Bad Boy’s Treat

Amy love arc Bad Boy’s Treat By Amy Love

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I tried looking for it on both Amazon and Goodreads but couldn’t find it so I’m assuming it is yet to be published on either of those sites. I did however, contacted the author to know more about that, but she is yet to reply.

I was given a blurb along with this book and I just wanted to let it be known that the blurb gave nothing away and wasn’t even close to what I would’ve expected when reading the book.

The heroine is working in an ice cream truck which her father owns in order to pay for his hospital bills. She is also putting her self through college and has her own blog where she hides her identity and writes about her everyday life.

On a normal day, after closing her ice cream truck and heading to another location she was hijacked by the hero who was hiding out in her truck.

The hero is what I like to call a multitasker. He owns a restaurant, runs a biker club and he’s a boxer. He stole some precious gems from a rivalry and the only escape he could’ve find was through the ice cream truck. He had no intentions of harming the heroine and came up with a plan in which they both could benefit from.

He proposed that he use her ice cream truck as a front to sell off the precious gems and at the same time he would pay her generously. The heroine agrees but proposed that she writes everything that happens between the two of them on her blog; anonymously of course.

So what might happen when you put two attractive people in a hot, small ice cream truck? You’ll have to read that to know.

I love the heroine’s personality and her willingness to do whatever it took to take care of her father. I also like that she stood up to the hero and his biker buddies and wasn’t some doormat.

The hero was this teddy bear on the inside but a bad boy on the outside. He felt things for the heroine that he knew a man in his position shouldn’t. He would always have to put on this act infront of his club members when it came to the heroine and that was the only trait the hero has which didn’t really sat well with me. You would also get to feel what he felt everytime he had to put on an act since the book was written in dual point of view.

You would also get the meet the hero’s psycho girlfriend, who I totally hated and wanted nothing more than to bash her head into the wall. She was so conniving and uses men for her own personal gain. I couldn’t believe that the hero had went out with a person like her.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Consumed Trilogy

Book 1: Consumed

Book 2: Too Consumed

Book 3: Forever Consumed 

By Skyla Madi

I really enjoyed this trilogy. I think the author did a good job in capturing the reader’s interest. 

The hero in this book is the kind of guy moms’ warn their daughters about—the kind that leaves a trail of shattered hearts behind him and he has Olivia in his sights. The hero’s name is Seth and he is a member at the Gym which the heroine (Olivia) father owns. He is a renown player who can’t seem to stay with one woman that is until he bumped into Olivia.

Olivia, the heroine, just came off of a long term relationship and is not looking to be another notch on Seth’s bedpost. However, she cannot deny the sparks and thingles she feels whenever she is around him. And diving into another relationship is the last thing she has on her mind. 

When Seth sees Olivia he believes that she is the kind of woman who can change his bachelor lifestyle. One thing led to another they end up together and the books take on from there. But of course not all path taken is smooth. The hero and the heroine faces alot of challenges.

I cannot comment on some of the things that I really hate about the hero and the heroine for without any spoiler so I’m going to keep that to myself. I will however say, that this book was a really fantastic read and I will advice those who likes boxing romance to read this.  The last book was different from the first two but nevertheless it was just as awesome.

For those who want to read into this series futher there is a novella Always Cconsumed which does not change the outcome of Seth’s and Olivia’s relationship from the third book. I didn’t read it because I felt they already have their happy ever after and I didn’t want to change the outlook I have for them in my mind. 

                                                                           Always Consumed

Boxer/Lawyer/Mafia/Sheriff  Romance

Star Crossed (Battered Hearts #2) By Kele Moon

Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

I really really really enjoyed this book. I must praise the author on creating such a perfect Romeo and Juliet seniaro. The book was more than I was expecting and I did not want to put it down. There was never a part where I was disappointed or wanted to smack the book into my head.

Heavyweight MMA fighter, Romeo Wellings comes from the hard streets of New York where his family ties to the mafia cause him nothing but pain. Romeo is all for family and usually do whatever it takes to keep them whole. That is until he had enough. He crosses path with a long time enemy’s twin sister and was instantly drawn to her. What makes it even more intriguing is the fact that her name is Juliet (Jules) Conner.

Juliet Conner is the only lawyer in her hometown of Garnet, also a volunteer Sheriff’s deputy and co-owner of a successful MMA training center. She hates it when called Juliet and prefers Jules. Never had she imagined one night with Romeo would leave her needing more. Only problem is he is her brother’s worst enemy. The two of them then embark on the journey of keeping their relationship a secret. But all secrets come to light. 

I loved that even thought they were apart for so long they kept in contact and committed to each other. I was happy that Romeo had someone besides his brothers to find love in. I felt that life dealt him a really cruel hand and he deserved happiness. Juliet was very understanding and I was glad that eventhough her brother would repeatedly criticize Romeo she still believed that he was so different than what her brother would tell her.

I have this hate/like feelings toward her brother. I get that she is his only living relative and that they lost their parents but I felt that he was a little too over protective. To me she is old enough to make her own mistakes and decisions. I like him because though life threw him a curve ball he didn’t sit and sulk or cried pity tears. He was always there for his sister and she was always his first priority.  

This is a must read book and the ending wasn’t what I was hoping for but regardless it was superb.

Hustler/Boxer Romance

Make Me Yours (Forever #1) By Alla Kar

This book was very short and an easy read. I thought it could’ve used some improvements on the plot but it wasn’t hard to like.

College girl Layla is a hustler. She lives her life hustling rich, stupid college guys by playing pools. Her father’s number one rule, the last thing he says to her before being shot 

Don’t get too close, Don’t get caught 

is the only thing she lives by. That is however until she mets Taylor Jack, Fight Night Champion, three years running. Taylor has his own dark past but is determined to make Layla his. 

This book was very short and cute. I really was looking for something more boxery but I stumbled across this and decided what the hell might as well read it. 

I hated that Layla didn’t want to give Taylor a chance but I could see her concern for her friends and people who she lets close safety. I like that she was not only thinking of herself but for others. I’m happy that both she and Taylor opened up to each other and he was there to protect her everytime.

I hated the sudden cliffhanger but it made me want to read the next book so look forward for that review as well.