Stain By Francette Phal

I honestly don’t know how to describe how I felt when I read this book. Honestly, I was not going to read this book but somehow ended up browsing through it and kind of read pieces of it.

It was dark and have triggers for some people. I went into the book without reading what it was about and I kind of regret that.

The heroine is in the foster system and is currently living with a couple who has a daughter younger than she is. The husband is abusive and finds himself in the heroine’s bedroom one too many time. The heroine puts up with it because the wife doesn’t not believe her and she fears he would do the same with his younger daughter.

The hero is a haunted soul and a identical twin. He was brought up in an abusive home also and witnessed his mother’s suicide at the very beginning off the book. He was the total opposite of his brother and refuse to go to school. He works with his foster father who sells drug and has his own side job filming himself with other women and posting it on the Internet. 

The heroine finds him intriguing and decides to paint him for a project to apply for college. But somehow she can’t get his features right and confronts him to pose for her in exchange for whatever he wants. One thing led to another and feelings are developed and family secrets are revealed and the book takes off.

There was little chemistry between the hero and the heroine. I absolutely hated the heroine’s foster mother and her best friend. I loved how the hero drops everything to save heroine and was willing to whatever it took to keep her safe. The foster father deserved more than he got at the ending.

Now the book ends very abrupt but it was brought to my attention that the author intends to write a second book. However that book was supposed to be published Februrary of the year, but it has yet to make an appearance.

Full star Full star Full star No star No star

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