I don’t know what’s going on with me anymore. Usually I would get so lost in books I find compelled to read that I would forget the world around me from time to time. The past couple of weeks however, have been very difficult to find such books anymore and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m at fault here. 

Did I read copious amount of books which inflated my level of expectations of the plot that certain books loses my attention so fast? 

I don’t know. 

So that’s why there were no recent book reviews posted on my blog. Hence, the cry for help. Anyone who knows of any particular book I might find interesting and is willing to recommend it to me please leave it below. I’m begging you. 


2 thoughts on “Help!! 

  1. K.T. Munson says:

    I always go back to authors I enjoyed before. If you want to read any of my other books I’d be happy to send one your way! I know you loved Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand and it just breaks my heart that you are struggling to find a good read you lose yourself in. Maybe you just need a light hearted read? Unfathomable Chance is a funny read with lots of planets and a cosmic adventure. It’s been equated to Jupiter Ascending a few times! If none of my published books appeal to you and if you like a good Paranormal Romance I just read Jayelle Morgan’a Burn and loved it! Something more Contemporary I loved was Annie Arcane’s Hart Broken…but you might have already read that one. Phew, sorry for the long post! Hope you get over your reading hump!


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