Mr. Fiancé

Mr. Fiancé by Lauren Landish  Mr. Fiancé by Lauren Landish

When reading this book, parts of it made me felt like I was watching the movie, “The Proposal” with movie actress Sandra Bullock. Though the plot differs, the underlying storyline is the same. The author did a great job but this book have one of my greatest pet peeves and that is instant love at first sight. But put that aside the book was a great read.

The heroine had been lying to her family that she had a fiancé for quite sometime now and the time had come for her to bring him home. And by bring him home I meant that she was invited to bring him to her mother’s wedding which would last a duration of a week. 

And like any daughter who did not want to disappoint their mother she agreed. So like a magician pulling bunnies out of his hat she needed to pull a man out of the thin air who would agree to be her pretend fiancé. And that alone was a big task since she didnt have a line of men waiting to fall at her feet.

In comes the hero who I must say is quite impressive. I love his attitude and the way he sees life. Not forgetting how much he loves his mama. Talk about ovaries over load. He is the friend of the heroine’s best friend husband and at first he was skeptical about what kind of woman needs to lie about a fiancé to her family.  But when he glance at the picture of heroine he was all onboard. 

Their first meeting was in my eyes like horny teenagers. And I hated the fact that all the hero could think about was getting into the heroine’s pants. And the heroine gave me wip lash when she told him that she wouldn’t be sleeping with him but she still dangled herself infront of him.

The book became a comedic read after they meet her family. There’s a part involving her mother’s dog that had me cracking up and sipping tears from my eyes. But then reality started to set in and feelings began to grow along with the atmosphere of love with the wedding. Then next you know the heroine is agreeing with her family to marry her fake fiancé for real.

You just have to read to know what happens next. 

Thank you so much for reading my review. Please make sure you pre-order my book “Never Forget You” on Amazon coming out on 4th July!

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