The Virgin Intern  

The Virgin Intern By Penny Wylder

I did not enjoyed this book as much as I though I would. The title and the cover was pretty capitvating but the storyline was not all of that.

The heroine is working for her uncle in his law firm as an intern. You can tell from the very first chapter that her uncle hated her for reasons unknown. On her first day she was in a very compromising position with the printer when it decided to have a paper jam, spilling ink all over her face. She was discovered in that position by a guy (hero) and she became flustered and embrassed. 

The hero being the gentleman he is pass it off as having a bad first day and helped her clean off the ink; but he made it known that he was looking forward to seeing her more and hoping to clean other places on her, preferably without his handkerchief.

The heroine’s uncle walks in on them “talking/flirting” and warns her off of the hero’s advancement. He tells her that the hero just wants to take over his position and would used her as leverage.

Her uncle and the hero is working on a murder case together which requires them to live together until the case is finished, the heroine being the intern on the case is required to stay with them. And when her uncle is not around she and the hero make use of those time.

The book to me was too short. I felt that the plot did not get to develop enough. There was little chemistry between the hero and the heroine. The heroine being a virgin totally acted like a slut at the beginning when she and the hero first “did it”. I don’t know but when someone says virgin I think of this shy person but the heroine was total opposite. It was like if she was just waiting for someone to pop her cherry.  I hated the uncle, he kept talking down to the heroine, making her question her self worth.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

2 thoughts on “The Virgin Intern  

  1. Lara says:

    Ha ha, being a virgin shouldn’t restrict you from going after what you want. I know some virgins who are dying to lose their virginity 😂 lovely review. Sometimes you just know a not so great book when you see it.


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