SKALS Series 1-4

Book 1: Sinister Kiss   

Book 2: Bound By Vengeance   

Book 3: Edge Of Obsession  

Book 4: Inferno  

By Adriana Noir

I find it disturbing that I like this book and that I just had to finish reading this series. It wasn’t my cup of tea but somehow I drank it up and then ask for more.

So this book was dark. I felt for the heroine and wished she had more backbone to stand up for herself and put a stop to the stuffs the hero did to her. But I guess she like this abusive relationship. I suppose she is strong since at the ending she kind’ve changed the hero a little but not by much. To me that little change made a big difference.

So the hero is an agent of a secret lethal, underground organization known as SKALS. They met when the SKALS team was on an assignment and the heroine accidentally barged into them and was going to be killed so that there was no witness, but then then the hero vouched for her and saved her life. At this moment in the book I thought it was all hearts and roses but boy was I wrong.

The heroine pledged not to say anything and to show her gratitude she accepted a date with the hero and they started a relationship together. 

From this point they had a really normal relationship then things started turn to the dark end. The hero was very possessive and protective of the heroine and when she does something he does not approve she is punished for it and I’m not talking about BDSM punishing. This is downright brutal punishment. 

At parts of this series I kept getting whiplash at the behavior of the hero. One minute he’s playful then he’s all serious. I would’ve been confused if I as the heroine, I wouldn’t know when to act a certain way or what to say at certain situations. 

But aside from that I liked the book. This is the first time I read a dark book and finished the series.





Deep In Your Veins Series (1-3)

Book 1: Here be the Sexist Vampire   

Book 2: The Bite That Binds    

Book 3: Taste of Torment  

By Suzanne Wright

Hook, line and sinker!!!! I fell head over heels in love with this book. It had everything that I could’ve dream of and then some in a Vampire book. There was this hate-love thing going on, you had a sexist vampire, there was jealousy, protectiveness and a complete 360 on the views of being in a monogamous realtionship. There was so much going on that I had to read all three books in a day.

So both the hero and the heroine in this book are vampires but different kinds. The hero Jared, is a Pargoi vampire and is known as the hightest and most powerful vampire and the heroine Sam (Samantha), is a Sventé vampire which is the lowest and most look down upon vampire there is. 

So when the heroine is called to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army she finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but they never include a Sventé vampire ever. She took the tests and pass them but the hero was such a sexist pig that he pick another vampire and sends her home.

Unknown to Jared the Grand High Master Vampire sees Sam’s potential and asks her to become Jared’s equal and help train the newbies to become stronger soliders. The book then picks up from there, there is so much that happens that I cannot say without spoiler alerts and I don’t want to give anthing away. If you’re drawn into this review then you must read.  


Consumed Trilogy

Book 1: Consumed

Book 2: Too Consumed

Book 3: Forever Consumed 

By Skyla Madi

I really enjoyed this trilogy. I think the author did a good job in capturing the reader’s interest. 

The hero in this book is the kind of guy moms’ warn their daughters about—the kind that leaves a trail of shattered hearts behind him and he has Olivia in his sights. The hero’s name is Seth and he is a member at the Gym which the heroine (Olivia) father owns. He is a renown player who can’t seem to stay with one woman that is until he bumped into Olivia.

Olivia, the heroine, just came off of a long term relationship and is not looking to be another notch on Seth’s bedpost. However, she cannot deny the sparks and thingles she feels whenever she is around him. And diving into another relationship is the last thing she has on her mind. 

When Seth sees Olivia he believes that she is the kind of woman who can change his bachelor lifestyle. One thing led to another they end up together and the books take on from there. But of course not all path taken is smooth. The hero and the heroine faces alot of challenges.

I cannot comment on some of the things that I really hate about the hero and the heroine for without any spoiler so I’m going to keep that to myself. I will however say, that this book was a really fantastic read and I will advice those who likes boxing romance to read this.  The last book was different from the first two but nevertheless it was just as awesome.

For those who want to read into this series futher there is a novella Always Cconsumed which does not change the outcome of Seth’s and Olivia’s relationship from the third book. I didn’t read it because I felt they already have their happy ever after and I didn’t want to change the outlook I have for them in my mind. 

                                                                           Always Consumed

The Crescent Chronicles 

Book 1: Flight                           

Book 2: Focus  

Book 3: Found

By Alyssa Rose Ivy

This was a different type of supernatural book I’ve ever read. I would usually read about vampires or werewolves but this one got to me. I mean who would expect a bird/hybrid thing. I still really don’t get what they trully are. I mean they are supposedly birds but they have human features only difference is they have wings and are stronger. If you ask me they are angels.                      

Aside from their physically attributes I really really enjoyed this trilogy. I was drawn to it from the first page and just had to read the continuous books. I loved that the hero was protective and did whatever he had to to keep the heroine. Although I hate his methods of making her his.

The heroine is really strong and at times I want to just slap her. She made herself got kidnapped so many times that I could’ve predicted them. I liked that at the ending she did whatever she had to to save her friend although said friend was a major bitch and had everything happened to her that was expected.

This book was a page tuner and there are other novellas to this series. There is “First” which is the book in the hero POV and then there is “First and Forever” is also part of the hero POV and there is a bonus part with the wedding. A must read.

Alabama Summer #1

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) By J. Daniels

I really clicked with this book. It was a short read, funny and has that love-hate thing going on. 

I loved both characters and I totally called the romance between the hero and the heroine at the beginning when they were just kids. I like when they both realize that they were the boy/girl from the bar lastnight.

I hated that the heroine saw her innocence as something that needed to be rid of. The fact that she went to a bar just to be deflowered shows how much respect she have for herself. I say she got lucky that she actually knew the guy. I don’t think any female with respect for her body would want her first time to be like that and in reality I don’t think any girl would find a guy who actually cared that it is her first time. Much less make it as memorable as he did.

The hero at first was a jerk. Then again he was just a kid and we are only human. I think he changed and became a better person. I just don’t see why the heroine couldn’t see that. At the same time I hated that he used his kid to get brownie points. 

This book was well written and I may read the other books from this series.