Filthy Boss

Filthy Boss By Peny Wylder

It is totally coincidental that I read two books consecutively with the word “filthy” being in the title. I don’t know what that says about me and the books I read. 

This book was very fast paced (I think about 90-100 pages) and I felt like everything was rushed throughout the storyline and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. 

So the book begins where the company, which the heroine is going to work for, is holding an office party and the heroine decides to attend it to get to know some of her colleagues before she starts working there. She meets with a female colleague who warns her of the boss’s advancement on beautiful females who works for him and the heroine made it clear to the hero/boss that she would not be another notch on his bedpost and things between them would be nothing but professional.

However, all of that changed when the hero finds a very descriptive and detailed fantasy that the heroine wrote online based on what she wants her boss to do to her.

I felt no chemistry between the hero and the heroine. For all the big talk that the heroine did at the beginning of the book I though she would have atleast put up a bigger fight against the hero’s advancement. The ending was more than rushed and it had me going back to the previous pages to see if I skipped anything.

Full star Full star No star No star No star

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