Satan’s Son MC Boxset (Book 3)

Reapers's Redemption (Satan's Son MC#3) Simone EliseReapers’s Redemption (Satan’s Son MC#3) By Simone Elise

I did the review for book 1 and 2 for this boxset and like I said in the previous review, I would advise to read the first two before reading this review. All the books are connected and each book cannot be read as a standalone.

After some contemplation on my previous reviews, I think I may have made some mix up somewhere along the line. Since I read the entire boxset in one sitting it seemed as one very long storyline to me and I cannot remember 100% what happened in each book. I must say however, that the last two books in this series was very long and had more than one storyline.

But I definitely remembered that book 3 had some triggers for readers who are sensitive to certain dark themed books. 

The heroine had not too long give birth to her and the hero’s baby when she was kidnapped by one of the hero’s rival who he accidentally killed his wife (wrong place at the wrong time). The hero was furious and he tried everything to get her back but throughout this book he struggles with finding her, his position with the MC and being a father.

In her time being kidnapped, the heroine faces with some events that is not easy on anyone. Her kidnapper plays a game of Russian Roulette with her and by the time the hero saves her, she feels she’s damaged beyond repair with all the things she had to go through.

My Thoughts

  • This book shows you how the hero and the heroine’s relationship changed. It’s no longer a dysfunctional one but it became more stable. I guess thats what marriage and kids do to you. It makes you more mature.
  • I loved that the heroine’s twin sister stepped up into mother role despite what happened to her when she was 18. I’m also pleased that eventhough he heroine was not there she still looked out for her husband.
  • I felt that the author began getting very tedious in the last two books. 
  • This book really messed me up. I hated that I wasnt told from the beginning that there was triggers involved. I honestly thought it was a normal MC biker book. Boy was I in for a surprise.
  • The author did a terrible way of showing the hero’s and the heroine’s relationship. I don’t think they even had a relationship to begin with. They were off more than on.

Because of the events that happened to the heroine I’m force not rate this badly.

Full star Full star No star No star No star

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