Wanted By the Devil

Wanted By the Devil by Joanna BlakeWanted By the Devil by Joanna Blake

Honestly, I don’t know why I still judge books by their cover. I think it’s a bad habit that I really need to break. But come on how much of us say we’ll stop doing this or stop eating that but thats exactly what we end up doing next. It’s only human nature.

Now if you’re going into this book thinking it’s a bad ass biker book then news flash! It’s not! Don’t get me wrong the book was a good read but comparing to the other MC biker books I’ve read before this one is a child’s play. And that’s my opinion.

So the hero is the president of the MC and he’s obsessed with the heroine whose a waitress. The first time he saw her he knew she had to be his but the only thing stopping him was her age. Yes, you guessed it, she was younger than him. So he did the logical thing and waited for her to become of age to make her his.

The heroine works at the diner to help out her mom who is a single parent. From the time she began working at the diner she would hear the throttling of bikes following her everywhere she went. And for some reason that comfort her. She knew that those bikers following her was all sent by the hero who made it his priority to alteast visit her once a week at the diner ordering the same thing but never really speak to her.

Then one night when the hero had waited long enough he finally went after what he so desperately wanted all these years.

My Thoughts;

  • Let’s talk about the fact that the hero was basically a stalker and the heroine had some kind of Stockholm Syndrome for him, althought technically there was no kid napping involved. Like who throws themself to a guy who basically stalked them for years? Was she that much desperate for any guy’s attention?
  • What irritated me the most was the hero who swore that the heroine was “the one” had a revolving door of women in and out of his life while he “waited” on the heroine to become of age. He made it up in his mind that that was okay since about a month before he officially made the heroine his he stopped sleeping with anyone. Like really? 
  • Oh! And lets not talk about the fact the mother basically made a deal with the hero behind the heroine’s back when she was young marking her as his. She technically sold her daughter for the betterment of herself.
  • And the heroine showed trully how young she was by being such a winy character. I wanted to slap the shit out of her so much time!

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