Say You Want Me

 Say You Want Me By Corinne Micheals 

This book was very emotional to me for reasons unknown. No, I have no personal connection to the events that occurred within these pages but for some reason it hit me hard at the ending.

Usually books, where either the hero or the heroine had a crush with someone who was either related or close to them usually don’t interest me. Now I did know about this before reading the book but I thought, why not? And I was happy that I gave it a chance; I really enjoyed it.

The hero had a huge crush on his brother’s girfriend but she never felt the sameway for him so he goes around and sleeps with anything with a skirt on. One of those was the bestfriend of his brother’s girfriend. He felt a connection to her but never made it known because she has her own life going on three states away and hate the thought of living in a small town.

The heroine was this independent woman who also sleeps with anything with a pants on but after sleeping with the hero she would find herself comparing every other man to him and she didn’t find it appealing anymore to sleep around. She got sick three months after her randevu with the hero and her fear of having cancer like her mother once did forced her to visit the doctor. Being pregnant was not in her plans  especially at her age.  

So she book a flight to where the hero lives and tells him about their predicament. His first proposition was that they get married which the heroine point blank says No. He then asks her for three months in which she have to live with him and see if they can work out as a family.

I love that you get to see both the hero and the heroine falling in Love with each other and the hero realizing what he felt for his brother’s girlfriend was nothing compared to what he feels for the heroine. You get to go through all these emotions on both sides since the book was written in dual point of view. 

I can say that I reall hated the heroine’s mother. She was very ungrateful for everything the heroine did for her and was not what a mother should be at all. The hero was trully lovable and I love that he tried everything the heroine wanted and did not force her. He was all for a family  and did not back down on any responsiblility.

Like I said at the ending part of the book, it really touched me and I was sad for them both. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone but was glad that they overcame that situation and was able to move on together but stronger.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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