Moment Of Weakness (Embracing Moments #1)

Moment Of Weakness (Embracing Moments #1) By Katie FoxMoment Of Weakness (Embracing Moments #1) By Katie Fox

This book was a mixture of Romance/Suspense with a little bit of a hitman mixed together. I don’t know if I can do this review without giving away the book, so be warned that at some point I may have a spoiler. Fingers crossed that I actually write this without spoilers. **crosses finger**

Okay, so the heroine is off of college for the summer and what she thought would be the summer of her life turns out to be the beginning of a distaster. She had planned to go to Europe with her best friend and her boyfriend but she came home earlier than planned  one day to see her roommate/best friend with her boyfriend going at it on their couch. Furious, she packs a bag and headed home.

The heroine didn’t really had a great childhood; not beacuse she was abused or anything but because she lost her mother at a young age and her mother was the world to her. She never really got over the death of her mother and hid those feelings behind a smile.

When she calls her father to inform him that she had changed her plans for the summer and would be home, he informs her that beacuse of certain circumstances she would have to have her own personal bodyguard. Someone was threatening her father’s life.

In comes the hero, the bodyguard. When the heroine pictured her bodyguard she thought he would’ve been this old, bulging, bald guy but he was totally the opposite. As they began spending time together they form this connection that lite sparks. They filled this part of each other that was missing.

The hero was skeptical for his own reasons other than being her bodyguard; which you’ll know if/when you read the book. They had this push and pull relationship going on that furiated the crap out of me. I wanted to strangle the hero everytime he pushed the heroine away and treated her like the crap under his shoe.

What happens when they find the person behind the threat? Betrayal and Lies are revealed!! You’ll have to read to know.

“Julia, wishing gives us hope, and in a life full of ups and downs, hope is what keeps us alive. It’s that little voice inside of us, telling us there is a light at the end of the cold dark tunnel. The moment you stop wishing, is the moment you stop living.”

The author also wrote this book in the hero’s perspective which I did a ran through. So if you’re interested in the hero’s point of view you can give this book a read too.

World Of Darkness ( Embracing Moments 1.5) By Katie Fox

World Of Darkness ( Embracing Moments 1.5) By Katie Fox

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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