Zack ( Cold Fury Hockey #3

 Zack (Cold Fury Hockey #3) By Sawyer Bennet

Usually when I read a book, it would be the heroine’s character I would critique most and hate but that was not the case for this book. The hero in this book opened me to the insight of a man PMSing.

This book starts with the hero, who is a famous hockey player, mourning the lost of his long term girlfriend and is looking to get a reaction from any woman he can. His girlfriend and him had a son together and the hockey season was starting up again and he needed a nanny to look after the child. His sister finds the heroine who is putting herself through college to be apart of one of the child care services career, to nanny for him.  

The hero’s first though of her was that she was too nerdy and young. The heroine was very bubbly and a happy person who is contend with anything life throws her way. She hides herself behind big baggy clothes because of an incident that happened when she was younger.  

The hero’s opinion of her changed one night when he came home late to find her in the kitchen wearing very tight and short pj. From that night on the hero’s mind would wonder towards her. Eventually they decided to be friends with benefit but nothing should come of it.

I hated the hero in this book. He could not have made the heroine felt more worst  than she actually felt about herself. He treated her like a doormat and I hated that he blamed everything on his guilt of his dead girlfriend.  And mind you he didn’t feel much for that girlfriend because her felt that she was not the one for him, that’s why he never married her.  I just wanted to go into the book  and beat some sense into him. 

I loved that the heroine was very patient with the hero and put up with everything he put her through but I think enough was enough. I would have left him a very long time. I hated that she allowed the hero to make her look weak and walk all over her. 

Aside form that I love that the author set the mood in which you can feel very thing bot the hero and the heroine was feeling. Though I hated ther hero, I felt ad understand why he was confused with the guilt and moving on.


Full star Full star Full star No star No star

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