I don’t know what’s going on with me anymore. Usually I would get so lost in books I find compelled to read that I would forget the world around me from time to time. The past couple of weeks however, have been very difficult to find such books anymore and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m at fault here. 

Did I read copious amount of books which inflated my level of expectations of the plot that certain books loses my attention so fast? 

I don’t know. 

So that’s why there were no recent book reviews posted on my blog. Hence, the cry for help. Anyone who knows of any particular book I might find interesting and is willing to recommend it to me please leave it below. I’m begging you. 


Claimed for Christmas 

Claimed for Christmas by Cora blackClaimed for Chrsitmas By Cora Black

I dont know why I punish myself to read yet another book from this author when I know I did not enjoy her other two books. I’m officially coming off of her ARC list, I’m sorry.

I thought that for sure I would like this book since the first two I read was a MC book and this one is about a hitman. Boy was I wrong, I DNF it I really really tried by it bored me too much to think point that I gave up.

It was too slow and reading it was like watching old wallpaper fall off a wall. The author tried really hard to collaborate Christmas into the book but I don’t think it fit well. And I’ve read so many hitman books that when compared this hitman to them it fell short.

I hate doing this-giving yet another bad review to the author-but I want my reviews to be 100% honest and I’m sorry that your books are not for me. I don’t know if this book is out yet, I looked for it on both Amazon and Goodreads but couldn’t find it but if you want to give it a try when it’s out then go for it. 

Full star No star No star No star No star

Filling Up the Virgin

Filling up the virgin by Amy Brent  Filling up the Virgin By Amy Brent

I don’t recall ever signing up for this author’s arc theme but I recieved a copy of this book in my email and decided to just read it. I had not read the blurb for this book so I had no idea what the storyline was about but I had some idea based on the title and the cover (I’m not really one to judge a book by its cover).

This book was a short read. I took about about an hour to read it; so if you’re looking for a short steamy book then this is one that I would recommend.

The heroine, who’s obviously the virgin in the book, is dating this guy who she’s sure is cheating on her. So her best friend came by to cheer her up by taking her out to enjoy herself at a club where she meets the hero and as you can guess she sleeps with him.

Something about the hero had her going back to the club looking for him after that one night together. Imagine her suprise when she see there’s two of him…

I usually don’t know how to review short storyline without giving away any spoilers so be warned if this review is not all that you would expect. And like I said in my previous reviews, I do not like books where there’s a love triangle but that wasn’t the case for this book.

What I didn’t really like was that the heroine was with her boyfriend for months and didn’t sleep with him but goes to a club and give up her V-card to the first handsome stranger that gave her attention. And then kept going back to said club looking for him. I also hated that one brother was not good enough for her, what kind of virgin was she?

The heros was alrightish. They were both comfortable with sharing her and was glad that they were not weird about the relationship. I also liked that they stood for what they wanted when everyone would look at the heroin like a slut. There was equal feelings toward each other and no one had to fight for attention or affection, they made their taboo relationship work.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

House Rules

House Rules By Rebecca BrookeHouse Rules By Rebecca Brooke

Before I start this review, for those who wish to read this book you should know that there is a book 1 but it has nothing to do with this storyline. Both books can be read as a standalone, it just featured different brothers. 

Book 1 is called Traded and you can read my review either by visiting my blog page or by  clicking here. If you want to go into detail of the book then you should read book 1 first.

Traded and House Rules are somewhat similar and a times I would feel as though it was the same book I was reading. Only difference was each brother’s perspective on relationship and the variety of females in and out of their bed.

The hero in House Rules is the youngest brother who will be taking over their family’s business of giving loan to people (with interest) in need, mostly gamblers. Loan sharks, I believe is what people would call them.

The book begins with the hero gambling in his “underground casino” with a client who did not have enough money to win his last hand and decided to use his girlfriend in exchange. The client thought he had a good hand and was sure he would’ve win but as you can guess, he lost. 

The girfriend is the heroine in the book and did not like to be used as someone’s payment of their gambling debt but was forced to spend the night with the hero because he was going to cause bodily damage to her boyfriend. She breaks up with him and decided to go with the hero out of the goodness in her heart.

The hero’s family has this respect for women so he takes the heroine to have dinner with him instead. However, at the end of the night things began to steam up. He wakes the next morning to find that the heroine had left. From reading the book, you get to know that the hero has a variety of women in and out of his bed but never had one stay over night like the heroine. From the very beginning he felt different about her but had self denial because he did not do relationships. He tried very hard to get her out of his system but it was proven difficult especially since she began working in a bar he owned.

If you want to know what happens next then you have to read this book.

I thought the hero was a complete jerk and found myself not really liking him thoughtout the book. He was the complete opposite of his brother, who I though was a sweetheart. I hated that there was other women he went with to purge the heroine out of his system. And I thought he treated her with the least respect for her opinion and what she wants. Though he thought what he was doing was for her own good and wanted nothing but the best for her.

The heroine was dealt with a bad start in life and she just wanted to not be dependent on someone. I like her character but felt like she had to gave up who she was because of the hero.

All in all it was a good read.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Mr. President (White House #1)

 Mr. President (White House #1) By Katy Evans 

I remembered on Election Day in America, I saw Hanging With Amanda‘s review on this book and I know I had to read it.  

I was super anxious to get my head buried in this book that I didn’t read the entire review that Amanda had posted nor did I even looked at other reviews. I just know that I had to read it. It was one of those kind of books where you know from the title that it would be a great read.

This is not the first book that I’ve read from this author; I’ve read about 5 books from her, and it will not be the last. I can say before going into this review that there is a second book which will continue the storyline and is expected to be released on January 11th 2017. I kind’ve wished that I knew that before reading because now I have to wait for book 2. Urghh!!

The heroine is a daughter of a senator and had a major crush on the hero from the time that she had first met him at the age of 11. She had only met him twice in her life and they (the hero and the heroine) had left an imprint on each other. 

Fast forward years later, the hero is running for president; an occupation which he swears he would never do and the heroine is working for her mother in a company called World of Women. The heroine had promised him that if he was to ever run for president in the future, she would be apart of his campaign. So he requested her to join him and at first she declined but then decided to take the job.

In the book, the hero has no intentions of having a First Lady and in one of his speeches he tells the public that America would be his First Lady. The hero’s father was president once and he saw and felt what that did to his mother and swore that he would never do that to any woman. However, when he began working with the heroine, he started to develop feelings that he knew would lead to a situation he doesn’t want.  So he and the heroine decided to have an “affair” since they cannot deny their feeling for each other. They would go about hiding from not only the press but anyone close to them.  

So does he becomes the next president? And what happens between them? 

I really really love this book. I think out of all the books I’ve read from this author this is her best yet.

Beware of the cliffhanger! It would leave you at the end of your seat biting your nail till you have no more left. I seriously feel like I’m going to combust waiting for January 11th. 

The hero is sexy and charming but I hate that he put the heroine in that position when he knows how she feels for him. I like that they stood by each other, years apart though they were not together nor did they really know each other that much. You can feel the instant connection between them and the chemistry is off the chart.

There is an 10+ age difference but it’s not gross nor do it make you feel uncomfortable.  

The heroine is wise beyond her age and I trully felt sad for her. I can only imagine how she felt when the guy she not only idolize but also love cannot give her what she wants. 

Trust me you have to read this book!!!

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star


Traded by Rebecca Brooke Traded By Rebecca Brooke

When I first saw this book and read the blurb, I thought that this book would’ve been dark, but it was not. Yes, it did involved the heroine being mentally abuse but the storyline was that of finding self acceptance and happiness.

So, the heroine is married to her long term boyfriend, not by choice but was happy that they were married. Her husband is a total douche and an a**hole. He tells her the worst things about herself and degrades her, the heroine not knowing better, accept the things he says about herself. She believes that no one would accept her because of all these faults her husband would tell her she have. She feels that without him teaching her the right from wrong, she would be the most hateful person.  

The heroine’s husband has a gambling addiction and uses the heroine’s money (she works as a waitress though she went to college because her husband told her to) to fund his gambling. Her husband was short on payment and decided to trade her for three months in exchange of paying out half his debt.

I was heartbroken when her husband came home and tells her to pack a bag and she thought that he was going to finally take her out but ends up being traded.

From the time the hero was introduced into the book, I fell in love with not only his character but the way his entire family view women. The hero was the “debt collector” for his father and was disgusted with the heroine’s husband for treating her the way he did. So he decided to accept the trade but he had no intentions of treating her with nothing but respect. He formed this plan where he would show the heroine how a man and should treat a woman. 

If you’re curious on how those three months went, you have to read this book.

At various parts in this book, I really wanted to scream at the heroine for making a man walk over her. But then I think back and realized that he ( her husband) was all she knew. And though the hero tried his best at the beginning to show her that her husband was wrong she was still hell bent that he was right.

I love that I also get to witness the heroine finding her backbone and standing up for herself. I loved that the hero was by her side pushing her to find her own voice whether he liked her opinions or not. I hope that if someone I know is to ever find herself in this situation that there is someone like the hero out there to raise her from the ground and show her how beautiful the world is when you open your eyes to the beauty of the world.

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star

Bad Boy’s Treat

Amy love arc Bad Boy’s Treat By Amy Love

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I tried looking for it on both Amazon and Goodreads but couldn’t find it so I’m assuming it is yet to be published on either of those sites. I did however, contacted the author to know more about that, but she is yet to reply.

I was given a blurb along with this book and I just wanted to let it be known that the blurb gave nothing away and wasn’t even close to what I would’ve expected when reading the book.

The heroine is working in an ice cream truck which her father owns in order to pay for his hospital bills. She is also putting her self through college and has her own blog where she hides her identity and writes about her everyday life.

On a normal day, after closing her ice cream truck and heading to another location she was hijacked by the hero who was hiding out in her truck.

The hero is what I like to call a multitasker. He owns a restaurant, runs a biker club and he’s a boxer. He stole some precious gems from a rivalry and the only escape he could’ve find was through the ice cream truck. He had no intentions of harming the heroine and came up with a plan in which they both could benefit from.

He proposed that he use her ice cream truck as a front to sell off the precious gems and at the same time he would pay her generously. The heroine agrees but proposed that she writes everything that happens between the two of them on her blog; anonymously of course.

So what might happen when you put two attractive people in a hot, small ice cream truck? You’ll have to read that to know.

I love the heroine’s personality and her willingness to do whatever it took to take care of her father. I also like that she stood up to the hero and his biker buddies and wasn’t some doormat.

The hero was this teddy bear on the inside but a bad boy on the outside. He felt things for the heroine that he knew a man in his position shouldn’t. He would always have to put on this act infront of his club members when it came to the heroine and that was the only trait the hero has which didn’t really sat well with me. You would also get to feel what he felt everytime he had to put on an act since the book was written in dual point of view.

You would also get the meet the hero’s psycho girlfriend, who I totally hated and wanted nothing more than to bash her head into the wall. She was so conniving and uses men for her own personal gain. I couldn’t believe that the hero had went out with a person like her.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

Say You Want Me

 Say You Want Me By Corinne Micheals 

This book was very emotional to me for reasons unknown. No, I have no personal connection to the events that occurred within these pages but for some reason it hit me hard at the ending.

Usually books, where either the hero or the heroine had a crush with someone who was either related or close to them usually don’t interest me. Now I did know about this before reading the book but I thought, why not? And I was happy that I gave it a chance; I really enjoyed it.

The hero had a huge crush on his brother’s girfriend but she never felt the sameway for him so he goes around and sleeps with anything with a skirt on. One of those was the bestfriend of his brother’s girfriend. He felt a connection to her but never made it known because she has her own life going on three states away and hate the thought of living in a small town.

The heroine was this independent woman who also sleeps with anything with a pants on but after sleeping with the hero she would find herself comparing every other man to him and she didn’t find it appealing anymore to sleep around. She got sick three months after her randevu with the hero and her fear of having cancer like her mother once did forced her to visit the doctor. Being pregnant was not in her plans  especially at her age.  

So she book a flight to where the hero lives and tells him about their predicament. His first proposition was that they get married which the heroine point blank says No. He then asks her for three months in which she have to live with him and see if they can work out as a family.

I love that you get to see both the hero and the heroine falling in Love with each other and the hero realizing what he felt for his brother’s girlfriend was nothing compared to what he feels for the heroine. You get to go through all these emotions on both sides since the book was written in dual point of view. 

I can say that I reall hated the heroine’s mother. She was very ungrateful for everything the heroine did for her and was not what a mother should be at all. The hero was trully lovable and I love that he tried everything the heroine wanted and did not force her. He was all for a family  and did not back down on any responsiblility.

Like I said at the ending part of the book, it really touched me and I was sad for them both. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone but was glad that they overcame that situation and was able to move on together but stronger.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

The Versatile Blogger Award

I don’t know how I did not see this nomination, so I apologize for taking this long to post it up. I want to thank Darling Bear Reviews for nominating me. Go check out her blog, she post reviews on both books and movies.


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  1. don’t like the color pink, yet everytime I choose a color for either a dress, my blog, my room, basically anything; I would choose pink.
  2. I am the last of 11 children on my dad side.
  3. I read books to escape reality because I would like to think that after all the ups and down life throws at you, there is still a happy ever after at the end of the line.
  4. Usually I would read about 3 books, then write their reviews at once and then schedule their release either a day apart or one after the other, so I can have free days for myself or days to read more.
  5. When I was younger and living in Guyana, we (my sisters and I) were the proud owners of about 26 rabbits, dozens of pegions, 4 different types of parrots, 3 toucans, a pair of turkey, a turtle, a deer, dogs, various types of parakeets, various types of fishes, dozens of chicken, dozens of ducks and at one point we even had a jaguar and her cubs. We basically had a zoo.
  6. When I as about 9-10, I woke one morning and told my parents that I dream I had this fairytale dress and a diamond ring. Later on in that same week they took me to a store and bought them for me. My parents were all for making dreams come through.
  7. I am really good at DIY  and most of the decor we use for holidays are made by me.

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 Black Swan Affair 

Black Swan Affair By K.L. Kreig

Urghh…I don’t know how I feel about this book, my emotions was bouncing off the walls, my heart was palpitating in my chest and my eyes was running across the pages; taking in the words.

Now usually I don’t read books where the heroine has to pick between brothers or has been with two brothers but this one played on my emotions and pulled me in.

The heroine was in love with the elder of the two brothers and he felt the same for her. They had a relationship unknownly to anyone and he leaves to make a name for himself rather than working for her father. He promises the heroine of a life together before he leaves only to return months later to announce his engagement to her sister who he then marries.

He never gave her a reason as to why he did what he did so out of anger and betrayal she marries his brother.

I was confused at first who the hero of the book was but after reading more into the book, I realized that the hero was the younger brother; the one she marries.

The book goes back and fort between past and present so you get to see and feel what the characters in the book felt and how their relationship began.

I truly love the hero. He is what every guy should aim to be. I loved that he was patient and eventhough he knew that his wife was in love with his brother, he did not force anything on her and was there for her throughout her heart break. You also get to witness the heroine falling in love with him and the moment she realize that he was always in love with her and was by her side through evey stage of her life.

I think this was the first book where I was rooting for both brothers. My heartbreaks for the elder brother and what he sacrificed for the heroine. I wanted to cry and scream and beat the shit out of his father for putting him in that position. And it tugged at my heart when it was made known of the sacrifices he made and how he pleaded with the heroine to be with him.

I don’t know how the heroine could’ve chosen between the two but I am happy that they did not end up in a taboo polygamist relationship.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star