read it you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Rewrite: Having My Baby By Theresa Ragan  This book was perfectly fine. The author however, had many parts that were just unbelievable and if corrected it would be a Reread for me.

Reread: Ruthless People Series By J. J. McAvoy  I completely fell in love with this series and had actually Reread this a lot. I love the whole strong heroine who don’t take crap from anyone. I feel it would make a great movie but knowing a lot of directors and screen writers would probably would cut half of the good stuff out.

Round 2

Burn: Killing Sarai By J. A. Redmerski This book honestly worked for me at the beginning but half way in I begin regretting it. I can’t remeber exactly why I didn’t like it (I read it a while ago,felt like years) but everytime I would pass it in my Goodreads shelf I would always be like “I hate it”

Rewrite: Eighteen By J.A. Huss I don’t know whether to rewrite this book or just burn it. Because it was based on a true story and I don’t know if the parts that I hate are the true parts of the book the author just put in.

Reread: `Til Death Volume 1-2 By Bella Jewel  Though this book had some dark parts I loved it. I loved the whole protective, obsessive hero. But I don’t think I would want a guy like that in real life.

Round 3

Burn: The Kane Trilogy By Stylo Fantòme This book was well written and have a really good plot but I hated everything. It is not an ideal book to read if you don’t like dark, gritty books. I hated how ther hero treated the heroine and the heroine loved the way he treated it. She craves it.

Rewrite: Runes Series By Ednah Walters This book series was also great. I don’t think I would really rewrite anything but as a reader I don’t like reading where the hero forgets the heroine and she has to make him remember her.

Reread: Signifiance Series By Shelly Crane  I love anything soulmatey so this book worked perfectly for me.  

Round 4


Burn: Pursuit By Cora Black  I don’t know what it is about this book but I recently read it and totally hated it. Not something I would keep on my bookshelf. 

Rewrite: Fifty Shades Trilogy By E.L.James Many would probably hate me for liking this book but I think if the author had a better insight of the BDSM world it would have been better off. Also I feel because the heroine was a virgin, the author had to downplay a lot. 

Reread: Wait For Me By Elisabeth Naughton   I love love books with second chance and no cheating. This book just click with me and I would find myself wanting to reread this book if not for the thousands of book waiting to be read.

Now that I completed this I would pick five of my followers to do the same. You don’t have to do it but it is totally up to you. If you do, do it please leave a link in my comments.

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Phantom’s Baby (Mob City #3)

Phantom’s Baby (Mob City #3) By Holly Hart 

I believe this is the second book in this series I read. I read book 1 as well and I don’t know why I skipped the second book. It was short and the plot was okay but there were parts that are a little boring.

The Heroine and the Hero had a fling two years ago that resulted in a pregnancy, but the hero never knew because he was placed in a cage for two years by his mafia father.  The heroine was living with her drunken, abusive father and decided to runaway from him.

On her grand escape she runs into the hero and he obviously saves her. They spent a night together and not once did she tell him about his kid. She thought that he got what he wanted from her two years ago and left her to live a life in luxury and many women. She leaves him in the morning just to run back to him later and then lied that the kid was her step sister and they needed help running away from her father.

Firstly, I hated that she lied. Throughout the book she was so weak. To me if you want to live a life with the mafia, you have to show bravery and the willingness to do whatever. She had none of these qualities.

Secondly, the part with the hero and the dog. So unbelievable. I know he had to be badass but I think that was a little extreme and what’s up with him cutting himself? 

The book was a good, quick read.


Pursuit ( Blood Bandits MC 1)

Pursuit( Blood Bandits MC 1) By Cora Black

I joined this author’s arc team and received this book for an honest review. I honestly do not like giving bad reviews because I am currently trying to write my own book and I personally know how hard it is to come up with writing materials. For this book however, it just did not work for me.

I reached about 60% through this book and decided to put it down. I usually take two days to read a book (depending on the number of pages) but this book took longer and I didn’t even finish reading it. It took too long to develop and I kept finding myself wanting to not read more.

The storyline was really great, but the plot took too long to develop. 

So from what I read, I understand that the heroine is a single parent mother who suffered from an abusive husband and decided enough was enough and left him. The husband however, did not like that she left and threatens her at work, she’s a waitress. The hero is in a MC and was eating at the restaurants where the heroine works the same day the abusive husband shows up. The hero intercedes on the heroine being attacked from her ex husband.

I hated that the heroine was easily scared and didn’t want any help from anyone. She is an ideal weak woman who in my opinion would always let her husband walk over her. She takes her daughter out of school all because the ex husband kept sending her threatening voicemails and text messages. She also refuse to leave home for an entire week because of that.  Before she keep the voicemails and text messages to built a case against him she would immediately delete it.

I hated the hero because when he slept with the heroine he went back to the club to find every one with a huge hangover form lastnight’
s party with naked women everywhere, he had to wonder if he was jealous or not. Not that he and the heroine was committed of anything but he showed up to her house unannounced and made himself at home with her kid. 

Anyways I may not like this book but I know some people would. If you want just give it a try but it wasn’t for me.


Gettin’ Dirty

Gettin’Dirty By Seam Moriarty 

This book was not all that I was expecting. There was parts I felt was unbelievable and parts where I wanted to slap the hero across his face. But all in all it was a good story line.

 The hero in this book is a hitman and it begins with him settling into an apartment. He finds it hard to settle anywhere and he was as not sure if he was going to stay there for too long so he goes out to pick up some junk food at a grocery store. He meets up the heroine, who is a single parent mother, at the store and follows her around till they reach the cash register and her card declines. Most of the grocery was for the baby so the hero decides to pay for her grocery. The heroine makes it known to him that she will not be sleeping with him just because he pays for her grocery. And the story continues..

The hero was too full of himself, I hated that he was very vain. He tells himself that he would be interested in himself if he was a girl. That he was hot and had a nice body. That attitude just made me want to hit him in the head. I also hated that he shows up at the heroine’s door and demands her to make him food because he don’t know how to cook. Also at the ending was very unbelievable, I can’t tell what was unbelieving with out spoilers so you’ll have to read it to know. 

The heroine also wanted some sense shake into her head. What type of mother allows a total stranger to play with her daughter. He could have been a pedophile and buying her grocery could have been a ruse to gain her trust.