Billionaire’s Trust (Covington Billionaire’s #1)

Billionaire's Trust by Erin SwannaBillionaire’s Trust (Covington Billionaire’s #1) by Erin Swann

I received this book from the author in exchange to do a honest review. When I first received the email with the blurb of the book I was super interested and immediately replied to the author to send me a copy asap. I was however disappointed with the cover. Honestly, the cover did not appeal to me and if I had ever come across the book online I would’ve disregard it based just on that.

As I got over the cover disappointment and began reading the book, the storyline was actually really interesting. 

Let me first start with the hero. I absolutely loved him. For a manwhore he had a big heart when it came to family regardless if they were blood related or not. His passion to become someone without the help of his father is what I admired the most but he still stepped into the path his father wanted him to when circumstances forced him to do so. And he put his all into keeping the business his father wanted to stay within the family.

As for the heroine, lets not even get started on her. At the beginning I totally got her behavior towards the hero but then it quickly became an annoyance and I kept wanting to strangle her. I understood her trust issues when it came to the hero and his whorish ways but you would think after some point she would give him the benefit of the doubt but nope she didn’t through the entire book! And I honestly don’t understand how the hero could put up with her doubting him every single time; all the way to the ending of the book.

As for the other characters in the book; I don’t know if the author was angling for this but I  felt like the heroin’s roommate was willing to screw the hero if she ever got the chance. Her sexual innuendo with the hero right in front of the heroine’s face was a turn off. The only thing that I like about her is the fact that she was the one who advised the heroine to give the hero the benefit of the doubt. The hero’s step mother was the devil’s spawn and deserved everything she got at the ending.

Aside from that the book was a good read!

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Captain by Lauren Rowe Captain by Lauren Rowe 

I must say am a little disappointed in this book. I had it in my Goodreads to read list for about a month now and I was expecting more from the book by just by reading the blurb. I was let down however, when I finally get my hand on a copy.

This book was one misunderstanding after another and it irritated me to see two grown ass people like the hero and the heroine who couldn’t just point out asked each other things rather than jumping to conclusions. This is the 21st century and I would like to think we as humans had come a long way in socialization.

The hero and the heroine met in a bar and right off the bat they had an instant connection. They were talks about going on a date later on to see what the outcome of their connection would be. And just as they were about to experience their first kiss, the hero’s girlfriend walks into the bar.

The heroine does what any girl in their righted sense would do when faced in that dilemma, run away crying. Now what the heroine didnt know was that earlier that night the hero had broken up with his “girl friend” Realise that I put the word girlfriend in uplifted commas? Well thats because technically she wasnt his girlfriend; more like his flavor for now.

The hero felt like the heroine was the one for him and he didnt want her to slip through his fingers without explaining so he had a hacker friend try tracking her down with what little he learnt about her that night. What he didnt know was that night the heroine’s friend had her pretend to be an air hostess and she used a fake name.

So after weeks of him looking for her and she seeing every guy looking like him, they met up back unexpectingly at a mutual wedding. And from there we proceed from one misunderstanding to another that had me growling and ready to knock their heads against each other. And also I hated the fact that all of his family members are either trying to play matchmaker or pulling them apart. Talk about tragedy!

Because of the constant back and forth between the two characters I’m forced to rate this less than I want to. 

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The Design (A Heart Novel)

The Design (A Heart Novel) By R. S. GreyThe Design (A Heart Novel) By R. S. Grey

I loved, loved,  loved every inch of this book! I think this was the first book from this author that I’ve read and I’m totally looking forward to reading more of her work. 

Okay, so the heroine had a hard upbringing. Her parents died when she was really young leaving her and her bigger sister to fend for themselves. She went throught this rebellious stage that got her sister worried and her sister relied all her worries to her best friend who happens to be the hero in this book. 

One day the hero was over by her house and telling her sister about how great it is to be an architect and unkownly inspired the heroine to also become an architecture. Fast forward years later, the heroine is late for an interview for a job and it seemed like everything was against her getting to this job interview. And as it turns out, the boss is also the hero and she obviously got the job.

What was weird about this part of the book and had me cringing was the fact that right off the beginning of her interview the hero tells her how he was attracted to her but will not act ont it. And I was like, then why the hell did you have to tell her you’re attracted to her in the first place if you are not going to act on it? Like what purpose does that solve? And also cringe worthy is the fact that he parades his boothy call in the office and that everyone can tell what they are doing behind the closed door but that made the heroine want him more.

That just showed me how desperate she was for him. Aside form that part of the book I enjoyed the rest. The heroine began working for him and their attraction was off the walls for each other. Which led them to having an affair since they didnt want anyone to know that she was technicall sleeping with the boss. That cat was let out of the bag when the heroine’s creepy roommate, who had a crush on the hero made sure eveyone knew about their secret affair. 

Nobody really cared about that but then heroine did something that lead her to get fired and the hero obviously couldn’t show her any favoritism and had to fire her although he didnt want to. The heroine understood his delima and they continue their realtionship.

Both of them however, was keeping secrets form each other and we all know what happens to secrets when they get let out. They destroy everything in it’s wake. The heroine on a rash decision packs her bag and moves to Paris leaving behind a devastated hero.

Does the hero leaves his company and runs off to Paris to find her? Does she realizes her mistake and goes back to him? Do they forgive each other? If you want to know what happens next you’ll just have to read it.

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King of Wall Street

King of Wall Street by Louise BayKing of Wall Street by Louise Bay

This book has characters from a book I previously reviewed by the same author called Park Avenue Prince and to be honest it was as a good read if not better. I love the work of this author and I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

Unlike most books, where the hero and the heroine doesn’t meet or know each other at the beginning of the book, this book starts where the heroine works for the hero. And lets be honest here, the hero was a total jerk towards the heroine. And why you ask? Because he was attracted to her and didn’t want to act on his feelings so he decided to treat her like the dirt beneath his feet. Such a typical man way of thinking.

Anyways, the heroine tries her hardest to keep up with him despite his behavior. She recently move into an apartment and one night her upstairs neighbor was blasting music and she decided to tell him piece of his mind. So she knocks on his door and was faced with her douche of a boss. The next thing you know, clothes were disappearing.

Now, I was expecting that to happen since the book was told in dual point of view and readers could tell that they both were attracted to each other. But boy talk about moving fast! 

After that night, the heroine chalked it up to a one and done kind of thing but then there was a series of events that lead them to having no choice but to spend time with each other. It was almost like if faith or dare I say destiny had other plans in mind for the two of them.

The hero showed how much of a good guy he is and won my heart over in the way he treats his daughter. The heroine had her own opinion about single parents because of her own experience growing up. Her father walked out on her and her mom and started a family with someone else and since then, she had turned her heart to stone when it comes to scenarios with single parents. But watching the hero and his daughter together showed her how different it could be. And that broke my heart for the little girl who would wish for nothing each birthday but her father.

Eventually, the hero and the heroine began developing strong feelings for each other but then the heroine’s father appearance causes a disturbance that the heroine could not over look. Want to know what that was? You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out.

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Park Avenue Prince

Park Avenue Prince by Louise BayPark Avenue Prince by Louise Bay
This book is a perfect example of rags to riches but unlike books like Fifty Shades of Grey, where the hero lavaishes himself with his profound richness, the hero in this book doesn’t really care for the material things and for that I must praise him.

The hero had the perfect family and at a tender age he lost his parents in an accident and ever since was thrown in the foster care system where he learnt the harshness of life. From that moment on, he turned his back on having feelings for anyone and happiness. He believes that happiness is a figment of the imagination and is very selective on who he cares for and who he lets in his life. 

Wanting to invest in something, he buys an apartment in Park Avenue but doesn’t furnish it. He relies on an old broken couch he had for years and a mattress on his bedroom floor. His best friend, who is a girl he met in the foster system demands he atleast hang something on the wall. Maybe some paintings he can invest in since all he buys are things to invest in.

In comes the heroine who owns her own art studio where she displays the beauty of various paintings for artists. She is a Park Avenue princess but hates depending on her parents for money and does what she wants. She was the total opposite of the hero and have no plan on marrying or dating someone who is rich. She blames this on her dysfunctional family where her mother would go out and sleep with different men and her father would do nothing but stay faithful to her.

When the two characters meet the sparks are undeniable and you can feel their chemistry but they both are what the other swore they don’t want from life. However as they began spending time with each other their feelings began to develop and there was no way they could not admit that they made each other happy. Readers get to experience the hero opening up to heroine and two broken souls becoming one.

However, after an accident happens where the heroine ends up in the hospital, the hero’s insecurities began to over take him. He cursed himself for falling prey to his own desire and forgetting that happiness doesnt last long. So he leaves the heroine without giving her any explanation.

Do they end up back together? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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Heavy Turbulence

Heavy Turbulence By Kimberly FoxHeavy Turbulence By Kimberly Fox

This is the first book from this author that I could recall reading and honestly I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I must confess that when I read the blurb from Goodreads, I could tell that it wouldn’t be a fun read as I thought it would be. Being one for not judging a book by its cover, I thought to give it a try and as you can tell it wasn’t a good read.

Don’t get me wrong the storyline was okay but the characters in the book especially the hero was too egostically for my taste. You know the saying “one bad egg spoil the whole bunch?” Then thats exactly what the hero’s personality did for this book.

And lets not get started with the heroine’s character!


So the heroine is a stewardess and the book start out with her first day on the job and her biggest dream is to become a pilot. She knows everything there is about planes and probably could fly the plane by hereself. At the beginning, I really like the heroine for standing her ground but at the sight and dirty talks from the heroine her brain began to melt along with her sense.

The hero didn’t really care for his job and didn’t really take it seriously. I understood that he was a pilot in the army and was let go in a honorable discharge for acting against his commanding officer’s order. His decision to not follow his orders is the only thing I like about him in the entire book. The only thing throughout this book on his mind is to sleep with anything with a skirt on although the heroine was always on his mind.

Unexpectingly, their boss, who is a millionaire task them with pretending to be a married couple so he can make a sales pitch. The back and forth banter between the two of them was funny and at parts I was cracking up. But it wasn’t funny enough to make me like the book.

They somehow began feeling something for each other which to me was only lust. Not something I would’ve taken seriously. But the hero had made a deal with their boss that could ruin their relationship before it start. Read if you must!

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Arrogant Master (Arrogant #2)

Arrogant Master 2Arrogant Master ( Arrogant #2) By Winter Renshaw

If you go into this book expecting to read a BDSM genre then this book is not even remotely close to that life style. Reading the blurb, I thought that it was some dark BDSM type of book but truly it was the opposite. The author did try to touch on light BDSM but it was not as intense as I thought it would be.

If you didnt read book 1,  like myself then dont worry because you get snippet of pieces on what book 1 is about since this storyline takes place at the same time book 1 is taking place.

The heroine’s family is a polygamist, her father has three wives and they take their polygamist lifestyle very seriously and religiously. The heroine however do not believe in their way of living and plans to escape from her family with her youngest sister as soon as said sister graduates from High School.

Her plans were set back when a boy from her church who she fools around with as a rebellion unknowly against her father decides that he wants to marry her and has her as his first wife. He threatens to tell her father about their secret relationship if she does not agree to marry him.

In preparation for her upcoming wedding, the heroine convinces her father to let her go to the city to find a job so that when she marries she can have a little money to fall back on. But she plans to use that money for her great escape. Only to find out that the day of her job interview was the day before she thought and misses her opportunity of having a job.

Defeated, she goes to a bar where she meets a stranger and lies to him which resulted in her getting a job. But there was one misunderstanding, the stranger(hero) was looking for a submissive and he thought she was one. And the heroine thought she was becoming his assistant. 

The hero tries to be an arrogant asshole which he fails to be. Something about the heroine makes him feel things that he thought were long dead in him and he refuses to acknowledge that he was falling for her. He was a perfect gentleman aside from when he tries to push the heroine away and always telling her that what they have is not a relationship; it is just sex.

I liked the heroine, I like her willingness to do whatever it was to get her sister out of that stifling home atmosphere. I loved that she didnt leave her sister to deal with whatever her family had thrown at her to deal with by herself. I loved that eventhough she was employed as a submissive she still stood her ground and stand up for herself against the hero.

A great read! Might read book 3.

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star

Commander in Chief (White House #2) 

Commander in chiefCommander in Chief (White House #2) By Katy Evans.
I remembered specifically when I first read book 1, Mr. President and I fell in love with the story line. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that there was a book 2 and it was not coming out till the next year. So I bid my time and mark each day off on my calendar until this book was released a couple days ago. 

I could not wait to get my hands on this book and was super excited when I got it, that it took me a couple of hours sitting at the same spot to read it. I did a review on book 1 and if you wish to read it before reading this book then you can do so by clicking Mr. President (White House #1) 

This book did not pick up where book 1 ended, but at a fast forward of a month into the hero’s presidency. 

After not seeing each other for a month both the hero and the heroine realized that they wanted to be apart of each others life but did not want the risk of comprosinsing the hero’s first year in presidency so the hero decided that they would continue their affair by having the heroine playing the part of First Lady. 

I was shocked when the hero tells the heroine of this plan because in book one he was set on not having a family in the white house (because of his own experience with his father) and he was convinced that he could not give the heroine everything she needed. So that change gave me whip lash.

There was so much thing going onto this book that I felt the author was not too sure on how she wanted this book to go and I didnt like that the book felt like it was moving too fast. Like one moment he had just started his presidency and the next he had began campaigning for the next election term. 

I dont know, maybe book 1 had me hyped that I was looking forward for book 2 to be mind blown but it was not. It felt to me that the author started a plot and she had so much potential in having a great climax but it fell short. To me this book had so much potential to be as great as book 1 but it wasnt working.

Like how can you go from making a speech like “America is my First Lady” to having announce not less than 6 months onto your presidency that you were getting married to the acting First Lady? Then again maybe this book was a perfect example of how the political world works where during the rally they would tell you that they would do this and that once they are elected but when time comes for them to act upon those promises they play dumb.

Anyways it was an okay book but was not what I was expecting.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Stay With Me (A Happily Ever After Book 2)

Stay with me amy brent Stay With Me ( A Happily Ever After Book 2) By Amy Brent

If you had read my previous book reviews, then you would know that I had joined this author’s ARC team unknowingly and this is another book that I had recieved in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book that I had read by Amy Brent, the author and I realized that she writes mostly storyline with alot of erotic contents. So if you were planning to read any books written by her, make sure you’re not sitting it in a public place. When I first recieved this book in my email I thought for sure it was probably a small town romance or like a cowboy second chance romance based on the cover. I don’t know why but that’s the impression I got but boy was I wrong when I began reading it.

The hero is one of those guys who cant keep it in his pants and the heroine is his new secretary. The hero being the type of person he is had relentlessly tried to get the heroine to sleep with him and I was pleased that she put a stop to his flirting. She kept things professional between them eventhough she felt differently. I love women who can prioritize between needs and wants. And was not willing to become another notch on some rich guy’s bed.

The heroine was in need of money since she had alot of student loans to pay off and at night she has a second job as a sex phone operator. There she met a stranger who she began developing feelings for and for the first time she wanted to break the vital rule of meeting a client. 

I have to say this book kept you going and was really a fast read. There is a book 1, I think its called A 2 Step Game, but from the bits and pieces that I gather in this book, its a taboo storyline that I’m not too sure I fell comfortable in reading it. So if youre looking for a nitty gritty erotic book, then I recommend this for you and if you did read book 1 let me know what you though about it.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

Mr. President (White House #1)

 Mr. President (White House #1) By Katy Evans 

I remembered on Election Day in America, I saw Hanging With Amanda‘s review on this book and I know I had to read it.  

I was super anxious to get my head buried in this book that I didn’t read the entire review that Amanda had posted nor did I even looked at other reviews. I just know that I had to read it. It was one of those kind of books where you know from the title that it would be a great read.

This is not the first book that I’ve read from this author; I’ve read about 5 books from her, and it will not be the last. I can say before going into this review that there is a second book which will continue the storyline and is expected to be released on January 11th 2017. I kind’ve wished that I knew that before reading because now I have to wait for book 2. Urghh!!

The heroine is a daughter of a senator and had a major crush on the hero from the time that she had first met him at the age of 11. She had only met him twice in her life and they (the hero and the heroine) had left an imprint on each other. 

Fast forward years later, the hero is running for president; an occupation which he swears he would never do and the heroine is working for her mother in a company called World of Women. The heroine had promised him that if he was to ever run for president in the future, she would be apart of his campaign. So he requested her to join him and at first she declined but then decided to take the job.

In the book, the hero has no intentions of having a First Lady and in one of his speeches he tells the public that America would be his First Lady. The hero’s father was president once and he saw and felt what that did to his mother and swore that he would never do that to any woman. However, when he began working with the heroine, he started to develop feelings that he knew would lead to a situation he doesn’t want.  So he and the heroine decided to have an “affair” since they cannot deny their feeling for each other. They would go about hiding from not only the press but anyone close to them.  

So does he becomes the next president? And what happens between them? 

I really really love this book. I think out of all the books I’ve read from this author this is her best yet.

Beware of the cliffhanger! It would leave you at the end of your seat biting your nail till you have no more left. I seriously feel like I’m going to combust waiting for January 11th. 

The hero is sexy and charming but I hate that he put the heroine in that position when he knows how she feels for him. I like that they stood by each other, years apart though they were not together nor did they really know each other that much. You can feel the instant connection between them and the chemistry is off the chart.

There is an 10+ age difference but it’s not gross nor do it make you feel uncomfortable.  

The heroine is wise beyond her age and I trully felt sad for her. I can only imagine how she felt when the guy she not only idolize but also love cannot give her what she wants. 

Trust me you have to read this book!!!

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star