Commander in Chief (White House #2) 

Commander in chiefCommander in Chief (White House #2) By Katy Evans.
I remembered specifically when I first read book 1, Mr. President and I fell in love with the story line. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that there was a book 2 and it was not coming out till the next year. So I bid my time and mark each day off on my calendar until this book was released a couple days ago. 

I could not wait to get my hands on this book and was super excited when I got it, that it took me a couple of hours sitting at the same spot to read it. I did a review on book 1 and if you wish to read it before reading this book then you can do so by clicking Mr. President (White House #1) 

This book did not pick up where book 1 ended, but at a fast forward of a month into the hero’s presidency. 

After not seeing each other for a month both the hero and the heroine realized that they wanted to be apart of each others life but did not want the risk of comprosinsing the hero’s first year in presidency so the hero decided that they would continue their affair by having the heroine playing the part of First Lady. 

I was shocked when the hero tells the heroine of this plan because in book one he was set on not having a family in the white house (because of his own experience with his father) and he was convinced that he could not give the heroine everything she needed. So that change gave me whip lash.

There was so much thing going onto this book that I felt the author was not too sure on how she wanted this book to go and I didnt like that the book felt like it was moving too fast. Like one moment he had just started his presidency and the next he had began campaigning for the next election term. 

I dont know, maybe book 1 had me hyped that I was looking forward for book 2 to be mind blown but it was not. It felt to me that the author started a plot and she had so much potential in having a great climax but it fell short. To me this book had so much potential to be as great as book 1 but it wasnt working.

Like how can you go from making a speech like “America is my First Lady” to having announce not less than 6 months onto your presidency that you were getting married to the acting First Lady? Then again maybe this book was a perfect example of how the political world works where during the rally they would tell you that they would do this and that once they are elected but when time comes for them to act upon those promises they play dumb.

Anyways it was an okay book but was not what I was expecting.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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