Satan’s Son MC Boxset (Book 1)

I came across this boxset while going through my facebook. I know, I know, who uses facebook anymore, right? Well I do. I immediately purchased it from Amazon Kindle because I love a good MC book and I was in the mood for some bad biker boy romance. I was shocked however by this book. I can’t really come to grips on whether I like this boxset or not. Its been about 2-3 days since I read it and up to now I don’t know how I should rate it. I thought, given some days after I read it would have given me time to ponder on the story line but I’m still clueless; maybe by the time I finish this review I would decide on how I feel about it.

Reaper's Claim Simone Elise
Reaper’s Claim (Satan’s Son MC#1) By Simone Elise

Rather than doing one big review, I’ll be doing three separate ones for each book in the boxset. Each book, however is the continuance of the other and cannot be read as a standalone. 

In book 1, we are intoduced to the heroine at the age of 16. Not only is the heroine the daughter of the MC’s President but she also have an identical twin sister. Like most twins she is the opposite of her sister. Where her sister is loud, social and sleeps around, she is off by herself locked away in her room painting having no interest in boys whatsoever.  

The hero is the VP of another charter and meets the heroine one night when he was at one of her father’s get together. He saves her from a case of mistaken identity when her sister’s boyfriend tries to rape her. And what’s even more messed up is the fact that her sister’s boyfriend is their father’s VP. So not only is he sleeping with the president’s daughter but she’s also a minor, which is a big no,no for me.

So after the hero saves her, they end of leaving the party and going elsewhere enjoying each others company. The heroine, immediately felt a connection with the hero and he himself could not ignore the sparks. But he knows to himself like any decent man would that she is underage. He leaves the next morning not knowing when they would ever get to see each other again.

Fast forward two years later and the twins are celebrating their 18th birthday and the heroine’s sister wanted to throw a big birthday bash. The hero is now the president of his charter and decides to crash their birthday bash, remembering the night that left him wanting more than he should, but now she’s legal.

The heroine, being the antisocial person she was spent her birthday locked away in her room since she did not agree with her sister to throw a party. She was surprised however, when there was a knock on her door and she she opened it there was the hero. Wanting her not to spend her birthday by herself the hero takes her out where they enjoyed another night together.

Come the next morning her entire life changes. Wanting to hold on to the only thing that made any sense to her, she finally sleeps with the hero and she thought that everything would be okay. When she wakes up from spending the night in the hero’s arm she’s disappointed to see that he had left her like she meant nothing to him.

My Thoughts

  • The author did a great job in writing this book and there was no plot that was left hanging.
  • I hated both the heroine’s twin sister and her father. Her twin sister was a brat that needed to own up to her own faults and stop dragging her sister behind her. Their father claims that he knows everthing about them but he ends up being the last person to know about anything going on in there lives. I understand that to him, his first priority is the club but he needs to realize that as a single father of girls they needed to come first no matter what. 
  • I adored the hero in this book, although at the ending I was diasppointed with his actions after sleeping with the heroine.
  • I felt that the heroine should’ve moved on on her own the moment she reached 18. She is capable of becoming so much more that a biker princess.
  • Book 1 was a good read.
  • Cliffhanger alert!
Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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