Flanked (Studs in Spurs #5)

FlankedFlanked (Studs in Spurs #5) By Cat Johnson

When I began reading this book I was unaware that there were four other books before it. However you can read each as a stand alone.

The hero in this book is a “celebrity”as a pro bull rider and for some reason he is angry with the world. I dont know about any of the other readers who read this book but that was the vibe I got from his character. He also never see himself settling down like his other friends are doing with one woman in the future. He was content with burying himself in different women every night, that is however until he meet his friend’s little sister.

The heroine is this bad girl trapped in a good girl’s body. She had tattoos and piercings in places that she hoped her parents and her over protective brother never finds out. She goes to spend time with her brother and see him do his thing on the bull.

Having spending a while without hooking up with someone, she set her eyes on the hero who seems to lost his sense on the “don’t mess with your best friend’s sister” rule once the heroine lays hands on him.

They ended up hooking up behind her brother’s back and when the hero’s shoulder become injured she comes up with the idea of marrying him so that he would become insured under her insurance and get the surgery he needs. But they began forming a relationship that neither of them wanted but couldn’t seem to walk away from.

This book was an okay read but I was not much of a fan. The heroine to me felt like a “hoe” but then again maybe she’s one of those women who knows what they want and goes after it. She is not shy with her sexuality and take pleasure in taking what she want for men; specifically the hero. 

The hero had finally met his match when he met the heroine and I was happy that he could appreciate one women although he was surrounded by millions. I hated the way he treated his father when he realized that his father was finally moving on after the death of his mother. I think every child should be happy to know that their father is finding happiness with another women once their mother had been dead for some time.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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