Big Bad Neighbor

Big Bad Neighbor By Tia Siren Big Bad Neighbor By Tia Siren 

For me, this book was a light, fast paced book. It took me about an hour or less to complete it in one sitting.

The heroine is young and is on the run from her abusive boyfriend. After an indcident that landed her in the hospital, she was advised to stay low and away from her abusive boyfriend until the court hearing. Her concerned mother buys her a house for her to stay until things settles down. When the heroine moves into her house the last thing on her mind was starting another relationship with anyone. However, when she sees her hot neighbor all bets were off.

The hero is a single father who was burned by his ex-wife and swore off women after their divorce. The last thing he wanted was to become attracted to his sexy young neighbor whose bedroom aligns with his and provides some insteresting view. The hero works night at the local PD and is a former seal. He can tell that the heroine is running from something and he doesn’t want anyone bringing danger around his son.

However, after in serious need of a babysitter and some match making with another nosy neighbor he had no one to turn to but the heroine. Eventually, there was no way they can deny their attraction and sexual tension for each other and they began stealing kisses and spending time with each other when the hero’s son is away from school.

The hero unexpectedly began feeling protective of the heroine and swore he would keep her safe no matter what the cost especially when her abusive past comes catching up with her.

My Thoughts;

  • Although the hero was a tough cookie to crack, I understand his need to put his son first although he may be going around the wrong way of doing it.
  • I am shocked at how fast the heroin (being in an abusive relationship not too long go) had easily jumped into another one with the hero. Don’t get me wrong, but don’t people with abusive past become a bit skittish in going forward with trusting another person again? Come on she still had bruises on her arm when she met the hero!
  •  Althoug this book was a okay read, I didnt feel like the hero and the heroin actually got to know each other. They never really step foot out of the bedroom.
Full star Full star Full star No star No star

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