Indulge By Georgia Gates

I don’t really like how I felt reading this book because I am not one to like polyamorous relationships and if I knew that beforehand going into this book, I wouldn’t have read it.

The book starts out with the heroine divorcing her husband who left her for a younger woman, or I should say girl; since it was one of his former student. The heroine’s friend invited her to a swinger resort in Jamaica for 9 days, where the friend and her husband will be attending. The heroine does not divulge in swinging but decided to go for the beaches and other luxuries. 

On night one at the resort, she meets the hero, who is a frequent at the resort. The hero was very crude and straight forward with her. She said no to his advances beacuse she felt uncomfortable with the he stuff he was into.

However, several days in she agrees with the hero to become his and his only for the remaining days at the resort. They get to really like each other and talked about actually forming a relationship when they got back home. A misunderstanding happened and the heroine fled without informing the hero.


The hero finds the heroine and  decided to find out what went wrong. What he didn’t expect was the big secret the heroine kept from him.

I liked the heroine and totally understand why she did what she did. I’m sure if I was in her place I would have done the same. I also liked that she was opened minded to the hero and did not judge him for his past. And her, not feeling that she was enough for him, I totally get it. I’m sure if I was in her place and six months later I go to visit him unexpectedly and he’s with two other women, I would’ve left without telling him too.

I felt for the hero. He just wanted to prove how much the heroine meant to him but she didn’t give him that chance. But at the same time all his actions was against everything he told the heroine. 

The book was a good read but be warned tha aside form the polyamorous relationship there is also cheating.

Full star Full star Full star Full star No star

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