Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops #1)

Her perfect mate (x-ops 1)Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops #1) By Paige Tyler

Recently, I was in the mood to read a supernatural book and searching through Goodreads, this book stood out and was the perfect match to my mood. 

I love books where the heroine is not a damsel in distress and could put up a good fight like any man could but still keep her femininity. And I also love any books that have an army/soldier as the hero, ovaries overload!!

The hero was a Commander for his own Specal Forces A-team and was pulled out at the middle of ongoing mission and was taken to Homeland Security where he learned that he was going to partner up with the heroine for a more important mission.

The heroine, who was working for the special organization in Homeland Security for a number of years could not find the perfect partner. Being apart of the organization meant that she had to team up with a male human which resulted with being looked down upon either because of her feline shifter abilities or because she was a woman. So she was not too excited when she was teamed up with the hero. She felt that he would treat her the same way her other partners did in the past and she gave him the cold shoulders although she was having internal arguments regrding her feelings towards him.

Before they were put out in the wild to go on missions together, they had to go through training and the heroine realized that he treated her as if they were the same. She eventually let her guard around him and sparks flew.

This book described the view I have of all army men. I dont know if reality is the same but the hero had this respect for the heroine and her abilities. He was not freaked out or felt less of a man because of what she was and could do, he respected her for what she was and used her abilities whenever it was needed. He didnt stood in the way like her previous partners did and bang against his chest to take lead because he was the man in the partnership. Becuase of that, from the very beginning I was all for the hero.

The only thing I didnt like about the heroine was that she felt the need to show off her abilities to the hero at the beginning  but at the same time I get why she did it because she never got a partner to appreciate her skills.

I love the intensity of the chemistry between the hero and the heroine and the fact that I get to witness the hero fighting for her against a wolf shift no less.

Beautiful book and a must read!!

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star

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