Providence trilogy


By Jamie McGuire

Book 1: Providence

Book 2: Requiem

Book 3: Eden 

I really really enjoyed this triolgy. I’m not really into this angel/demon story but I liked this one. It makes me want to read more books like this. I just hope it didn’t raise my expectation so high that it destroys every other angel/demon books for me.

I find it weird that heroine, Nina falls for a guy who is basically stalking her. Someone she doesn’t know. I would feel as if I never had any form of privacy if I was in her positon. And that I didn’t really know who my dad really was or who I am for that matter.

I like that Jared falls in love with her although he never met her in person before. I was heartbroken for him everytime he had to watch go out with someother guy who wasn’t him and I like that fact that he fight to be with her.

I also felt for Ryan who in the first book was madly in love with Nina. And he supposedly is Nina’s future husband although in the second book you find out he really wasn’t. 

Nina’s mother is upfront a bitch. I hated her throughout this trilogy. I felt that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. She knows what her daughter is going through and she acts like its a natural thing that happens to normal people. I mean I understand that she never felt any maternal instinct but she should atleast tried.  

This trilogy had me up all night reading. I just couldn’t put it down. I would advise many to read it eventhough you would be like “I don’t like angel/demon books” I would read it. I doesn’t disappoint you in anyway.


Love-Hate Romance

Only With You (The Best Mistake #1) By Lauren Layne 

I really enjoyed this book but I hated some parts. Maybe it’s because I would never do what the heroine does in this book. Probably becuase it’s not in me.

This book is basically about this girl Sophie, who is tired doing everything that her parents want so she rebels and does whatever she wants. She quits college and becomes a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. One night on her way to her cousin’s bachelorette party she got stuck in an elevator with a stranger named Grayson who mistakes her for a prostitute.

That was the final blow for Sophie however, she didn’t correct the guy’s  assumpion of her occupation. She quits and move back to her hometown. Then on one of her parent’s Sunday brunch she meets the stranger again this time he is her sister’s date.

Grayson on the other hand was devastated and embrassed at the sametime at his mistake. So he and Sophie pretends that they never meet. What makes matters worst they both have a strong attraction and Sophie is now a new employee at Grayson’s business.

1. If a guy assumes I’m a hooker I would’ve kick him where the sun don’t shine.

2. He’s my sister’s date why the hell would I almost kiss him as said brunch.

3. I don’t think I could be with someone my sister brings home.

Although Garyson didnt like Sophie’s sister he should’ve been upfront that he met Sophie already and he has an interest in her than to string along the sister evethough she doesn’t like him either. 

This book was an alright read. It had that love-hate thing going on thats why I read it but I was expecting a more intense get together. 

Bestfriend/Boss Romance 

Broken Hart (The Hart Family #1) By Ella Fox

I must say I really enjoyed this book. It had jealousy, over protectiveness and hot steamy scenes. What more could a girl ask for?

Sabrina Tyler is working for her boss / bestfriend who she is head over heels in love with but he doesn’t knows that. Dante Hart doesn’t do committment but he finds himself second guessing this when Sabrina is under his skin. He becomes over protective of her and can’t stand her being with another guy that is not him. (if that isn’t love then I don’t know what it is)

Although they both know it would be wise to stay clear of each they find themselves having a secret affair. Dante makes himself clear that it would never be more than it already is and Sabrina feels that she could be the one to turn his stone heart around.

Then everything falls apart when Sabrina finds herself more in love with Dante and he denys feeling the same for her. And the story picks up from there.

I must say Sabrina has some balls to keep fighting for Dante’s affection. I would’ve up and left a long time ago. Then I fell for Dante becuse of the way he was brought up and made to feel that being committed was not in his DNA. But I totally called the ending I saw it from the very first page.

An easy and quick read.

Fake Fiance 

Fiance By Fate By Jennifer Shirk

This was a quick and easy romance read. I enjoyed this book and was not annoyed neither frustrated with any  of the characters….Amm  well maybe a little annoyed at the heroine.

So this book is about this girl named Sabrina who believed a little too much in destiny and superstition. She believed that because her fiancé proposed to her on the same day her parents died years ago that it was a sign that her parents were telling that they were fated together. So when her fiance all of a sudden break apart their engagement she still held hope that they will someday get back together (beacuse they destined to be) although she keeps seeing him with a red head co-worker.

Jack being famous for the town’s most eligible bachelor and held a repitition for his many women has to convince his father and the board of the company that he is a serious man and is ready to settle down in order to get the promotion he needed to take over his father’s company. His father wishes that he would settle down with a girl like Sabrina.

When Jack forms a plan for Sabrina to pretend to be his girlfriend in return he would make her fiance jealous and realise that she is what he want, she agrees. The plan however starts to fall apart when they both realize that they have feelings for each other but neither one trully comes out to tell the other. And then it gets more interesting when Jack was forced to tell his father that they decided to get married.

All in all this book was really good. I hated that Sabrina was mainly focused on what Madam Butterfly tells her and what she feels was her destiny eventhough every odds were against it. At times I wanted to slap Sabrina across the face and tell her to wake up ad smell the coffee. She lived in her own bubble that has nothing to do with reality. 

But I guess thats what happen when you can’t deal with the harsh reality.