Flesh and Blood (Dixie Mafia Series #1) 

Flesh and BloodFlesh and Blood (Dixie Mafia Series #2) By Cynthia Ryne 

I must admit that this book was an accidental download but I enjoyed it regardless. I was going to read book 2, Blood in the water but accidentally clicked on this book. Both books can be read as a stand alone.

The book starts off with the heroine being dealt with a rough patch in her life. She was going down in a rollercoaster and didnt see it going up anytime soon. There was not light at the end of the tunnel for her nor no umbrella to shelter her from the dark clouds looming over her. She was out of both a job and money. Recently she felt as if someone was following her which she chalked up to being paranoid.

Her father, who was nothing more than a sperm donor and a scum, had borrowed money from the mafia and skipped town. They came knocking on her door one night and “kidnap”her.  

There she meets the hero who was apart of the mafia and the man her father had borrowed the money from. He had taken a liken to her but after the lost of his wife, many years ago he vowed never to fall him love again. So he blacklisted the entire town from her so that she, the heroin wouldn’t have any job and would have no other option than to become the hero’s mistress and nothing more.

But we all could guess what happens next.

I didnt like that the hero was way older than the heroine but the way the book was written they didnt really touch on the age difference that much; so thats a plus. I hated that the hero gave her the option to become his mistress but turned around to make sure no one in town would hire her, not much of an option if you ask me. I would’ve moved to another town or something since she had a rough upbringing with her mother being her father’s “mistress” but I guess money do talk. There is also a part where the hero admits something from his past and I thought at the epilogue he would’ve went to visit that past or that the author might bring it up again in the storyline but didnt and I was a let  down by that. You’ll obviously have to read the book to know what I’m talking about but when you, tell me if you think the same. 

Aside from that it was a great read but I felt the ending was a bit rushed and could’ve used something more.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Flanked (Studs in Spurs #5)

FlankedFlanked (Studs in Spurs #5) By Cat Johnson

When I began reading this book I was unaware that there were four other books before it. However you can read each as a stand alone.

The hero in this book is a “celebrity”as a pro bull rider and for some reason he is angry with the world. I dont know about any of the other readers who read this book but that was the vibe I got from his character. He also never see himself settling down like his other friends are doing with one woman in the future. He was content with burying himself in different women every night, that is however until he meet his friend’s little sister.

The heroine is this bad girl trapped in a good girl’s body. She had tattoos and piercings in places that she hoped her parents and her over protective brother never finds out. She goes to spend time with her brother and see him do his thing on the bull.

Having spending a while without hooking up with someone, she set her eyes on the hero who seems to lost his sense on the “don’t mess with your best friend’s sister” rule once the heroine lays hands on him.

They ended up hooking up behind her brother’s back and when the hero’s shoulder become injured she comes up with the idea of marrying him so that he would become insured under her insurance and get the surgery he needs. But they began forming a relationship that neither of them wanted but couldn’t seem to walk away from.

This book was an okay read but I was not much of a fan. The heroine to me felt like a “hoe” but then again maybe she’s one of those women who knows what they want and goes after it. She is not shy with her sexuality and take pleasure in taking what she want for men; specifically the hero. 

The hero had finally met his match when he met the heroine and I was happy that he could appreciate one women although he was surrounded by millions. I hated the way he treated his father when he realized that his father was finally moving on after the death of his mother. I think every child should be happy to know that their father is finding happiness with another women once their mother had been dead for some time.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Arrogant Master (Arrogant #2)

Arrogant Master 2Arrogant Master ( Arrogant #2) By Winter Renshaw

If you go into this book expecting to read a BDSM genre then this book is not even remotely close to that life style. Reading the blurb, I thought that it was some dark BDSM type of book but truly it was the opposite. The author did try to touch on light BDSM but it was not as intense as I thought it would be.

If you didnt read book 1,  like myself then dont worry because you get snippet of pieces on what book 1 is about since this storyline takes place at the same time book 1 is taking place.

The heroine’s family is a polygamist, her father has three wives and they take their polygamist lifestyle very seriously and religiously. The heroine however do not believe in their way of living and plans to escape from her family with her youngest sister as soon as said sister graduates from High School.

Her plans were set back when a boy from her church who she fools around with as a rebellion unknowly against her father decides that he wants to marry her and has her as his first wife. He threatens to tell her father about their secret relationship if she does not agree to marry him.

In preparation for her upcoming wedding, the heroine convinces her father to let her go to the city to find a job so that when she marries she can have a little money to fall back on. But she plans to use that money for her great escape. Only to find out that the day of her job interview was the day before she thought and misses her opportunity of having a job.

Defeated, she goes to a bar where she meets a stranger and lies to him which resulted in her getting a job. But there was one misunderstanding, the stranger(hero) was looking for a submissive and he thought she was one. And the heroine thought she was becoming his assistant. 

The hero tries to be an arrogant asshole which he fails to be. Something about the heroine makes him feel things that he thought were long dead in him and he refuses to acknowledge that he was falling for her. He was a perfect gentleman aside from when he tries to push the heroine away and always telling her that what they have is not a relationship; it is just sex.

I liked the heroine, I like her willingness to do whatever it was to get her sister out of that stifling home atmosphere. I loved that she didnt leave her sister to deal with whatever her family had thrown at her to deal with by herself. I loved that eventhough she was employed as a submissive she still stood her ground and stand up for herself against the hero.

A great read! Might read book 3.

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star


HaloHalo By R. C. Stephens

I must admit that when I first saw this book I was a bit skeptical to read it because of its name. Everyone who is not living under a rock would know about the video game called Halo and I thought that this book would be based off of whatever that game is about. Since I am least interested in video games, I was discouraged to read it.

But I was glad to not listen to my inner voice and read the blurb in Goodreads and it had nothing to do with the video game.

One thing I didnt really like about the book was that it had flash back of the past at random time throughout the book, I don’t like books like that. I prefer if they, the author- take the first half and introduce the past and then the next half to introduce the storyline.  

This book reflects on what some of our soldiers who are fighting war may face in their life. It shows that not every soldier’s life is like a romance novel with a happy ever after at the ending. Although this book do have a happily ever after it gives insight on the struggles they go through before they could make peace on what they saw and experience when serving. 

The hero and the heroine both first saw each other at their High school’s swmming team competition and their attraction to each other was instant. The hero like most hero was a player but something about the heroine had him wanting more from her than he would usually want from any other girl.  The heroine’s parents however did not like him and although they would warn her to stay away from him, she saw the good in him and would fight with her parents to be with him majority of the time.

The hero’s childhood was very dark and it shaped him into wanting to become a navy seal. All his desicions in life was based on one thing and that one thing was being a seal. His mother walk out on him and his father and his father blames the hero and would take it out of his with the use of his fist.

The hero and the heroine gets married later on and the hero deoplys. Every deployment he goes through he would come back with apart of him different. On one of his deployment, he loses a friend close to him and he could not handle his PTSD and would turn to drugs and alcohol.

The heroine becomes pregnant and tells him, only to have him leaving her and then later on sending her divorce papers. She gave birth to their son and heard nothing about him or what his team was up to. She didnt know whether he was dead or alive. And at this point in the book I was very disappointed in the hero since he was always by her side and was the role model for any husban/boyfriend.

She meets a stranger in the hospital when she gave birth who is also a seal whose troupe was attacked leaving his face scarred and needing skin draft. He also suffered from amnesia. The heroine takes him in to rent her garage and help around the house as she recover from her pregnency and gets accustom to being a single parent. But when the baby is asleep and they began to talk to each other they ignite feelings that they weren’t sure they should act on since they both had exes that they weren’t sure about.  

I will admit that there is the big reveal at the ending which to me was expected but it leaves you wondering how no one in the book relaizes it. And that was why I rated this book 3 stars and not 4.

If you want to know if the ex-husband ever shows up or if the ex for the guy she meets at the hospital show up, then you have to read this book. Does the stranger remembers his past? Do they end up together? Read to know !!

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Commander in Chief (White House #2) 

Commander in chiefCommander in Chief (White House #2) By Katy Evans.
I remembered specifically when I first read book 1, Mr. President and I fell in love with the story line. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that there was a book 2 and it was not coming out till the next year. So I bid my time and mark each day off on my calendar until this book was released a couple days ago. 

I could not wait to get my hands on this book and was super excited when I got it, that it took me a couple of hours sitting at the same spot to read it. I did a review on book 1 and if you wish to read it before reading this book then you can do so by clicking Mr. President (White House #1) 

This book did not pick up where book 1 ended, but at a fast forward of a month into the hero’s presidency. 

After not seeing each other for a month both the hero and the heroine realized that they wanted to be apart of each others life but did not want the risk of comprosinsing the hero’s first year in presidency so the hero decided that they would continue their affair by having the heroine playing the part of First Lady. 

I was shocked when the hero tells the heroine of this plan because in book one he was set on not having a family in the white house (because of his own experience with his father) and he was convinced that he could not give the heroine everything she needed. So that change gave me whip lash.

There was so much thing going onto this book that I felt the author was not too sure on how she wanted this book to go and I didnt like that the book felt like it was moving too fast. Like one moment he had just started his presidency and the next he had began campaigning for the next election term. 

I dont know, maybe book 1 had me hyped that I was looking forward for book 2 to be mind blown but it was not. It felt to me that the author started a plot and she had so much potential in having a great climax but it fell short. To me this book had so much potential to be as great as book 1 but it wasnt working.

Like how can you go from making a speech like “America is my First Lady” to having announce not less than 6 months onto your presidency that you were getting married to the acting First Lady? Then again maybe this book was a perfect example of how the political world works where during the rally they would tell you that they would do this and that once they are elected but when time comes for them to act upon those promises they play dumb.

Anyways it was an okay book but was not what I was expecting.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

New Year!!

Tonight as we all either sit around the tv and watch the ball drop or out partying, I want to take these few moments to wish everyone A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope this year brings you many more books to read and new adventures into different stories. I wish this year either be as successful as last year or in my case, brings success into your life. 

But most of all, I hope this year you experience a year long of happinesss and joy in your life, Just remember, life is what you make of it and nothing or no one should be taken for granted.