Never Forget You

In exactly one week from now my debut book will be releasing and I decided to put a sneak peak below. Please make sure you pre-order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July!

A hand trailing up and down my back woke me up. Burying my face into the warmth of my pillow, I let out a moan of refusal to open my eyes.

“It’s getting late Kate and we have brunch at my parent’s house in an hour,” Nathan’s raspy voice said as he placed small kisses along my naked shoulders. “If you don’t get up in the next five minutes we are going to be late for an entirely different reason than waking up late and it will be all your fault,” he said as he pulled me into his already hardened length. 

My eyes flew open as his arms snaked under my hips. I rolled over and pushed his hands away. We were late for the last few brunches at his parents’ house and I could not remove the blush that crept up on my face when we rang the door bell late each time.“Not going to happen again, Nathan,” I said. He looked at me with a smirk across his face and I didn’t like that look. That look always got us late. 

“No,no,no,no. Not today, Nathan,” I protested as I got up and headed to the bathroom. Talking to him over my shoulder I yelled, “We are not going to be late today, so take five minutes to cool yourself down.” I headed straight into the shower and began washing my hair. Just as I stepped under the cascading hot water to wash off the shampoo, I heard the bathroom door open and the shower curtain pulled. Turning around, I saw Nathan stepping into the shower with me. 

“I took five minutes like you said then decided to save time by showering together,” he smirked again. Shaking my head, I gave up. He closed the distance between us and placed his hands under my legs, hiking it around his waist. He pushed us under the water and braced me against the wall. Running my hands through his hair, I pulled his head towards mine for a kiss. A kiss that lasted till the hot water turned cold. 


5 Years Later: A second Chance Romance Novel 

5 Years Later: A second Chance Romance Novel by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman5 Years Later: A second Chance Romance Novel by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman

I don’t know whether to like this book or to hate this book. It had so much going on that it left me with mixed feelings. I can’t really explain this book without giving away spoilers so this blog would be just my opinion of the book along with what little explanation I can fork out.

At the age of 13 the heroine meets the hero who was 15 at the time. They form this instant connection that would forever bide them together for the rest of their life. Or at the least the rest of the book.

After the age of 13, the hero would show up on the heroine’s birthday every 5 years apart. So the next time he shows up was her 18th then her 23rd then her 28th and finally her 33rd birthday. And everytime he do shows up he would drag her down with him.

Like a fool hung up on her first and only love, she would drop everything good in her life and run behind him. She would practically give everything up to spend a few days with him knowning but hoping that this time he would stay with her. But it always ends the same, him leaving her. And when he do leaves, he leaves her shattered and broken.

The book had a lot of flash backs going on so that readers would get the whole picture of how they met and what happened to make them they way they are. And there was some parts of the book I found disturbing and didnt know how the heroine could stand to handle it (especially the part with the hero’s brother’s wife) Thats a big no no for me. The only good part about this book is that you get to witness the struggles they both faced and how strong they came out of it a the end. It might have taken them years to realise what they had and how to fix it but all that really matters at the end is that they had each other at every turn in life.

Thank you so much for reading my review. Please make sure you pre-order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July!

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Children Of Vice (Children Of Vice #1)

Children Of Vice (Children Of Vice #1) By J. J. McAvoyChildren Of Vice (Children Of Vice #1) By J. J. McAvoy

If you’re a big fan of J. J. McAvoy like I am then you would know what a big deal this book is. I was sitting patiently in a corner bitting my nails off, bidding time, waiting for this book to come out. And to my disappointment this book did not live up to it’s full potential. And I totally blamed that on myself. 

This book is a branch off from the Ruthless People Series which is basically four books put together giving us an insight on the parents. The ending of last year the final book for that series came out called Bloody Melody and I’ll have you know it was bloody good. You can read my review for that series by clicking on the links. Readers don’t have to read the first four books before reading this but I would advise to. 

I guess because of how much I enjoyed the parents story I was expecting more from their kids but honestly, it just showed how much their parents failed them. They were not as heartless nor ruthless like their parents and I can’t see where Melody and Liam went wrong with them.

The hero is the first son of the maifa and he is the head. I love how I can see glimpses of Liam, his father in him. The heroine is one of his small day crush who is wrongfully in jail and thinks that the hero’s family is to blame for her family’s death. With the help of the hero, the heroine is let out of jail after she was showed the truth of her family’s death and have to marry to hero (getting flash back on a little melody and liam here) The hero promises her revenge on the people who wronged her and that was exactly what he did; eventhough he went about with it through some unorthodox way.

I hated how throughout this book, the sister showed how spoil and winy she was. I felt like she wanted what was not hers to begin with and that everyone had to fall to her feet whenever she says to do so. I also hated how this book ended but that is the only reason why I’m anxiously awaiting the next book.

My favorite quote in this book was when they were explaining the hero’s parents to the heroine;

“..It’s a long story. If I started, I’d need at least four novels to finish…”

  There was also one or two scenarios that happened in this book that didn’t really settle well with me and had me cringing. I’m not too sure this series will be as great as the Ruthless People series was.

Thank you so much for reading my review. Please make sure you pre-order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July!

Never Forget You (My Debut Book!)

Never Forget You by Farzanna PashaNever Forget You by Farzanna Pasha

This is one of my most dreamt of accomplishment to ever come true. From a very tender age, I would sit by my mother’s typewriter and make up stories that didn’t make sense at that time and I swore, when I get older I would write my own book. And here it is!

Words cannot describe how excited I am to introduce my first book ever to be written and published. Exactly one month from today it will be release and I am bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.

I will be giving away arc in about a week from now and that has me anxious. I’m not sure I’m ready to be criticized by my work since I how how much effort I put into it but isn’t that how authors learn? 

The book is also available on Amazon for pre-ording for $2.99 if you are interested!

Below is the blurb! Please let me know in the comment based off on it’s description if you think I’ll be a good read.


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wake up without any memory of who you are or even what you look like? Well I did, and it was not pretty. What’s even worse, I woke up in a hospital in Italy with no one around who knew me. Luckily for me, I had help from a kind stranger named Sam Maddox. He gave me purpose and was the guiding light in my dark days.

Tragedy struck and I was left alone once again. Haunted by a man in my dreams who made my heart ache for him and palpitated in my chest, I headed to the Golden State of California for answers. In the very first week, without any effort, I found my answers and who I truly was.


Have you ever loved someone with a love that would prevail anything; and you thought to yourself that nothing can tear you apart and then one day something does? Well I did, you see my wife Katherine, she was my world. We were happy and we were crazy for each other. She called me from work and told me she had good news and that I should wait for her at home. I waited and waited but she never did make it home. No one knew what truly happened, Katherine had just vanished.

Imagine my surprise, three years later, when I saw her across my sister’s dinner table calling herself Jane. What was more heartbreaking was that she didn’t even know who I was.

I have to make my wife fall in love with me again and to make my job harder, someone is after her. Someone is stalking her and threatening her life and all that we know is, it has something to do with why she disappeared and how she lost her memories.

Will finding out the truth pull us together or tear us apart?

Count On Me

Count On Me by Abigail GrahamCount On Me by Abigail Graham
For some reason when I read the blurb for this book I thought it was a whole different storyline than what the book actually was about. After reading the first quarter of this book I had to go back to Kindle Unlimited to make sure that there wasn’t some confusion with downloading the wrong book. But overall, it was a great read and I would recommend anyone interested to read it.

I got into this book thinking it was some damsel in distress book, where the heroine was stranded on an island with nobody but her and the hero. Although some part of that statement is true, that is not what the whole book is about. So if you were confused like me thinking this was all this book was about then know that you are in for more. Much more!

I was not expecting this paranormal side of the story where there is a curse involve and some suspense. The storyline kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out all the secrets behind the castle and it’s mysterious king.

I must admit that when the hero was introduced as a single father of three, I was about to give up since that’s a pet peeve of mine; even though he was a widow. I’m a firm believer in the hero and the heroine belonging to each other only. The character of the hero was adorable and I loved that he cared for his children although he was portrayed as this bad ass king. His loyality towards the heroine was remarkable and that made me love him more. I wish someday I can find me one of him.

The heroine was not a push over and I loved her curious mind. The only thing I really didn’t like about her was the way the author described her in this book. For some reason whenever I read her description I would picture this tom boyish looking girl playing dress up in those back in the days dress. I picture her being awakard and very unattractive. But that didn’t stop the chemistry between the hero and the heroine.

The ending however was very unbelievable and based on how the author decided to wrap the story up is the downfall for my rating.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) 

Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) Karla Sorensen Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) By Karla Sorensen

I saw this book in the “other books by the author” section after reading Cole. You know there’s a saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well I totally did with this book, but not in a bad way. I compared this book cover with book 1 cover and decided to read this book first. And why the hell not? Each book can be read as a standalone and there was some explanation of things that happened in book 1 that will be consider a spoiler if I/you do decide to read book 1 after.

So this book starter off badly for the heroine. She is a event planner and the client for the event she was planning was a totally bi**h but the event was a big thing and she had to suck it up or risk her job. But as the night progress, she couldn’t hold her tongue and had a word vomit. Unfortunately, her boss was standing behind her and heard everything so she fired on the spot. It also didn’t help that the guy she had a crush on when she was younger was at the event.

The hero was accompanying his mother to the same event after his father couldn’t make it and saw the heroine. He and the heroine technically grew up together since the heroine was his sister’s best friend. After learning about her unemployment he follows her to the bar nearby where they proceed to drink more than they can and shamlessly flirt. 

They both wake up the next morning in the same bed, naked!

The heroine immediately write it off as a drunken mistake but it was one mistake that didn’t want to be left in the dark. She finds out that she is pregnant! And from there the book proceed where the hero was nothing but understanding and patient and the heroine was an a** towards him.

My Thoughts;

  • I hated the heroine with every fiber in my body. She was such an ungrateful bi**h and she did not deserve the hero at all.
  • The hero was a darling and I praise him for being so patient with the heroine.
  • I didnt feel like here was much chemistry between the hero and the heroine. The were constantly at war with each other and they nearly agree with the other.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Cuffed: A First Time Romance

Cuffed: A First Time Romance By Joanna BlakeCuffed: A First Time Romance By Joanna Blake

As I sit here typing this review, I’m not too sure how I feel about this book. I came across it in Kindle unlimited and thought to give it a try. Now that I had finished reading it, I can’t say whether I liked it or not. Yet another fast read!

In the prologue, we’re introduced to a 15 year old heroine who run away from yet another failure of the Forster care system. She was taken in by a stranger who turns out to be a life saver and a father figure. He fed, clothe and gave her shelter for the next three years where she began working for him in his bar which serves bikers from all over until. That is until one unfortunate night she witnessed something she should not have.

The hero is working for the FBI and is hell bent on finding the person or persons responsible for killing his partner. He is pretty sure that the bikers had something to do with it but with no evidence he couldn’t do a thing.

When he was called in for a murder at the popular biker bar, he thought he struck gold. Somebody had to see something! But he was left mesmerize by the beauty of the heroine. After spending years without a female companion, he knew he was screwed by his reaction for her. Not only was she everything he was against, she was also very young.

After someone left a threatened gift at her doorstep, the hero is sure she knows something about the murder that went down at the bar. For her “safety” the hero carries her to his home (cabin away from civilization) and after her attemp to escape, he confides her to his home by chaining her.

The two of them alone in a cabin with no one around and the hero’s undeniable attraction leads to them coming together.

My Thoughts;

  • For an FBI agent, the hero had no control whatsoever and was too egar to break the rules for some girl he just met. 
  • The heroine was too much of a submissive type of person for my liking. And who the hell sleeps with some man who not only did she just met but also kidnap her? And don’t tell me of no Stockhome syndrome s**t. So much for a virgin.
  • They ending was so anticlimactic! It needed more action. 
  • The author could have done better job. It fet like she was in rushed to finish the book that she just put stuf in to wrap up the book.
  • And whatever happened to the hero’s partner killer?
Full star Full star Full star No star No star


HaloHalo By R. C. Stephens

I must admit that when I first saw this book I was a bit skeptical to read it because of its name. Everyone who is not living under a rock would know about the video game called Halo and I thought that this book would be based off of whatever that game is about. Since I am least interested in video games, I was discouraged to read it.

But I was glad to not listen to my inner voice and read the blurb in Goodreads and it had nothing to do with the video game.

One thing I didnt really like about the book was that it had flash back of the past at random time throughout the book, I don’t like books like that. I prefer if they, the author- take the first half and introduce the past and then the next half to introduce the storyline.  

This book reflects on what some of our soldiers who are fighting war may face in their life. It shows that not every soldier’s life is like a romance novel with a happy ever after at the ending. Although this book do have a happily ever after it gives insight on the struggles they go through before they could make peace on what they saw and experience when serving. 

The hero and the heroine both first saw each other at their High school’s swmming team competition and their attraction to each other was instant. The hero like most hero was a player but something about the heroine had him wanting more from her than he would usually want from any other girl.  The heroine’s parents however did not like him and although they would warn her to stay away from him, she saw the good in him and would fight with her parents to be with him majority of the time.

The hero’s childhood was very dark and it shaped him into wanting to become a navy seal. All his desicions in life was based on one thing and that one thing was being a seal. His mother walk out on him and his father and his father blames the hero and would take it out of his with the use of his fist.

The hero and the heroine gets married later on and the hero deoplys. Every deployment he goes through he would come back with apart of him different. On one of his deployment, he loses a friend close to him and he could not handle his PTSD and would turn to drugs and alcohol.

The heroine becomes pregnant and tells him, only to have him leaving her and then later on sending her divorce papers. She gave birth to their son and heard nothing about him or what his team was up to. She didnt know whether he was dead or alive. And at this point in the book I was very disappointed in the hero since he was always by her side and was the role model for any husban/boyfriend.

She meets a stranger in the hospital when she gave birth who is also a seal whose troupe was attacked leaving his face scarred and needing skin draft. He also suffered from amnesia. The heroine takes him in to rent her garage and help around the house as she recover from her pregnency and gets accustom to being a single parent. But when the baby is asleep and they began to talk to each other they ignite feelings that they weren’t sure they should act on since they both had exes that they weren’t sure about.  

I will admit that there is the big reveal at the ending which to me was expected but it leaves you wondering how no one in the book relaizes it. And that was why I rated this book 3 stars and not 4.

If you want to know if the ex-husband ever shows up or if the ex for the guy she meets at the hospital show up, then you have to read this book. Does the stranger remembers his past? Do they end up together? Read to know !!

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Filthy Kisses (Back Down Devil MC #12)

 Filthy Kisses (Back Down Devil MC #12) By London Casey

With Halloween coming up I am pretty busy these past couple days (I DIY both my decor and costume) and it made me felt as though I was not having anytime for my blogs. I really need to prioritize my time and set aside atleast 15minutes a day for my reviews. Anyways enough with my excuses let me get to my review.

I had conflicted feelings when reading this book. I don’t know whether I liked it or hated it. 

I can honestly say that I hated the beginning. It was written grammatically correct and everything, but I don’t like books that make you feel as if you are missing a big part of the storyline. Yes, it is book 12 of this series and no, I did  not read any of the previous books but to my understanding, this book could have been read as a standalone. But to me that was not the case for the beginning.

The book involves the hero being apart of an MC and the heroine is already about 9 months pregnant with his baby. The heroine wants nothing to do with the MC life and she loathes it to the point where she demands the hero to keep her and the baby a secret from his MC. She has her motives on why she doesn’t like any MC. The hero disagrees with her but he wants to be apart of his baby’s life so he goes along with her plan. They both live in the same house and have an “arrangement” like friends with benefit but not so much as friends and the hero is not monogamous. The hero is set up by someone for murder and placed in prison, he was then forced to tell his MC about the heroine and the baby. Only he was a little too late, because the minute the heroine heard he was in jail for murder she packed up and left.

The heroine irritated me to the point where I was going to give up on reading this book with her indecision. She likes the hero but then she don’t becuase of the MC. She doesn’t want the MC type of life for her kid but then ends up leaning on the  MC for help. If I was a guy and my baby mama was like this heroine, I would dread being with her. Like if you hate the MC life so much why sleep with a biker?

The hero was very down to earth. I loved that he was willing to give up his life in the MC and put up with that idot of a boss at the mechanic shop just for a life with his kid. Also he lied to the MC which is a big no no in the biker world and took a beaten when they found out. Any man who would do whatever it takes to be with his child, is in my good graces. I put them so high up on a pedestal. The only thing I hated with ther hero was that he was not monogamous at the beginning but like I said they had an arrangement.

There wasn’t much chemistry between the hero and the heroine. I thought that their relationship was forced on them becuase of the baby and not because they want to be apart of each other’s life. 

Aside form all of that the book wa an okayish read.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star


 Indulge By Georgia Gates

I don’t really like how I felt reading this book because I am not one to like polyamorous relationships and if I knew that beforehand going into this book, I wouldn’t have read it.

The book starts out with the heroine divorcing her husband who left her for a younger woman, or I should say girl; since it was one of his former student. The heroine’s friend invited her to a swinger resort in Jamaica for 9 days, where the friend and her husband will be attending. The heroine does not divulge in swinging but decided to go for the beaches and other luxuries. 

On night one at the resort, she meets the hero, who is a frequent at the resort. The hero was very crude and straight forward with her. She said no to his advances beacuse she felt uncomfortable with the he stuff he was into.

However, several days in she agrees with the hero to become his and his only for the remaining days at the resort. They get to really like each other and talked about actually forming a relationship when they got back home. A misunderstanding happened and the heroine fled without informing the hero.


The hero finds the heroine and  decided to find out what went wrong. What he didn’t expect was the big secret the heroine kept from him.

I liked the heroine and totally understand why she did what she did. I’m sure if I was in her place I would have done the same. I also liked that she was opened minded to the hero and did not judge him for his past. And her, not feeling that she was enough for him, I totally get it. I’m sure if I was in her place and six months later I go to visit him unexpectedly and he’s with two other women, I would’ve left without telling him too.

I felt for the hero. He just wanted to prove how much the heroine meant to him but she didn’t give him that chance. But at the same time all his actions was against everything he told the heroine. 

The book was a good read but be warned tha aside form the polyamorous relationship there is also cheating.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star