Flesh and Blood (Dixie Mafia Series #1) 

Flesh and BloodFlesh and Blood (Dixie Mafia Series #2) By Cynthia Ryne 

I must admit that this book was an accidental download but I enjoyed it regardless. I was going to read book 2, Blood in the water but accidentally clicked on this book. Both books can be read as a stand alone.

The book starts off with the heroine being dealt with a rough patch in her life. She was going down in a rollercoaster and didnt see it going up anytime soon. There was not light at the end of the tunnel for her nor no umbrella to shelter her from the dark clouds looming over her. She was out of both a job and money. Recently she felt as if someone was following her which she chalked up to being paranoid.

Her father, who was nothing more than a sperm donor and a scum, had borrowed money from the mafia and skipped town. They came knocking on her door one night and “kidnap”her.  

There she meets the hero who was apart of the mafia and the man her father had borrowed the money from. He had taken a liken to her but after the lost of his wife, many years ago he vowed never to fall him love again. So he blacklisted the entire town from her so that she, the heroin wouldn’t have any job and would have no other option than to become the hero’s mistress and nothing more.

But we all could guess what happens next.

I didnt like that the hero was way older than the heroine but the way the book was written they didnt really touch on the age difference that much; so thats a plus. I hated that the hero gave her the option to become his mistress but turned around to make sure no one in town would hire her, not much of an option if you ask me. I would’ve moved to another town or something since she had a rough upbringing with her mother being her father’s “mistress” but I guess money do talk. There is also a part where the hero admits something from his past and I thought at the epilogue he would’ve went to visit that past or that the author might bring it up again in the storyline but didnt and I was a let  down by that. You’ll obviously have to read the book to know what I’m talking about but when you, tell me if you think the same. 

Aside from that it was a great read but I felt the ending was a bit rushed and could’ve used something more.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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