Traded by Rebecca Brooke Traded By Rebecca Brooke

When I first saw this book and read the blurb, I thought that this book would’ve been dark, but it was not. Yes, it did involved the heroine being mentally abuse but the storyline was that of finding self acceptance and happiness.

So, the heroine is married to her long term boyfriend, not by choice but was happy that they were married. Her husband is a total douche and an a**hole. He tells her the worst things about herself and degrades her, the heroine not knowing better, accept the things he says about herself. She believes that no one would accept her because of all these faults her husband would tell her she have. She feels that without him teaching her the right from wrong, she would be the most hateful person.  

The heroine’s husband has a gambling addiction and uses the heroine’s money (she works as a waitress though she went to college because her husband told her to) to fund his gambling. Her husband was short on payment and decided to trade her for three months in exchange of paying out half his debt.

I was heartbroken when her husband came home and tells her to pack a bag and she thought that he was going to finally take her out but ends up being traded.

From the time the hero was introduced into the book, I fell in love with not only his character but the way his entire family view women. The hero was the “debt collector” for his father and was disgusted with the heroine’s husband for treating her the way he did. So he decided to accept the trade but he had no intentions of treating her with nothing but respect. He formed this plan where he would show the heroine how a man and should treat a woman. 

If you’re curious on how those three months went, you have to read this book.

At various parts in this book, I really wanted to scream at the heroine for making a man walk over her. But then I think back and realized that he ( her husband) was all she knew. And though the hero tried his best at the beginning to show her that her husband was wrong she was still hell bent that he was right.

I love that I also get to witness the heroine finding her backbone and standing up for herself. I loved that the hero was by her side pushing her to find her own voice whether he liked her opinions or not. I hope that if someone I know is to ever find herself in this situation that there is someone like the hero out there to raise her from the ground and show her how beautiful the world is when you open your eyes to the beauty of the world.

Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star

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