Accidentally Married To…A Vampire (Accidentally Yours #2)

 Accidentally Married To…A Vampire (Accidentally Yours #2) By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I don’t know why I read this book, maybe I was bored and couldn’t find a book which captured my attention to read or maybe I felt like to bring it back to old school and read a vampire book. Whatever it was I’m not sure this was your typical vampire book. 

The hero, who is the vampire, visited a Goddess of the Underworld to find a way to be freed from the vampire queen’s army, in which he served for over a millennium. The goddess tells him his way to freedom is to find his human mate  who would not be born for the next 300 years and puts him to sleep till his mate is born. And there is also some rules he must follow and on the 3rd month he has to turn his mate willingly.

Now this Goddness was not your typical Goddness. She is demented and crazy as hell. She would set motions in people’s life just for fun and to sit back and watch what would happen. She also uses blackmail in exchange for sex. I know right, what kind of Godness is this? 

Anyways, fast forward 300 years and the heroine is in Mexcio on some trip and was left back by the tour bus when she went to use the bathroom. She hears a voice and began to follow it, obviously it’s the hero. She finds him in a cave and he’s butt ass naked. She feels a pull towards him and kisses him and tad daa he’s awoken. Now that kiss was apparently the way vampires marries their mate. 

The hero plan was to find his mate, turn her and then leave her. He was not looking for a long term anything and did not believe in the one true mate thing. And as you may guess by now, he ends up falling for her but he fell for her too late.

I felt no connection with both the heroine and the hero. There was a third party and I felt the heroine had more of a chemistry with him. The hero was a jerk and treated the heroine unfairly. I gave her all the right to leave his ass. The hero was also very “hard ears” and does whatever he wants, to hell with whatever anyone else say. It also irritates me that he doesn’t wait for an explanation for something the heroine did. 

I hated that the author made true mate as something not believable. We know that both the hero and the heroine are true mates and that it is said that the universe put them to be destined but yet the heroine went with this other guy. Also said other guy was the true mate for someone else yet he had feelings towards the heroine. That’s not true mate at all. 

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

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