House Rules

House Rules By Rebecca BrookeHouse Rules By Rebecca Brooke

Before I start this review, for those who wish to read this book you should know that there is a book 1 but it has nothing to do with this storyline. Both books can be read as a standalone, it just featured different brothers. 

Book 1 is called Traded and you can read my review either by visiting my blog page or by  clicking here. If you want to go into detail of the book then you should read book 1 first.

Traded and House Rules are somewhat similar and a times I would feel as though it was the same book I was reading. Only difference was each brother’s perspective on relationship and the variety of females in and out of their bed.

The hero in House Rules is the youngest brother who will be taking over their family’s business of giving loan to people (with interest) in need, mostly gamblers. Loan sharks, I believe is what people would call them.

The book begins with the hero gambling in his “underground casino” with a client who did not have enough money to win his last hand and decided to use his girlfriend in exchange. The client thought he had a good hand and was sure he would’ve win but as you can guess, he lost. 

The girfriend is the heroine in the book and did not like to be used as someone’s payment of their gambling debt but was forced to spend the night with the hero because he was going to cause bodily damage to her boyfriend. She breaks up with him and decided to go with the hero out of the goodness in her heart.

The hero’s family has this respect for women so he takes the heroine to have dinner with him instead. However, at the end of the night things began to steam up. He wakes the next morning to find that the heroine had left. From reading the book, you get to know that the hero has a variety of women in and out of his bed but never had one stay over night like the heroine. From the very beginning he felt different about her but had self denial because he did not do relationships. He tried very hard to get her out of his system but it was proven difficult especially since she began working in a bar he owned.

If you want to know what happens next then you have to read this book.

I thought the hero was a complete jerk and found myself not really liking him thoughtout the book. He was the complete opposite of his brother, who I though was a sweetheart. I hated that there was other women he went with to purge the heroine out of his system. And I thought he treated her with the least respect for her opinion and what she wants. Though he thought what he was doing was for her own good and wanted nothing but the best for her.

The heroine was dealt with a bad start in life and she just wanted to not be dependent on someone. I like her character but felt like she had to gave up who she was because of the hero.

All in all it was a good read.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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