Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops #1)

Her perfect mate (x-ops 1)Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops #1) By Paige Tyler

Recently, I was in the mood to read a supernatural book and searching through Goodreads, this book stood out and was the perfect match to my mood. 

I love books where the heroine is not a damsel in distress and could put up a good fight like any man could but still keep her femininity. And I also love any books that have an army/soldier as the hero, ovaries overload!!

The hero was a Commander for his own Specal Forces A-team and was pulled out at the middle of ongoing mission and was taken to Homeland Security where he learned that he was going to partner up with the heroine for a more important mission.

The heroine, who was working for the special organization in Homeland Security for a number of years could not find the perfect partner. Being apart of the organization meant that she had to team up with a male human which resulted with being looked down upon either because of her feline shifter abilities or because she was a woman. So she was not too excited when she was teamed up with the hero. She felt that he would treat her the same way her other partners did in the past and she gave him the cold shoulders although she was having internal arguments regrding her feelings towards him.

Before they were put out in the wild to go on missions together, they had to go through training and the heroine realized that he treated her as if they were the same. She eventually let her guard around him and sparks flew.

This book described the view I have of all army men. I dont know if reality is the same but the hero had this respect for the heroine and her abilities. He was not freaked out or felt less of a man because of what she was and could do, he respected her for what she was and used her abilities whenever it was needed. He didnt stood in the way like her previous partners did and bang against his chest to take lead because he was the man in the partnership. Becuase of that, from the very beginning I was all for the hero.

The only thing I didnt like about the heroine was that she felt the need to show off her abilities to the hero at the beginning  but at the same time I get why she did it because she never got a partner to appreciate her skills.

I love the intensity of the chemistry between the hero and the heroine and the fact that I get to witness the hero fighting for her against a wolf shift no less.

Beautiful book and a must read!!

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star

Half Werewolf Half Hunter Series

Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood #1) By Heather Hildenbrand

This book was quite interesting. I could say it was by far more different from every other werewolf book I’ve ever read. 

It about this girl who was coming home after breaking up with her boyfriend at a date. She missed the bus and was waiting for another when she heard and saw a girl shaking in a corner. She went to help the girl but the girl changed into a werewolf and started to attack her. Acting on instinct she reach for a steal pipe and swung it to the wolf’s head and it turned into the girl again. Only now she was dead. Thats when she meets the hero of the book who inform her that she is a werewolf hunter and the girl was a werewolf.

Apart form all of that she finds herself drawn to him and he to her. She later finds out that not only is he half werewolf half hunter but she is also. And there is a war with the werewolves who don’t want any such peace between werewolf and hunter and The Cause. The Cause was a set of both werewolves and hunters who come together to form a peace among their kind.

At times, I found this book to be frustrated for the heroine. I understand that she has no idea about the life she was suppose to live being a hunter and all but I felt if she was told things nothing bad would’ve happen. I feel she would’ve been more prepared. 

Her mother made me want to drive her head into a wall. Everyone only wanted to protect her but no one really teaches her how to protect herself. Most of the book she was fighting on purely instinct. It was beginning to piss me off.  

I hate how it ended to me it should’ve been a stand alone book and didn’t need the drag along of a series. I don’t think I will be reading the rest of the series. It wasn’t as likable as I wanted it to be.

Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid 

First Bitten (The Alexandra Jones Series #1) By Samantha Towie

I really enjoyed this book but hated the fact that the author decided to drop this trilogy. She is supposedly writing a novella to complete this series but I’m not going to be holding my breath on that.

The book is basically about this girl who was walking home with her friend after a night of drinking away the pain from her cheating ex boyfriend and ends up being attacked. She woke up in a strange house with this guy asking her what she was and then informing her that she is now a Vârcolac (a nightmarish vampire-werewolf hybrid.) What make matters worst is that fact that she is the only girl ever of her kind leaving her life in forever in danger.

The guy she’s with along with his brothers and father is a shifter. They decided to protect her but that all came crashing down when betrayal steps in.

I like stories with the love-hate thing going on, it makes when then hero and heroine decides to finally get together more intense. Nathan was an ass at the beginning I wouldn’t have given a crap about him if he treated me the way he did Alex at the beginning. 

I really felt for Nathan’s little brother. He fell for Alex and she didn’t notice till the ending. Like I noticed he liked her when they were cleaning out the horse stables together. I guess you don’t realize these thing till it’s too late. I hated what happened to him after. I think Samantha give his character an unfair role to play.

I really hated the last quarter of the book. Nathan became a more bigger dick towards Alex and I give her all right to leave his ass. But at the same time I felt a slight bad for Nathan. He was just trying to recover from his lost. 

Amm the second part of the trilogy is called Original Sins and I honestly didn’t read it. I kind of skim through it. Since the blurb talk about her with some other guy it threw me off. That and the fact that there wasn’t another book to complete the series. Like why would I read it if there was no complete ending?

 Anyways turns out this guy she met was one of the original Vârcolac who wasn’t all that bad. He actually helped her out and fell in love with her. But she eventually went back to Nathan like two thirds down in the book.

All of that aside, I think if the trilogy was complete I would’ve given it the praise it might’ve deserved. But I’m going to be leaving this review high and dry the same way the author did the trilogy.

Werewolf book

Caged Moon By Rachel Deagan

I was not going to blog about this book because it annoyed me that much but my sister persuade me into doing this. Thats how much I really didn’t like this book.

Hate is such a strong word to use. So I didn’t really hate it as opposed to how much the heroine in this book annoyed the shit out of me. I wanted to slip into the pages of the book and strangle her. She made me so frustrated 65% of the time whilse reading.

As for the alpha the other 35% of this book he annoyed the living day light out of me. This book was one big keeping secrets, kissing and running away, hiding, not listening, not understanding and whole lot of irritated shit. Just doing this blog and remembering what I read is getting me frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong it was probably a really good book but it was just not my cup of tea. I hate books where people don’t communicate with each other and always face danger head on without waiting for others. It’s like watching a scary movie where one idot always decided that splitting up is the best thing.

The part that really get to my nerves was at the ending when Charolette went into the farm house looking for her friend and the guy (forgot his name) told her that whomever is in there is not her friend but a wolf, she was so determined to play hero that she went in. Like he is a werewolf and he was afraid to go by himself why the hell can’t you wait for the rest of the pack? It’s either she’s dead already or turned into a werewolf aint nothing you could do just wait your ass right were you at till the pack finds you.

There is another book that continues this series which I don’t think I would read. Sorry but really didn’t like it at all.

Werewolf Romance Trilogy

The Darkwoods Trilogy By J. A. Redmerski

Book 1: The Mayfair Moon                 Book 2: Kindred                    Book 3: The Ballad of Aramei

What a wonderful read. Words cannot descibe how much I fell in love with this book whilst reading it. 

One major reason why I was head over heels with this trilogy is because it was soooooo different form evey other werewolf books I’ve ever read. The werewolves were not like huge dogs that you would think (like how Taylor/Jacob would turn into in Twilight). From the description they were like those horror movies werewolf. Like this picture below..

Doesn’t paint a pretty picture for a romance novel does it? Well it actually did. I would admit though the book was kinda slow at the beginning of each book but then they pick off like at the middle making you not want to put the book down to miss the ending.

It had everything a romance/werewolf book would have combine. Your had the drama, jealousy, over-protectiveness, bossy, kill-her-you-die hype thing going on. 

I loved that in the second book both Isaac and Adria were opened to each other and didn’t keep anything to themselves. Although because of the bonding it would be difficult to keep anything apart they still kept their minds open to one another. 

Adria is very strong. I think if I was ever in her shoes and all of this was real I would’ve sign myself in a mental institution from the very beginning. From such a horrible childhood to werewolves I don’t think I could’ve keep a strong mental mind. So hats off for her.

I hated Issac’s father with every bone in my body. Men like him does not deserve to have that many children. I don’t understant how he can love Aramei that much and still have children with other mates. I also couldn’t understand why he kept her around so long eventhough she was in such vegetative state. I get that he love her that much but still no one deserves to live two hundred and something years like that. 

I really like this book and would advise many to read it. 

Werewolf Romance


Reviving Bloom (Bloom Daniels #1)       

 Enlightening Bloom (Bloom Daniels #2)

By: Michelle Tuner

This was a really good read. I enjoyed it and it had a lot of mysterious plots happening. It wasn’t boring nor predictable. This book was really “romancy”.

This book series was basically about this girl name Bloom who was abandoned by her mother from the day she was born and was raised by her father who never really got over her mother. Her father died leaving Bloom in depression since she had no other family member. 

This is when she met Pike who she thought was just a wolf who was caught in a trap set by her father before he died. Turns out Pike was her mate and she was also a werewolf. The story then picks up from there.

What I didn’t like about this book was the fact that the characters fall so fast from their mate. Like she find out that Pike was her mate today then the next week she was ready to move 9 hours away from the only life she knew to live with the guy she hardly know. Same with her mother who was a werewolf and fell in love with her dad, lived together for couple years (married) and the same day she gave birth to their daughter she finds her mate and decided the pull towards each other was enough to give up her just born child and the man who she married. 

Aside from that this was a really good book series. Parts was very funny. I like her friend Bonnie and her “kick assenss” in the last book. I was really hoping that this book was a trilogy but liked the way it ended.  

A Werewolf Romance Series

By Micalea Smeltzer

Book 1: Outsider

Book 2: Insider

Book 3: Fighter                                                        

Book 4: Avenger

Holly mother of all werewolf romance books. This was a fantastic read. 

This four series book tells the story of a girl whose parents were on the run from another werewolf pact their entire lives and failed to mentioned to her that she was a werewolf. She was sent to live with her grandmother during her senior year of high school were she eventually discovers the truth about her parents and who she really is. She met her mate who is also the Alpha and the story takes off from there.

I really enjoyed this series it had a little bit of everything that you would expect from a werewolf romance book. I like the fact that is wasn’t too muh of like Twilight werewolf thig going on. I’m super happy it was only about werewolves and no other paranormal beings.

What made me like it even more was that it wasn’t bias on who the alpha should be. Like I would think that the  responsibility of apha would be that of the guy only but I was happy to know that the girl was also considered an alpha. I did not like that they were not as matured as I thought they would be for alphas but I guess they tried as much as they could being as they had their childhood was ripped from them. 

I really loved the sense of humor that Caede’s brother had. He made the book such fun to read. He put live and happiness in most of the characters and when in time of sadness he made jokes to distract the pact from the matter at hand.

I really enjoyed this book and if I was the kind of person to re read a book this would definitely be one on the list of re reads.   

A Werewolf Romance Trilogy 


Book 1: Silver Moon                              Book 2: Black Moon                Book 3: Blood Moon  

 By Rebecca A. Rogers

This was an okay read. It wasn’t like a wow read but it was hmm…readable. 

It’s a basic werewolf/Rome-Juliet story. Girl finds out she’s a werewolf has a crush on her family’s rival son. The son disregards his family wishes and goes after the girl to make her his. Then the girl realizes that they were both destined to end the families long term bickering. They both set out to fulfill their destined faith.

I felt lost in some parts of the book. Like in the first book Ben’s “girlfriend” name was Lily and then the second book Ali appeared with no introduction, besides the fight between the two girls. Like who the hell is she? Where did she come from? 

Then when I was in goodreads reading some of the reviews before I got this book another blogger quote part of the book as 

“Listen, I —” he begins, but I lean over and place my index finger on his lips. “One day, Benjamin Conway, we can be friends. But, with the way things are right now, I don’t think that’ll happen in this lifetime” His lips graze my finger with a kiss before I pull it away. “Then I’ll wait for you in the next,” he says, and the way those words leave his body and hang in the air, breaks my heart. 

and that is what made me want to read the book but when I read it I got 

“Listen, I…”  I lean over and place my index finger on his lips. “Don’t say anything. It’s all right. I understand everything.”

which was a major kill for me.

The third book was the best. I enjoyed this book better than the first two. There’s a Prequel for this trilogy which I didnt read but I would advice to read it since it goes with the third book. It’s called Alpha Moon and it’s about how the werewolf curse arise.

What threw me off is that there was alot of plot that was developed but was just dropped. Like when they did the spell in the second book for both Daciana and Candra to share the same body what happen to Daciana’s soul when Ben and Candra travelled back in time? Isn’t there suppose to be two of them? Isn’t that the reason why they had to drop Alric off at some other timeline so that they would not have to deal with two of them? So why wasn’t Daciana still in Candra’s mind?

Like I said parts were very confusing but it was an okay read. I still think the author could’ve develop the plot a little bit more.