Man’s Ruin (Original Sin #1)

Man’s Ruin (Original Sin #1) By Nicola R. White 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 

When I first started reading this book, I went into it without reading the blurb and was a little confused. I was going  to give up on it but decided to push through after reading the blurb.

Usually I don’t like books where there is any lesbian or gay action going on. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against gays nor lesbians; to each his own, it just doesn’t float my boat. So this review may be biased due to what I feel comfortable reading.

So the heroine in this book is/was a hooker but now is a madam (female who runs a  brothel) and she’s lesbian except when in comes to the hero. Well, I guess you can say bi-sexual since she sleeps with men but just doesn’t enjoy it. 

The hero is a hitman. He and the heroine works for the same boss and one night the heroine gets a call from the hero saying that one of the future bosses was killed under his guard and in her brothel. 

Someone was trying to frame him for the murder and the only person he trusted was the heroine. The heroine shows up and they tried to get the boss to see it for what it was, a set up, but the boss felt that the hero did it out of jealousy because of what he felt for the heroine. An altercation happened and the hero and the heroine is on the run but decided to find out who the killer trully was.

The hero was trully a sweetheart and you can feel what he felt for the heroine and I just wish that she can look past what happened to her mother in the past and be with the hero already.   

The heroine as not my favorite character and I hated how she treated the hero although she gets a pass with me becuase she was not aware of how the hero felt about her and she did not willingly hurt him. 

 I felt that there was some unnecessary parts written in the story line and the ending happened too quickly. I hated how the author left everything  hanging in the air. Did they end up together? They were together at the ending but were they together together? Did they stay in that lifestyle? Did the heroine overcame her fear against being with the hero? 

I don’t know I just felt something was missing, unless there is a part 2. I know there is a prequel called Whatever Lola Wants but that has nothing to do with the ending of this book.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

5 thoughts on “Man’s Ruin (Original Sin #1)

    • Farzanna Pasha says:

      Thank you so much! I try my best to be honest as possible without hurting the author’s feelings or taking away the value of the book. I am currently writing my own book (I know the struggle authors go through) and hope that someone would critique me with the same honesty that I use, in order for me to learn from their review for the betterment of any future book I may choose to write.

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