Bound By Temptataion (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #4)

Bound By Temptataion (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #4) By Cora ReillyBound By Temptataion (Born In Blood Mafia Chronicles #4) By Cora Reilly

I must confess that I am slowly becoming addicted to Cora Rielly’s work. Like a druggie looking for their next hit, I had to read book 4 of this series. When I began reading book 1, I swore to myself that I would only read book 3 after that since the heroines are sisters. I decided to give book 2 a try; although it was not connected in anyway whatsoever and loved it. Then I just had to get my hands on book 4 and suprise! It’s the other sister!

I noticed when reading the series, in each book, the heroines had their own personality and no two heroine was alike. Which I must gave an applause to the author for that. She didn’t made me feel like I was reading about the same heroine but in different scenarios. Some authors have a hard time creating a different persona for different heroines in a book series.

Okay, lets gets back to the review for this book. The heroine and the hero in this book knew each other for quiet some time since the hero is a soldier for the heroine’s big sister’s husband. So she met him around the same time her sisters met their husbands.

The heroine was always flirting with him and made sure her attraction to him was known by everyone. The hero didn’t pay her much time since one, she was a minor and two, he was a soldier and she was out of his league and three, she was just a child in his eyes. Not to mention that it would have cause a war to start something with her without her father’s consent. And her father would  never consent to her marrying a mere foot solider. 

As time progress, the heroine began blossoming from a child to a beautiful woman and the hero couldn’t take his eyes off of her but he still couldn’t act on the attraction. When tragedy struck her family, her father sends her away to spend the summer with her sisters. The hero, being the “bodyguard” for her sister will be around her the entire summer. 

The chemistry and attraction between them was undeniable and eventually they find themselves sneaking into each other rooms at night and stealing kisses when no one was around. When the summer was almost over the heroine was called back home and it broke her heart to know that she may never see the hero back again. Upon her arrival home, her father informed her of her prenuptial arrangements to one of her father’s captain. Whats even more gross is the fact that her future husband is old as her father, if not even older.

Not seeing a way out of an impending war if she denies marrying the guy, she completely shuts the hero out and began planning her wedding.

Does the hero risks war to be with her? You’ll have to read it!

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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