Stay With Me (A Happily Ever After Book 2)

Stay with me amy brent Stay With Me ( A Happily Ever After Book 2) By Amy Brent

If you had read my previous book reviews, then you would know that I had joined this author’s ARC team unknowingly and this is another book that I had recieved in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book that I had read by Amy Brent, the author and I realized that she writes mostly storyline with alot of erotic contents. So if you were planning to read any books written by her, make sure you’re not sitting it in a public place. When I first recieved this book in my email I thought for sure it was probably a small town romance or like a cowboy second chance romance based on the cover. I don’t know why but that’s the impression I got but boy was I wrong when I began reading it.

The hero is one of those guys who cant keep it in his pants and the heroine is his new secretary. The hero being the type of person he is had relentlessly tried to get the heroine to sleep with him and I was pleased that she put a stop to his flirting. She kept things professional between them eventhough she felt differently. I love women who can prioritize between needs and wants. And was not willing to become another notch on some rich guy’s bed.

The heroine was in need of money since she had alot of student loans to pay off and at night she has a second job as a sex phone operator. There she met a stranger who she began developing feelings for and for the first time she wanted to break the vital rule of meeting a client. 

I have to say this book kept you going and was really a fast read. There is a book 1, I think its called A 2 Step Game, but from the bits and pieces that I gather in this book, its a taboo storyline that I’m not too sure I fell comfortable in reading it. So if youre looking for a nitty gritty erotic book, then I recommend this for you and if you did read book 1 let me know what you though about it.

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