Filthy Kisses (Back Down Devil MC #12)

 Filthy Kisses (Back Down Devil MC #12) By London Casey

With Halloween coming up I am pretty busy these past couple days (I DIY both my decor and costume) and it made me felt as though I was not having anytime for my blogs. I really need to prioritize my time and set aside atleast 15minutes a day for my reviews. Anyways enough with my excuses let me get to my review.

I had conflicted feelings when reading this book. I don’t know whether I liked it or hated it. 

I can honestly say that I hated the beginning. It was written grammatically correct and everything, but I don’t like books that make you feel as if you are missing a big part of the storyline. Yes, it is book 12 of this series and no, I did  not read any of the previous books but to my understanding, this book could have been read as a standalone. But to me that was not the case for the beginning.

The book involves the hero being apart of an MC and the heroine is already about 9 months pregnant with his baby. The heroine wants nothing to do with the MC life and she loathes it to the point where she demands the hero to keep her and the baby a secret from his MC. She has her motives on why she doesn’t like any MC. The hero disagrees with her but he wants to be apart of his baby’s life so he goes along with her plan. They both live in the same house and have an “arrangement” like friends with benefit but not so much as friends and the hero is not monogamous. The hero is set up by someone for murder and placed in prison, he was then forced to tell his MC about the heroine and the baby. Only he was a little too late, because the minute the heroine heard he was in jail for murder she packed up and left.

The heroine irritated me to the point where I was going to give up on reading this book with her indecision. She likes the hero but then she don’t becuase of the MC. She doesn’t want the MC type of life for her kid but then ends up leaning on the  MC for help. If I was a guy and my baby mama was like this heroine, I would dread being with her. Like if you hate the MC life so much why sleep with a biker?

The hero was very down to earth. I loved that he was willing to give up his life in the MC and put up with that idot of a boss at the mechanic shop just for a life with his kid. Also he lied to the MC which is a big no no in the biker world and took a beaten when they found out. Any man who would do whatever it takes to be with his child, is in my good graces. I put them so high up on a pedestal. The only thing I hated with ther hero was that he was not monogamous at the beginning but like I said they had an arrangement.

There wasn’t much chemistry between the hero and the heroine. I thought that their relationship was forced on them becuase of the baby and not because they want to be apart of each other’s life. 

Aside form all of that the book wa an okayish read.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

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