Claimed for Christmas 

Claimed for Christmas by Cora blackClaimed for Chrsitmas By Cora Black

I dont know why I punish myself to read yet another book from this author when I know I did not enjoy her other two books. I’m officially coming off of her ARC list, I’m sorry.

I thought that for sure I would like this book since the first two I read was a MC book and this one is about a hitman. Boy was I wrong, I DNF it I really really tried by it bored me too much to think point that I gave up.

It was too slow and reading it was like watching old wallpaper fall off a wall. The author tried really hard to collaborate Christmas into the book but I don’t think it fit well. And I’ve read so many hitman books that when compared this hitman to them it fell short.

I hate doing this-giving yet another bad review to the author-but I want my reviews to be 100% honest and I’m sorry that your books are not for me. I don’t know if this book is out yet, I looked for it on both Amazon and Goodreads but couldn’t find it but if you want to give it a try when it’s out then go for it. 

Full star No star No star No star No star

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