HaloHalo By R. C. Stephens

I must admit that when I first saw this book I was a bit skeptical to read it because of its name. Everyone who is not living under a rock would know about the video game called Halo and I thought that this book would be based off of whatever that game is about. Since I am least interested in video games, I was discouraged to read it.

But I was glad to not listen to my inner voice and read the blurb in Goodreads and it had nothing to do with the video game.

One thing I didnt really like about the book was that it had flash back of the past at random time throughout the book, I don’t like books like that. I prefer if they, the author- take the first half and introduce the past and then the next half to introduce the storyline.  

This book reflects on what some of our soldiers who are fighting war may face in their life. It shows that not every soldier’s life is like a romance novel with a happy ever after at the ending. Although this book do have a happily ever after it gives insight on the struggles they go through before they could make peace on what they saw and experience when serving. 

The hero and the heroine both first saw each other at their High school’s swmming team competition and their attraction to each other was instant. The hero like most hero was a player but something about the heroine had him wanting more from her than he would usually want from any other girl.  The heroine’s parents however did not like him and although they would warn her to stay away from him, she saw the good in him and would fight with her parents to be with him majority of the time.

The hero’s childhood was very dark and it shaped him into wanting to become a navy seal. All his desicions in life was based on one thing and that one thing was being a seal. His mother walk out on him and his father and his father blames the hero and would take it out of his with the use of his fist.

The hero and the heroine gets married later on and the hero deoplys. Every deployment he goes through he would come back with apart of him different. On one of his deployment, he loses a friend close to him and he could not handle his PTSD and would turn to drugs and alcohol.

The heroine becomes pregnant and tells him, only to have him leaving her and then later on sending her divorce papers. She gave birth to their son and heard nothing about him or what his team was up to. She didnt know whether he was dead or alive. And at this point in the book I was very disappointed in the hero since he was always by her side and was the role model for any husban/boyfriend.

She meets a stranger in the hospital when she gave birth who is also a seal whose troupe was attacked leaving his face scarred and needing skin draft. He also suffered from amnesia. The heroine takes him in to rent her garage and help around the house as she recover from her pregnency and gets accustom to being a single parent. But when the baby is asleep and they began to talk to each other they ignite feelings that they weren’t sure they should act on since they both had exes that they weren’t sure about.  

I will admit that there is the big reveal at the ending which to me was expected but it leaves you wondering how no one in the book relaizes it. And that was why I rated this book 3 stars and not 4.

If you want to know if the ex-husband ever shows up or if the ex for the guy she meets at the hospital show up, then you have to read this book. Does the stranger remembers his past? Do they end up together? Read to know !!

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

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