Captain by Lauren Rowe Captain by Lauren Rowe 

I must say am a little disappointed in this book. I had it in my Goodreads to read list for about a month now and I was expecting more from the book by just by reading the blurb. I was let down however, when I finally get my hand on a copy.

This book was one misunderstanding after another and it irritated me to see two grown ass people like the hero and the heroine who couldn’t just point out asked each other things rather than jumping to conclusions. This is the 21st century and I would like to think we as humans had come a long way in socialization.

The hero and the heroine met in a bar and right off the bat they had an instant connection. They were talks about going on a date later on to see what the outcome of their connection would be. And just as they were about to experience their first kiss, the hero’s girlfriend walks into the bar.

The heroine does what any girl in their righted sense would do when faced in that dilemma, run away crying. Now what the heroine didnt know was that earlier that night the hero had broken up with his “girl friend” Realise that I put the word girlfriend in uplifted commas? Well thats because technically she wasnt his girlfriend; more like his flavor for now.

The hero felt like the heroine was the one for him and he didnt want her to slip through his fingers without explaining so he had a hacker friend try tracking her down with what little he learnt about her that night. What he didnt know was that night the heroine’s friend had her pretend to be an air hostess and she used a fake name.

So after weeks of him looking for her and she seeing every guy looking like him, they met up back unexpectingly at a mutual wedding. And from there we proceed from one misunderstanding to another that had me growling and ready to knock their heads against each other. And also I hated the fact that all of his family members are either trying to play matchmaker or pulling them apart. Talk about tragedy!

Because of the constant back and forth between the two characters I’m forced to rate this less than I want to. 

Thank you so much for reading my review. Please make sure you pre-order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July!

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