Billionaire’s Trust (Covington Billionaire’s #1)

Billionaire's Trust by Erin SwannaBillionaire’s Trust (Covington Billionaire’s #1) by Erin Swann

I received this book from the author in exchange to do a honest review. When I first received the email with the blurb of the book I was super interested and immediately replied to the author to send me a copy asap. I was however disappointed with the cover. Honestly, the cover did not appeal to me and if I had ever come across the book online I would’ve disregard it based just on that.

As I got over the cover disappointment and began reading the book, the storyline was actually really interesting. 

Let me first start with the hero. I absolutely loved him. For a manwhore he had a big heart when it came to family regardless if they were blood related or not. His passion to become someone without the help of his father is what I admired the most but he still stepped into the path his father wanted him to when circumstances forced him to do so. And he put his all into keeping the business his father wanted to stay within the family.

As for the heroine, lets not even get started on her. At the beginning I totally got her behavior towards the hero but then it quickly became an annoyance and I kept wanting to strangle her. I understood her trust issues when it came to the hero and his whorish ways but you would think after some point she would give him the benefit of the doubt but nope she didn’t through the entire book! And I honestly don’t understand how the hero could put up with her doubting him every single time; all the way to the ending of the book.

As for the other characters in the book; I don’t know if the author was angling for this but I  felt like the heroin’s roommate was willing to screw the hero if she ever got the chance. Her sexual innuendo with the hero right in front of the heroine’s face was a turn off. The only thing that I like about her is the fact that she was the one who advised the heroine to give the hero the benefit of the doubt. The hero’s step mother was the devil’s spawn and deserved everything she got at the ending.

Aside from that the book was a good read!

Thank you so much for reading my review. Please make sure you order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon published on 4th July!

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