Virtue and Vanity 

Virtue & Vanity by Astrid Jane Ray

It has been a while since I did my last book blog. There are so many books I’ve read since my last blog review but I guest my laziness overcame me and I just didn’t do any review.  I think from now I’ll take time and figure out which books made an impact and do the reviews on those.

I received this book from the author as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I can say this book brought me through a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s basically about a girl who was forced into marrying this rich guy. It tells us of a story of hardship and trying to be accepted. For those who have trouble reading books with abuse in it this is not the book for you.

The heroine, Isabelle, is the oldest of three and her mother is a single parent who cares more about what society thought about her and money than any of her children. The heroine was blackmailed into marrying a rich guy her mother had found her and then was physically and mentally abused by her new husband and his family. I didn’t like that her character was portrayed as a doormat and she was easily taken advantage of. I felt that even at the ending she still didn’t have enough strength to stand up for herself.

The hero, Sebastain, is a total jerk, douche bag and every worst possible name given at the beginning of the book. Then as you read you get to understand why he was they way he was but to me I still would never forgive him for his actions. I believe you should treat people the way you would want to be treated. If at the beginning he sit down with her and talked things through then he wouldn’t have to go through the whole trying to gain the heroine trust and love. 

As for Sebastain’s family they should rot in hell for everything they put the heroine through and I liked what Sebastain did with the company at the ending .

This is the first book I’ve read form this author and I’m pretty sure it would not be the last. I like the writing style and I was captivated from the very first chapter. I felt that it deserved a better ending, I really didn’t like how abrupt it was like in the epilogue it was fast forward 7 years. Also in the book Isabelle was looking at Sebastain’s childhood videos she saw her mom in one of them, I felt that that plot was developed but didn’t heard back about it. Like why was her mom there? How did she know of Sebastain then? Was her mom suppose to marry the hero’s father? It left a lot unanswered questions. 

But all in all this was a great book. It taught me that even the saddest of us all still deserve a happy ending.