Providence trilogy


By Jamie McGuire

Book 1: Providence

Book 2: Requiem

Book 3: Eden 

I really really enjoyed this triolgy. I’m not really into this angel/demon story but I liked this one. It makes me want to read more books like this. I just hope it didn’t raise my expectation so high that it destroys every other angel/demon books for me.

I find it weird that heroine, Nina falls for a guy who is basically stalking her. Someone she doesn’t know. I would feel as if I never had any form of privacy if I was in her positon. And that I didn’t really know who my dad really was or who I am for that matter.

I like that Jared falls in love with her although he never met her in person before. I was heartbroken for him everytime he had to watch go out with someother guy who wasn’t him and I like that fact that he fight to be with her.

I also felt for Ryan who in the first book was madly in love with Nina. And he supposedly is Nina’s future husband although in the second book you find out he really wasn’t. 

Nina’s mother is upfront a bitch. I hated her throughout this trilogy. I felt that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. She knows what her daughter is going through and she acts like its a natural thing that happens to normal people. I mean I understand that she never felt any maternal instinct but she should atleast tried.  

This trilogy had me up all night reading. I just couldn’t put it down. I would advise many to read it eventhough you would be like “I don’t like angel/demon books” I would read it. I doesn’t disappoint you in anyway.