Heavy Turbulence

Heavy Turbulence By Kimberly FoxHeavy Turbulence By Kimberly Fox

This is the first book from this author that I could recall reading and honestly I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I must confess that when I read the blurb from Goodreads, I could tell that it wouldn’t be a fun read as I thought it would be. Being one for not judging a book by its cover, I thought to give it a try and as you can tell it wasn’t a good read.

Don’t get me wrong the storyline was okay but the characters in the book especially the hero was too egostically for my taste. You know the saying “one bad egg spoil the whole bunch?” Then thats exactly what the hero’s personality did for this book.

And lets not get started with the heroine’s character!


So the heroine is a stewardess and the book start out with her first day on the job and her biggest dream is to become a pilot. She knows everything there is about planes and probably could fly the plane by hereself. At the beginning, I really like the heroine for standing her ground but at the sight and dirty talks from the heroine her brain began to melt along with her sense.

The hero didn’t really care for his job and didn’t really take it seriously. I understood that he was a pilot in the army and was let go in a honorable discharge for acting against his commanding officer’s order. His decision to not follow his orders is the only thing I like about him in the entire book. The only thing throughout this book on his mind is to sleep with anything with a skirt on although the heroine was always on his mind.

Unexpectingly, their boss, who is a millionaire task them with pretending to be a married couple so he can make a sales pitch. The back and forth banter between the two of them was funny and at parts I was cracking up. But it wasn’t funny enough to make me like the book.

They somehow began feeling something for each other which to me was only lust. Not something I would’ve taken seriously. But the hero had made a deal with their boss that could ruin their relationship before it start. Read if you must!

Full star Full star No star No star No star

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