Arrogant Master (Arrogant #2)

Arrogant Master 2Arrogant Master ( Arrogant #2) By Winter Renshaw

If you go into this book expecting to read a BDSM genre then this book is not even remotely close to that life style. Reading the blurb, I thought that it was some dark BDSM type of book but truly it was the opposite. The author did try to touch on light BDSM but it was not as intense as I thought it would be.

If you didnt read book 1,  like myself then dont worry because you get snippet of pieces on what book 1 is about since this storyline takes place at the same time book 1 is taking place.

The heroine’s family is a polygamist, her father has three wives and they take their polygamist lifestyle very seriously and religiously. The heroine however do not believe in their way of living and plans to escape from her family with her youngest sister as soon as said sister graduates from High School.

Her plans were set back when a boy from her church who she fools around with as a rebellion unknowly against her father decides that he wants to marry her and has her as his first wife. He threatens to tell her father about their secret relationship if she does not agree to marry him.

In preparation for her upcoming wedding, the heroine convinces her father to let her go to the city to find a job so that when she marries she can have a little money to fall back on. But she plans to use that money for her great escape. Only to find out that the day of her job interview was the day before she thought and misses her opportunity of having a job.

Defeated, she goes to a bar where she meets a stranger and lies to him which resulted in her getting a job. But there was one misunderstanding, the stranger(hero) was looking for a submissive and he thought she was one. And the heroine thought she was becoming his assistant. 

The hero tries to be an arrogant asshole which he fails to be. Something about the heroine makes him feel things that he thought were long dead in him and he refuses to acknowledge that he was falling for her. He was a perfect gentleman aside from when he tries to push the heroine away and always telling her that what they have is not a relationship; it is just sex.

I liked the heroine, I like her willingness to do whatever it was to get her sister out of that stifling home atmosphere. I loved that she didnt leave her sister to deal with whatever her family had thrown at her to deal with by herself. I loved that eventhough she was employed as a submissive she still stood her ground and stand up for herself against the hero.

A great read! Might read book 3.

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star

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