Benched By Abigail Graham 

This was another very quick read for me and also one of the books I downloaded in my kindle before hurricane Mathew hit.

The heroine is a single mother and also a cop who gets looked down upon by her entire town. Not the look done where nobody does not like her but the look down where nobody takes her as a serious as a cop because she’s a girl.

The hero is a famous football player and he drove through her town three times the speed limit and at a school zone. The heroine pulls him over and the whole thing ends up in court where the hero had to choose between jail time or coaching pee wee football and on town arrest. He unwillingly choose the coaching and coincidently moves in next door to the heroine. 

I thought this story line was very cute and romancy but to me I feel as though they moved too fast. The heroine started off hating the hero’s guts to having him moving in with her within a blink of an eye. 

Although this book was short, I loved that you can feel the connection between the hero and the heroine. I hated the heroine’s family but adored her little sister. There’s not much to say without giving away the book but if you want a light read then this is the book for you. 

Full star Full star Full star No star No star