A Harmless Little Game (Harmless 1)

A Harmless Little Game (Harmless 1) by Meli RaineA Harmless Little Game (Harmless 1) by Meli Raine
I don’t know what I thought this book would’ve been about when I read the blurb but this book have some dark themes that may not be for the kind hearted. I’m not usually one to read books with these triggers but after reading book 1, I became curious and had to turn my heart to stone to read the sequel. Didn’t I meantioned there were 2 more books after this one? No? Well yeah, I was just as suprised myself when I reached the ending just to find it with a cliffhanger.

The heroine in this book is the daughter of a senator and when she was eighteen she went through a life changing trauma that led her to be locked away in a psychiatric hospital on an island far way for 4 years. During those 4 years she had no connection with the outside world and everything that she did was monitored and reported back to her father.

The book begins with her finally being released and she realized how much had changed in her life. Her closest friends had turn against her and lied about what happened that night. Her boyfriend at that time, who did nothing to help was now her own personal bodyguard. The nurse who looked over her when she was in the hospital swore that she said everything was consensual. What’s even worst her parents did nothing!

Upon being released, the heroine made it her mission to destroy the lives of the guys who did her wrong. What she wasnt counting on was the sparks she still felt for her ex-boyfriend, the hero. But after she found out some truth about that tragic night concerning the hero, they became “inseparableish” 

Suddenly, she began getting threatening texts from her attackers and someone had cut the brakes from her car causing her to end up in an accident that almost cost her her life. When they did an investigation, it came back as a set up. A set up where it seemed as if the heroine was still unstable; sending those texts to herself from a burner phone and fingerprints showing that it was she who cut her own brakes.

My Thoughts;

  • Let me begin with voicing my opinion about the heroine’s parents. If I ever had parents like that, being in a mental hospital was not where you would’ve found me but in prison! For killing them. What kind of parent locks away their child after being raped and not find vengeance for them? If it was my daughter, I would’ve been to hell and back to bring justice to her, to hell with what the papers were portraying her as.
  • And lets not get started with the fact that every little thing that happened they would cast her aside and had the jet fuel ready to send her back to the island, when really and trully she was ready to face the world but they were the ones who couldnt accept the tragedies she had to go through.
  • The hero is everything I would be looking for in a guy. At the beginning when I thought he was he one to hurt the heroine I wanted nothing to do with him and cursed the heroine for easily still having feelings for him.
  • I don’t know whether to applaud the author for this book or scrunch my nose up at her for creating such darkness.  
Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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