The Boss’s Daughter

 The Boss’s Daughter (Inerno Falls #1) By Aubrey Parker

This was one of the many books I downloaded in my kindle when I heard hurricane Mathew was coming. I made sure I was fully stocked with books to read just in case the electricity went down. Luckily, my area wasn’t badly hit and I had electricity the entire time.

I can’t say a lot about this book because to me it fell short. I spent atleast 70% of the time in the minds of both the hero and the heroine. I felt that the author did a bad job of any form of chemistry between the leading characters.

The heroine did a poor job of trying to prove that she is no longer a kid. She was all talk and no action. The hero was very confusing, one minute he wanted to be the VP then next he felt it wasn’t him but at the ending he ends up begin the VP.

I hate books where the hero talks about being with other women. In this book, particularly, I felt the hero had more of a chemistry with a woman he claims he is friends with but if the chance present itself he would hook up her.

And I’m all for the cat and mouse chase between the hero and heroine in any book but not this book. We went back and fort so many time I was getting wip lash. When the hero and the heroine professed their love for each other, I was like “When did that happen?”

Basically this book was about the heroine coming home from college to be apart of the company her father owns. She wanted to show him that she was serious and all grown up. That someday she would be able to run the company without him.

The hero was in and out of foster care and was very poor. He worked with the heroine’s father trying to make a name for himself. He does not like to let anyone get too close to him and his plan was to do whatever it took to make VP but all of that changed when he meets the daughter of his boss.

 The job required them to work together, one thing led to another and feelings were developed.

I really did not enjoy this book tha much but what may not be for me may be for you.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

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