Bad Boy (Valetti Crime Family #5)

Bad Boy

Bad Boy (Valetti Crime Family #5) By Williow Winters

I can remember reading book three and four of this series but I cannot remember as to why I did not review the books. Maybe I would sometime in the future.

This book was well written and I enjoyed every page of it. I think I enjoyed this book more than the others. It was well balanced and the chemistry was off the hooks with the heroine and the hero.

The hero is a hitman for the mafia and on his list to people to kill, the heroine name was amongst them. He did a little digging into her life and decided that he wanted to keep her for himself. 

The heroine is in the Whitness Prtection Program since she snitched from her abusive boyfriend who was also apart of another mafia. All she wanted was for someone to love her  and when her mother died she thought she would find that in a bad boy like the girls in the romance books do. But it didn’t work out that way for her.

The hero then kidnapped her and planned to keep her for himself but the other crime family wanted her dead.

The only think I hated was that the heroine gave up control to the hero way to fast than expected. I would like to think that if you are in her shoes any normal person would fight against the hero longer. I love that the hero was understanding and did not push the heroine to do anything she did not wanted to do.

Very good read and would recommend it to anyone to read.

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