Count On Me

Count On Me by Abigail GrahamCount On Me by Abigail Graham
For some reason when I read the blurb for this book I thought it was a whole different storyline than what the book actually was about. After reading the first quarter of this book I had to go back to Kindle Unlimited to make sure that there wasn’t some confusion with downloading the wrong book. But overall, it was a great read and I would recommend anyone interested to read it.

I got into this book thinking it was some damsel in distress book, where the heroine was stranded on an island with nobody but her and the hero. Although some part of that statement is true, that is not what the whole book is about. So if you were confused like me thinking this was all this book was about then know that you are in for more. Much more!

I was not expecting this paranormal side of the story where there is a curse involve and some suspense. The storyline kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out all the secrets behind the castle and it’s mysterious king.

I must admit that when the hero was introduced as a single father of three, I was about to give up since that’s a pet peeve of mine; even though he was a widow. I’m a firm believer in the hero and the heroine belonging to each other only. The character of the hero was adorable and I loved that he cared for his children although he was portrayed as this bad ass king. His loyality towards the heroine was remarkable and that made me love him more. I wish someday I can find me one of him.

The heroine was not a push over and I loved her curious mind. The only thing I really didn’t like about her was the way the author described her in this book. For some reason whenever I read her description I would picture this tom boyish looking girl playing dress up in those back in the days dress. I picture her being awakard and very unattractive. But that didn’t stop the chemistry between the hero and the heroine.

The ending however was very unbelievable and based on how the author decided to wrap the story up is the downfall for my rating.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Park Avenue Prince

Park Avenue Prince by Louise BayPark Avenue Prince by Louise Bay
This book is a perfect example of rags to riches but unlike books like Fifty Shades of Grey, where the hero lavaishes himself with his profound richness, the hero in this book doesn’t really care for the material things and for that I must praise him.

The hero had the perfect family and at a tender age he lost his parents in an accident and ever since was thrown in the foster care system where he learnt the harshness of life. From that moment on, he turned his back on having feelings for anyone and happiness. He believes that happiness is a figment of the imagination and is very selective on who he cares for and who he lets in his life. 

Wanting to invest in something, he buys an apartment in Park Avenue but doesn’t furnish it. He relies on an old broken couch he had for years and a mattress on his bedroom floor. His best friend, who is a girl he met in the foster system demands he atleast hang something on the wall. Maybe some paintings he can invest in since all he buys are things to invest in.

In comes the heroine who owns her own art studio where she displays the beauty of various paintings for artists. She is a Park Avenue princess but hates depending on her parents for money and does what she wants. She was the total opposite of the hero and have no plan on marrying or dating someone who is rich. She blames this on her dysfunctional family where her mother would go out and sleep with different men and her father would do nothing but stay faithful to her.

When the two characters meet the sparks are undeniable and you can feel their chemistry but they both are what the other swore they don’t want from life. However as they began spending time with each other their feelings began to develop and there was no way they could not admit that they made each other happy. Readers get to experience the hero opening up to heroine and two broken souls becoming one.

However, after an accident happens where the heroine ends up in the hospital, the hero’s insecurities began to over take him. He cursed himself for falling prey to his own desire and forgetting that happiness doesnt last long. So he leaves the heroine without giving her any explanation.

Do they end up back together? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

A Harmless Little Plan (Harmless #3)

A Harmless Little Plan (Harmless #3) by Meli RaineA Harmless Little Plan (Harmless #3) by Meli Raine
This book is not a standalone and contains dark triggers that is not for the light hearted. You can read my review for both book 1 A Harmless Little Game (Harmless #1) and book 2
A Harmless Little Ruse (Harmless #2) by clicking on the links respectively. 

Unlike both book 1 and 2, where the author wrote each book in first person perspective, book 3 is written in dual point of view which is good in this book because readers get to feel the suspense and eagerness to find and help each other. Book 3 also picks up right where book 2 ends and a lot happens through out the book where the author tries to wrap up the storyline.

The hero is still in jail at the beginning and some time had passed since the heroine had been kidnapped. Feeling helpless, the hero doesn’t know who he can trust to go search for her but with connections in high places he was finally out; ready to do whatever it took to find her. 

Within this book, readers get to experience the lengths the hero was willing to go to find and protect the heroine not matter the cost, even if that cost is his life. We also get to find out why what happened 4 years ago happened and experience more betrayal from the people surrounding the heroine’s life who she thought could be trusted.

I think at this point in the storyline when the heroine was kidnapped, her father realizes his mistakes and did a 180 on the way he treats the heroine. Her mother on the other hand, needs a reality check and unlike the father she didn’t redeem herself as a good parent. She was one of those typical uptight people who cared more of what society thought of her than the happiness of her only daughter.

The ending of the book was kind of unbelievable and through me off. When reading it, I expected more out of the author than the ending of the book she gave us and how she resolved finding and saving the heroine was stupid.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

A Harmless Little Ruse (Harmless #2)

A Harmless Little Ruse (Harmless #2) by Meli RaineA Harmless Little Ruse (Harmless #2) by Meli Raine
For those who didn’t read my previous blog where I reviewed book 1 A Harmless Game (Harmless #1) you can read it by clicking on the link. Book 2 cannot be read as a standalone; you must read book 1 first and each book contain dark triggers for some. This book is not for the kind hearted.

Book 2 picks off right where book 1 ends but the only difference is that it is written in the hero’s point on view. When I first read the blup for this book in Goodreads, I was actually going to skip over this book and read book 3 beacuse to my understanding this book was basically book 1 but in the hero’s perspective instead the heroine’s. Luckily, I was curious on what the hero was feeling after not seeing the heroine for 4 years. 

In this book, the heroine’s father announces his plan to run for president and the threats against the heroine continues. You get to witness both the hero and the heroine becoming closer and sharing their tragedies together. Also readers get to see how far the hero was ready to go to stand up for the heroine, unlike her parents. At some parts in the book, I was ready to wack the heroine in the head for her stubbornness. 

Her parents didn’t change their perspective of how to handle her situation and what annoyed me the most is the fact that the heroine’s father knew that one of the person helping him with his campaign is the person who attacked his daughter 4 years ago and he still didnt back out of their deal. As for her mother, lets not get started. Atleast readers can tell that the father had some concerns for the heroine.

Almost halfway through the book, the hero is portrayed as a obsessive ex-boyfriend and was fired as the heroine’s bodyguard leaving her unprotected in the hero’s eyes. The tables were turned on the hero and he was the one taking the fall for texting those threatening things to the heroine and cutting her brakes in book 1. 

The book ends in a cliffhanger where the hero was thrown in jail.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

A Harmless Little Game (Harmless 1)

A Harmless Little Game (Harmless 1) by Meli RaineA Harmless Little Game (Harmless 1) by Meli Raine
I don’t know what I thought this book would’ve been about when I read the blurb but this book have some dark themes that may not be for the kind hearted. I’m not usually one to read books with these triggers but after reading book 1, I became curious and had to turn my heart to stone to read the sequel. Didn’t I meantioned there were 2 more books after this one? No? Well yeah, I was just as suprised myself when I reached the ending just to find it with a cliffhanger.

The heroine in this book is the daughter of a senator and when she was eighteen she went through a life changing trauma that led her to be locked away in a psychiatric hospital on an island far way for 4 years. During those 4 years she had no connection with the outside world and everything that she did was monitored and reported back to her father.

The book begins with her finally being released and she realized how much had changed in her life. Her closest friends had turn against her and lied about what happened that night. Her boyfriend at that time, who did nothing to help was now her own personal bodyguard. The nurse who looked over her when she was in the hospital swore that she said everything was consensual. What’s even worst her parents did nothing!

Upon being released, the heroine made it her mission to destroy the lives of the guys who did her wrong. What she wasnt counting on was the sparks she still felt for her ex-boyfriend, the hero. But after she found out some truth about that tragic night concerning the hero, they became “inseparableish” 

Suddenly, she began getting threatening texts from her attackers and someone had cut the brakes from her car causing her to end up in an accident that almost cost her her life. When they did an investigation, it came back as a set up. A set up where it seemed as if the heroine was still unstable; sending those texts to herself from a burner phone and fingerprints showing that it was she who cut her own brakes.

My Thoughts;

  • Let me begin with voicing my opinion about the heroine’s parents. If I ever had parents like that, being in a mental hospital was not where you would’ve found me but in prison! For killing them. What kind of parent locks away their child after being raped and not find vengeance for them? If it was my daughter, I would’ve been to hell and back to bring justice to her, to hell with what the papers were portraying her as.
  • And lets not get started with the fact that every little thing that happened they would cast her aside and had the jet fuel ready to send her back to the island, when really and trully she was ready to face the world but they were the ones who couldnt accept the tragedies she had to go through.
  • The hero is everything I would be looking for in a guy. At the beginning when I thought he was he one to hurt the heroine I wanted nothing to do with him and cursed the heroine for easily still having feelings for him.
  • I don’t know whether to applaud the author for this book or scrunch my nose up at her for creating such darkness.  
Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Unload (Black Cossacks MC)

Unload (Black Cossacks MC) By Kathryn Thomas Unload (Black Cossacks MC) By Kathryn Thomas 

I’m mixed about how I feel after reading this book. I’m not sure I would call this book a bad boy MC book because to me it was neither. It was more of a good boy being trapped in a bad boy’s body just begging to let go. The heroine on the other hand, acted like a total biker babe although she was not. Talk about role reversible. 

The heroine whose personality I adored, was rudely awaken by the sound of rowdy bikers outside her apartment duplex. Being apart of the apartment’s association, it was her job to make the complex a peaceful place and the past couple nights were interrupt with the bikers commotion outside. Having a head strong personality and completely fed up, the heroine pushed her head out her window and yelled some words of profanity hoping atleast someone would take her seriously but they just pass her off as just some girl.

Annoyed, she packs a bag to head over her friend’s house to sleep the rest of the night but was confronted with the biker gang on her way out. Not the type to be taken for granted because she was petite, she heads over to the hero, who was the president of his MC and expressed how she felt.

The hero who was in the middle of a drug exchange with another MC wasn’t in the mood to handle the heroine’s fiery spirit but her fierceness attracts her to him. However, their meeting was short cut by the cops showing up. Having no where to hide the drugs on him he quickly stashed it in the heroine’s over night bag knowing that the cops would never search someone who looks as innocent as her, especially since she was still in her pjs.

The next day he shows up back at her apartment for the drugs which the heroine was mad that he stashed it on her without her knowing. The hero promises her he can make it up to her and I’m sure you can guess how. After however long it took them to get their rocks off, the heroine went her way and he went his but for some reason the hero as still hung up on her. Days later and he was still looking at his phone hoping she would text him and wondering when did the roles became reversed with him and the ladies. After an encounter with her boss which the hero saves her from, they became inseparable. And that ladies and gentlemen was the start of their relationship. As we all know being apart of a MC comes with the rivalry and having a significant other was a big vulnerability.

Want to know what happens? You’ll just her to read it yourself 😉

My Thoughts;

  • Like I said before, the author failed to portray they hero was a bad boy. He was such as sweetheart towards the heroine and I loved that he was willing to sacrifice his freedom for the safety of the heroine.
  • The heroine was bad ass with her words. I love a female role who is not a doormat and rolls over like a dog whenever the hero says so.
  • This book was also marked off as a good read beacuse of the fact that althoug the hero didnt hear back from the heroin after their first night together, he didn’t bury himself in some other woman.
  • The only thing I didn’t like was the chemistry. I didn’t feel much between the hero and the heroine. I thought they were just with each other for a booty call. 
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Heavy Turbulence

Heavy Turbulence By Kimberly FoxHeavy Turbulence By Kimberly Fox

This is the first book from this author that I could recall reading and honestly I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I must confess that when I read the blurb from Goodreads, I could tell that it wouldn’t be a fun read as I thought it would be. Being one for not judging a book by its cover, I thought to give it a try and as you can tell it wasn’t a good read.

Don’t get me wrong the storyline was okay but the characters in the book especially the hero was too egostically for my taste. You know the saying “one bad egg spoil the whole bunch?” Then thats exactly what the hero’s personality did for this book.

And lets not get started with the heroine’s character!


So the heroine is a stewardess and the book start out with her first day on the job and her biggest dream is to become a pilot. She knows everything there is about planes and probably could fly the plane by hereself. At the beginning, I really like the heroine for standing her ground but at the sight and dirty talks from the heroine her brain began to melt along with her sense.

The hero didn’t really care for his job and didn’t really take it seriously. I understood that he was a pilot in the army and was let go in a honorable discharge for acting against his commanding officer’s order. His decision to not follow his orders is the only thing I like about him in the entire book. The only thing throughout this book on his mind is to sleep with anything with a skirt on although the heroine was always on his mind.

Unexpectingly, their boss, who is a millionaire task them with pretending to be a married couple so he can make a sales pitch. The back and forth banter between the two of them was funny and at parts I was cracking up. But it wasn’t funny enough to make me like the book.

They somehow began feeling something for each other which to me was only lust. Not something I would’ve taken seriously. But the hero had made a deal with their boss that could ruin their relationship before it start. Read if you must!

Full star Full star No star No star No star

Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) 

Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) Karla Sorensen Light Me Up (Three Little Words #2) By Karla Sorensen

I saw this book in the “other books by the author” section after reading Cole. You know there’s a saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well I totally did with this book, but not in a bad way. I compared this book cover with book 1 cover and decided to read this book first. And why the hell not? Each book can be read as a standalone and there was some explanation of things that happened in book 1 that will be consider a spoiler if I/you do decide to read book 1 after.

So this book starter off badly for the heroine. She is a event planner and the client for the event she was planning was a totally bi**h but the event was a big thing and she had to suck it up or risk her job. But as the night progress, she couldn’t hold her tongue and had a word vomit. Unfortunately, her boss was standing behind her and heard everything so she fired on the spot. It also didn’t help that the guy she had a crush on when she was younger was at the event.

The hero was accompanying his mother to the same event after his father couldn’t make it and saw the heroine. He and the heroine technically grew up together since the heroine was his sister’s best friend. After learning about her unemployment he follows her to the bar nearby where they proceed to drink more than they can and shamlessly flirt. 

They both wake up the next morning in the same bed, naked!

The heroine immediately write it off as a drunken mistake but it was one mistake that didn’t want to be left in the dark. She finds out that she is pregnant! And from there the book proceed where the hero was nothing but understanding and patient and the heroine was an a** towards him.

My Thoughts;

  • I hated the heroine with every fiber in my body. She was such an ungrateful bi**h and she did not deserve the hero at all.
  • The hero was a darling and I praise him for being so patient with the heroine.
  • I didnt feel like here was much chemistry between the hero and the heroine. The were constantly at war with each other and they nearly agree with the other.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3)

Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3) Karla Sorensen Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3) By Karla Sorensen 

This book was an intense read. Readers get to experience the hardship both the characters faced and how much love can trully prevail over time and struggles once it’s right. This book is told in dual point of view and there are snippets of flashback which gives insight to the relationship of the hero and the heroine’s past together. 

The hero and the heroine had both met in a very funny circumstance when they were really young and from the moment the hero laid eyes on the heroine he knew she was it for him. A year later they were married and you’d think they live happily ever after like so many romance book out there but they didn’t.

Like most marriages, they had their ups and downs but most of their downs were over the fact that they were trying to start a family and for some reason the heroine can’t get pregnant. They both are fertile but were unfortunate to become pregnant. 

The hero, who was the most understating man in the world, didn’t care for having children on their own and would try to convince the heroine that they can always adopt. The heroine felt less of a woman over not being able to give the hero a child and their constant argument over it made her one day decided that she cannot take no more and leave the hero. The hero thought that she just needed time but was suprised when he was served with divorce papers and not a stitch of explanation from the heroine. 

Now fast forward seven years later, the heroine is moving back to their hometown because her little sister is pregnant and the father wants nothing to do with it. What’s even worst is that not only is her sister pregnant but she’s also having twins! Moving back to seeing her sister’s stomach round with children and seeing the hero at a supermarket bring back all the emotions she tried running away from.

With her sister playing match making, the hero and the heroine meet again but will this time be a beautiful disaster like the last one? You’ll have to read to find out.

My Thoughts;

  • First off, I have to praise the author for doing a fabulous job with this book.
  • I have to address the heroine’s parents! What kind of parents treat their children like that? I thought most parents will be happy knowing that their chirldren are happy but I felt like her parents were the devil. They were the root to all the hero’s and heroine’s marital arguments and the heroine was blinded to see it.
  • I have to find me a guy just like the hero. Many time, throughout this book, I wanted to flush the heroine’s head in the toilet and thief the hero from her. She was such an annoying character and I couldn’t see what the hero saw in her.
  • Fingers crossed that there is a book about her sister. She was such a fun character and I wish she too have a happy ever after.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Cuffed: A First Time Romance

Cuffed: A First Time Romance By Joanna BlakeCuffed: A First Time Romance By Joanna Blake

As I sit here typing this review, I’m not too sure how I feel about this book. I came across it in Kindle unlimited and thought to give it a try. Now that I had finished reading it, I can’t say whether I liked it or not. Yet another fast read!

In the prologue, we’re introduced to a 15 year old heroine who run away from yet another failure of the Forster care system. She was taken in by a stranger who turns out to be a life saver and a father figure. He fed, clothe and gave her shelter for the next three years where she began working for him in his bar which serves bikers from all over until. That is until one unfortunate night she witnessed something she should not have.

The hero is working for the FBI and is hell bent on finding the person or persons responsible for killing his partner. He is pretty sure that the bikers had something to do with it but with no evidence he couldn’t do a thing.

When he was called in for a murder at the popular biker bar, he thought he struck gold. Somebody had to see something! But he was left mesmerize by the beauty of the heroine. After spending years without a female companion, he knew he was screwed by his reaction for her. Not only was she everything he was against, she was also very young.

After someone left a threatened gift at her doorstep, the hero is sure she knows something about the murder that went down at the bar. For her “safety” the hero carries her to his home (cabin away from civilization) and after her attemp to escape, he confides her to his home by chaining her.

The two of them alone in a cabin with no one around and the hero’s undeniable attraction leads to them coming together.

My Thoughts;

  • For an FBI agent, the hero had no control whatsoever and was too egar to break the rules for some girl he just met. 
  • The heroine was too much of a submissive type of person for my liking. And who the hell sleeps with some man who not only did she just met but also kidnap her? And don’t tell me of no Stockhome syndrome s**t. So much for a virgin.
  • They ending was so anticlimactic! It needed more action. 
  • The author could have done better job. It fet like she was in rushed to finish the book that she just put stuf in to wrap up the book.
  • And whatever happened to the hero’s partner killer?
Full star Full star Full star No star No star