Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3)

Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3) Karla Sorensen Cole (Bachelor of the Ridge #3) By Karla Sorensen 

This book was an intense read. Readers get to experience the hardship both the characters faced and how much love can trully prevail over time and struggles once it’s right. This book is told in dual point of view and there are snippets of flashback which gives insight to the relationship of the hero and the heroine’s past together. 

The hero and the heroine had both met in a very funny circumstance when they were really young and from the moment the hero laid eyes on the heroine he knew she was it for him. A year later they were married and you’d think they live happily ever after like so many romance book out there but they didn’t.

Like most marriages, they had their ups and downs but most of their downs were over the fact that they were trying to start a family and for some reason the heroine can’t get pregnant. They both are fertile but were unfortunate to become pregnant. 

The hero, who was the most understating man in the world, didn’t care for having children on their own and would try to convince the heroine that they can always adopt. The heroine felt less of a woman over not being able to give the hero a child and their constant argument over it made her one day decided that she cannot take no more and leave the hero. The hero thought that she just needed time but was suprised when he was served with divorce papers and not a stitch of explanation from the heroine. 

Now fast forward seven years later, the heroine is moving back to their hometown because her little sister is pregnant and the father wants nothing to do with it. What’s even worst is that not only is her sister pregnant but she’s also having twins! Moving back to seeing her sister’s stomach round with children and seeing the hero at a supermarket bring back all the emotions she tried running away from.

With her sister playing match making, the hero and the heroine meet again but will this time be a beautiful disaster like the last one? You’ll have to read to find out.

My Thoughts;

  • First off, I have to praise the author for doing a fabulous job with this book.
  • I have to address the heroine’s parents! What kind of parents treat their children like that? I thought most parents will be happy knowing that their chirldren are happy but I felt like her parents were the devil. They were the root to all the hero’s and heroine’s marital arguments and the heroine was blinded to see it.
  • I have to find me a guy just like the hero. Many time, throughout this book, I wanted to flush the heroine’s head in the toilet and thief the hero from her. She was such an annoying character and I couldn’t see what the hero saw in her.
  • Fingers crossed that there is a book about her sister. She was such a fun character and I wish she too have a happy ever after.
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