A Bloody Kingdom (Ruthless People series 4)

A Bloody Kingdom (Ruthless People Series 4) By J.J. McAvoy

OMG!!!! I cannot remember the last time I did a review blog for a book I read in a while. I guess I’m slacking. I need to get with it there are so many books I’ve read since my last review, hopefully I will pick a few of the many I’ve read and do a review on them.

So this book caught me by suprise mainly because I thought the 3rd book, American Savages was the ending of this story line. Somehow I ended up looking for other books written by this author and lo and behold A BLOODY KINGDOM caught my attention. I previously did a review on the first three books and express my love for this series so when I saw this fourth book I was extremely happy. 

Now this book to me was completely different from the previous 3. We get to see Liam and Melody’s relationship blossom into years of marriage and children. We get to see how much Melody changed and at the sametime she’s still Bloody Melody the wicked witch of the west. I love that the author kept them together and happy and not have another woman/man drama.

Some of the not so important characters died and eventhough they did not play a major role I still felt for them. In this book you get to see how Liam and Melody develop into parents and how they realize the struggles their parents went through with them and the sacrifices they now have to make with their children.

I really love this series and the fabulous job the author did. I heard rumors that there will be books on each of Liam and Melody’s kids. I really hope that this is true cause I will be reading them and I know I will be loving every minute of it.